How to change twitter app icon on Android/iOS

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Looking to restore the old Twitter app icon on your iPhone or Android device? Follow the detailed instructions below to recreate the once-favorite bird icon on your phone screen.

Instructions to change the ancient Twitter application icon on iPhone and Android

Looking for a way to change the Twitter app icon back to its old stock version on both iPhone and Android devices? This article will give you specific steps to accomplish this on both platforms.

In an abrupt change, "Twitter X" has just welcomed a new icon and name, with the change driven by the creative thinking of Elon Musk. However, many people are still nostalgic for the iconic bird symbol they have come to love over the years.

The reason behind the new icon:

More accessible to everyone: Twitter's old logo might not be accessible to everyone, especially those who are visually impaired. The new logo is designed to be simpler, making it easier to access with a bold design.
More recognizable: The old icon may not be recognizable enough, especially when it appears alongside many other icons on the screen. The new logo is designed to be easier to recognize and more memorable.

Twitter app icon on Android and iOS

Reflecting Twitter's New Direction: The new icon reflects a shift in Twitter's strategy in recent years. The new design focuses on minimalism and modernity, demonstrating their focus on simplicity and innovation.

Customization and personalization in the mobile app:

Theme Changer: Users have the ability to change the theme of the app, changing the look and feel of the app. This helps make the app more appealing and personal style.
Follow Favorite Accounts: The Twitter app allows users to follow specific accounts, ensuring that tweets from these accounts appear on their timelines. This helps personalize the experience of following news and content according to your own interests.
Notification control: Users can fine-tune notifications from the Twitter app, deciding what types of notifications they want to receive and how often. This helps to avoid unnecessary notification overload and focus on the important ones.

Instructions to change the Twitter app icon on iPhone and Android:


  • Open the "Shortcuts" app on your iPhone.
  • Click "+" in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Name the shortcut.
  • Click "Add Action".
  • Find and select "Open App".
How to change twitter app icon
  • Find and select the "Twitter" app.
  • Click "Add to Homescreen".
  • Select the icon, then "Select a photo".
  • Find and select the old Twitter logo online.
  • Click "Add".


  • Open the "Google Play Store" on the Android device.
  • Find and select the "Twitter" app.
  • Click "About" and scroll down.
  • Select "Version".
  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select "Change Icon".
  • From the list, select the old icon for Twitter.
  • Confirm change.

Thus, you have been given specific instructions on how to change the ancient Twitter app icon on both popular mobile platforms. If you need more support or information, don't hesitate to ask.


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