How to play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Beginners Tips

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Dive into the weird world of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with our comprehensive beginner's guide. Discover the strange appeal of this hit battle royale game as we guide you through the mechanics, different game modes, and fun challenges.

Beginner's Guide to Playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Tips for New Players

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has taken the gaming world by storm as a fresh and entertaining battle royale experience. If you're new to the game, our guide offers valuable tips to help you secure those victories.

For those who are always ahead of gaming trends, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is likely on your radar. Released in <> with significant fanfare, particularly on platforms like Twitch, it has captured the attention of gamers worldwide.

17 Tips to Help You Survive Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

In this beginner's guide, we will delve into what Fall Guys is all about, provide you with essential tips to conquer the challenges, and help you decide whether it's worth diving into this quirky and exciting gaming universe.

What is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, often abbreviated as Fall Guys, is a multiplayer online game that draws inspiration from real-life obstacle course game shows like Wipeout and Takeshi's Castle.

You step into the shoes of a bean-shaped character, navigating a series of challenges. The game boasts whimsical physics, causing your character to move in a slightly clumsy manner, reminiscent of a ragdoll bouncing around when struck.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

While Fall Guys features elements of the battle royale genre, its impact is relatively light compared to games like Fortnite or PUBG. Here, your objective is not to eliminate specific opponents or gather resources but rather to outlast the competition and become the last contestant standing.

How does Fall Guys work?

As you start playing Fall Guys, a concise tutorial introduces you to the game mechanics. Controls are straightforward: in addition to moving your character and adjusting the camera, you can jump (X on PS4 and Space on PC), dive (Square on PS4 and Ctrl on PC), and grab other players (R2 on PS4 and Shift on PC).

From there, select "Play" on the main screen, and you'll queue up for a match. Each match starts with 60 contestants and gradually eliminates players through a series of minigames.

Fall Guys beginner's guide, tips, tricks, and strategies to win

Your goal is to be the last player standing by winning the final minigame. Each match consists of five rounds. If you're eliminated at any point, you can either continue watching to see who wins or exit to start a new endeavor at the top of the leaderboard.

While playing, you earn in-game currency that can be exchanged for cosmetic rewards. Victories also earn you a special currency called Crowns, which are required for specific items in the store.

Exploring Fall Guys Minigames

Fall Guys revolves around challenges—akin to a survival version of Mario Party. With over 20 different minigames (and more being developed by the creators), it's impossible to cover each one here individually.

Instead, we'll outline various types of minigames you'll encounter, provide examples, and offer some tips for success along the way.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Beginners Tips

Racing Games

These are straightforward: everyone competes to be the first to reach the finish line. You'll need to make it through enough of the pack to proceed.

Most racing games are large, ensuring you'll encounter them early while there are still many players.

Gate Crash

In this game, you must navigate to the finish line while maneuvering around a series of regularly opening and closing gates. These can really throw you off if you mistime your approach, so try your best to anticipate which gates will be open as you reach them. Don't just go for whichever happens to be down!


In this race, you'll need to avoid fruit flying everywhere. In the final stretch, pay attention to the rolling logs in the middle. They're easy to overlook with all the airborne fruit and can easily send you off course.

Fall Guys beginner tips to get Kudos and Victory Crowns

Perfect Match

This game places you on a raised grid, rotating to reveal a type of fruit underneath each panel. When the timer runs out, a fruit type is revealed, and you must quickly jump to a tile with the matching fruit. If you're wrong, the tile disappears, and you're eliminated.

Strive to stand on a tile close to as many different fruit types as possible. This way, you'll have options when you know which fruit is safe.

Team Games

In team games, you're divided into groups and collaborate in a round. Anyone from the team who finishes last is eliminated. Depending on the scale of the team game, it can involve many remaining players or just a select few.

Tail Tag

This mode splits you into four teams. A few players start with tails that can be stolen by others using the grab button. The team with the fewest tails at the end loses.

How to play Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

To easily snatch a tail, wait until someone else makes a mistake (and ultimately flounders on the ground) before you swoop in.


Jinxed is similar to "infection" modes seen in other games. One player from each team begins as jinxed (you'll notice pink clouds around their character) and must pass the jinx to opponents by touching them. The team with all of its members jinxed first loses.

Remember that you move slower while grabbing, so only use it when you're close.

Final Games

If you make it to a round marked as a Final, congratulations—you're just one round away from winning in Fall Guys. Just don't lose your cool now, as only one person will emerge victorious in these rounds.

Royal Fumble

This is akin to Team Tail Tag, except there's only one tail. To win, you need to hold the tail when the time runs out. If you don't have it, do your best to predict the leader's movements and cut them off. Once you have it, move unpredictably and keep an eye on opponents trying to jump you.

17 Tips to Help You Survive Fall Guys


This final round features multiple hexagonal layers. Stepping on a hexagon makes it disappear. Your aim is to be the last one standing on a hexagon.

To triumph here, always have a plan for your next move. Also, remember it's not necessarily bad to drop a layer early, as it gives you more hexagons to work with.

Should You Buy Fall Guys?

Now that you have a glimpse of Fall Guys, is it worth playing?

In general, the game is highly enjoyable. It boasts a visually appealing design, fitting music, and straightforward mechanics (unlike many complex battle royale games). It's even more fun when played with friends rather than going solo.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout shines in short bursts. Even with over 20 challenges, you might notice a few repeating frequently. This becomes repetitive, especially with the early race stages that are quite redundant.

stumble guys vs fall guys

The team minigames can be the weakest part of the game. It feels like your personal performance doesn't heavily influence your team's victory or defeat, often resulting in you losing a great run due to factors beyond your control.

Ultimately, the game comes with a full microtransaction store despite being a paid title. You earn in-game currency gradually through playing, but there's an option to buy more with real money. Customizing your character is limited, so it's not a significant issue, but it's odd to see a free-to-play monetization setup in a paid game like this.

As of writing, Fall Guys is priced at $20 on Steam and PS4. If you enjoy regular minigames and don't mind a bit of repetition, it's well worth considering, especially if you have friends to play with. Hopefully, the game will introduce more challenges and refine the team minigames to make it an even more appealing choice.

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