How to Install Mods Organizer 2 Starfield on Game Pass

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Starfield, the highly anticipated sci-fi title from Bethesda, has officially landed, opening up exciting opportunities for gamers to join the modding community to transform and customize their gaming experience.

How to install Mods Organizer 2 Starfield on Game Pass


Starfield, a product developed by Bethesda Game Studios, is a science fiction game that many people are waiting for. Introduced at the E3 2018 conference, this game promises to open up a large and unexplored universe.

Starfield promises a unique experience in an open world, with thousands of planets, satellites and vast space. Players will have the opportunity to experience a sci-fi adventure, discovering new secrets and dangers in space.

Bethesda, known for supporting high customization and modding in its games, could continue this trait in Starfield. This will give players the opportunity to customize their experience through creativity from the community.

How To Install Mods On Starfield On Xbox PC Gamepass

Using the new engine, Starfield is expected to bring an advanced graphics and technology experience, creating a vivid and beautiful world.

Starfield, the highly anticipated sci-fi game from Bethesda, has officially launched and brings gamers a vast world full of opportunities. However, to create a unique and customized gaming experience in Starfield, the use of mods is indispensable. Mods Organizer 2 not only helps you unleash your creativity, but also ensures stability and flexibility in adding modifications to your game.

In this article, we will show you how to install Mods Organizer 2 to manage and install Starfield mods on the Game Pass version of the game.

Why Mods Organizer 2 for Starfield mods?

Before we explore the mods installation process, let's understand why Mods Organizer 2 is a good choice for modding Starfield on the Game Pass version. Mods Organizer 2 stands out with its excellent mods management and organization features. It keeps your game stable and free from mods conflicts.

How to Install and Manage Starfield Mods with Mod Organizer 2

You can enable or disable mods easily without interfering with the game's core files. This helps maintain game stability, especially important when you play the Game Pass version.

How to install Mods Organizer 2 and Starfield mods on Game Pass

Below are instructions for installing Mods Organizer 2 and installing the Starfield mods on the Game Pass version of the game:

Download and Install Mods Organizer 2: Start by downloading and installing Mods Organizer 2 from its official website. After installation is complete, open Mods Organizer 2.

Configure Mods Organizer 2 for Starfield: In Mods Organizer 2, click the "Settings" icon (wrench icon). In the "Paths" section, find "Games" and then click the "Add" button. Please specify the installation location of the Game Pass version of Starfield. Usually, this will be in the Xbox Games\Starfield folder on your drive.

Activate the Mods: Now you are ready to install and activate the mods. Browse the mods you want to use on NexusMods or other reputable sources. Download the mods you want to use and they will automatically appear in the "Downloads" tab of Mods Organizer 2.

Install Mod Organizer 2 Starfield on Game Pass

Enable Mods: To enable a mods, simply double-click on the mods in the "Downloads" tab. You can manage your mods and their load order in the "Mods" tab. Mods Organizer 2's intuitive interface makes it easy to prioritize your mods, ensuring they work in harmony.

Launch Starfield: Once you have enabled your desired mods, click the green "Run" button in Mods Organizer 2 to launch Starfield with your chosen modifications. Enjoy your custom adventure in the stars!


Mods Organizer 2 is a powerful tool to help you manage and enjoy your modding experience in Starfield Game Pass edition. You can customize the game the way you want without worrying about conflicts or compatibility issues.

With Mods Organizer 2 and the creativity of the modding community, you can turn Starfield into a unique spacefaring adventure that meets your expectations. This allows you to customize graphics, add new gameplay mechanics, and create the personalized gaming experience you desire. Take this opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of Starfield's universe and join the growing creative modding community. Get ready for your custom adventure among the stars!

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