How To Play Among Us

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Between Us is a fascinating and addictive online game that has captured the attention of the global gaming community and has become one of the most popular titles of the past decade.

How To Play Among Us

Among Us is an engaging and suspenseful party game that combines elements of survival, puzzle-solving, and mystery. The game revolves around a crew of up to ten players on a spaceship, striving to complete basic tasks to keep the ship running smoothly. However, among the crew, there are a few impostors whose objective is to sabotage the tasks and eliminate all the crewmates. The crewmates must complete their tasks while trying to identify the impostors. If they fail to do so before the game ends, the impostors emerge victorious.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to play Among Us:

Choose your role: At the beginning of the game, players are randomly assigned roles. There are two types of players - Crewmates and Impostors. The number of impostors in the game can vary from 1 to 3, adding to the excitement.

Crewmate Gameplay:

Tasks: As a crewmate, your primary goal is to complete tasks and ensure the ship's functionality. Move your character using the keyboard and mouse or the touchpad analog on mobile devices. Tasks are usually straightforward and self-explanatory.

How To Play Among Us Game

Reporting Dead Bodies: If you stumble upon a dead body, you can report it by clicking the "Report" button in the bottom right corner. This triggers a group discussion, where you can share information about the location of the body and any suspicious activity you've noticed. However, reporting a body is not mandatory; you can choose to keep quiet if you wish.
Emergency Meetings: Crewmates can also call an emergency meeting by pressing a button located at the center of the map. Emergency meetings are useful when players want to discuss suspicions or share crucial information.


After the discussion, players vote on who they believe is the impostor. The player with the most votes is ejected from the ship. If the majority of votes are to skip the vote or if there's a tie, no one is eliminated.
Crewmates must carefully analyze behavior and gather evidence to make informed decisions during voting.
Win Condition for Crewmates: Crewmates win by completing all their tasks before the impostors eliminate them.

Impostor Gameplay:

Pretend to Complete Tasks: Impostors need to blend in by pretending to complete tasks like crewmates while secretly sabotaging the ship and liquid crewmates. They have access to a sabotage menu to cause chaos and create opportunities for kills.
Eliminate Crewmates: Impostors can kill crewmates by getting close to them and clicking the "Kill" button in the bottom right corner.

Among Us Mobile

Sabotage: Impostors can sabotage the ship's systems, such as disabling lights, locking doors, or causing oxygen depletion, to create chaos and confusion.
Bluffing and Deception: Impostors must master the art of deception, lying convincingly during discussions, and diverting suspicion away from themselves.
Win Condition for Impostors: Impostors win by effective crewmates to equal the number of impostors or by creating chaos and preventing the crewmates from completing their tasks.


Among Us is a game of strategy, deduction, and social interaction, making it a fantastic party game to enjoy with friends. Whether you are a crewmate or an impostor, your wit and ability to read others will determine your success in this thrilling space adventure. Jump into the spaceship and let the suspenseful journey begin!


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