How to Get Old Discord Layout Back

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Discover how to get old layouts back on Discord with detailed instructions from experienced writers. Learn how to simply enable Show Old Layout and share your feedback to optimize user experience on this popular online communication app.

How to Get Your Old Discord Layout Back: A Detailed Guide from an Experienced Writer


Discord, the increasingly popular online communication app, has undergone a major update, mainly focused on changing its user interface. This change not only brings new features but also creates rough methods for users familiar with the old layout.

Discord's new update, especially on the mobile version, has provided many new changes in the way users interact with the application. Although many people appreciate this new change, not all are happy with the change, especially those who are familiar with the old layout and have established usage habits. become over time.

Amid this confusion, the need to find the old Discord layout has quieted, and many users seek to maintain a comfortable ease and familiarity in the experience of using the application. That's why in this article, we will learn about the process of getting the old layout back on Discord, and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages that users may encounter when taking action.

Why Do You Need to Get Your Old Layout Back?

Uncomfortable in Use

People who have used Discord for a long time often have difficulty getting used to the new interface. Switching between chats becomes more complicated and loses user friendliness.

How to Change Discord Layout Back

Missing Convert Feature

Removing the Toggle feature makes navigating and performing operations uncomfortable, affecting the user experience.

How to Get the Old Layout Back on Discord

Open the Discord App

Start by opening the Discord app on your mobile device.

Access Settings

Click the profile picture in the bottom right corner and select Settings.

Select Interface

In settings, select Interface.

Enable Show Old Layout Feature

How to get the Old Discord Mobile UI back

Scroll down and find the Show Old Layout option, then turn it on.

Give Feedback to Discord

Visit Feedback Section

  • Go to your feedback and click on the You tab.
  • Navigate to Application Settings and select Appearance.
  • Find and click New Layout.
  • Click Give Us Feedback.

Share detailed opinions

Users are encouraged to share detailed comments about their experiences with the new layout and suggestions for improvements. This helps Discord understand specific issues and provide guidance for future improvements.

Pros and cons of getting back the old Discord layout


  • Familiarity: Long-time users often have familiarity with the old interface, and restoring the previous layout helps them maintain an uninterrupted user experience.
  • Easier to Navigate: The old interface may be considered simpler and easier to use, especially for those unfamiliar with recent changes. Recreating the old layout helps users maintain ease of navigation.
How to get the Old Discord Mobile UI back
  • Flexibility: Having the ability to switch between new and old interfaces provides flexibility to users, allowing them to choose according to their personal preferences and be comfortable with the interface they choose.


  • Lack of Freshness: New layouts often bring new and improved features, and returning to the old interface may eliminate the opportunity to experience new and expanded features.
  • Limited Learning Opportunities: Using the old interface may inhibit users' ability to learn how to interact with the new interface, and they may miss out on useful features.
  • More Complex Interactions: The new interface may be designed to optimize user experience, and returning to the old layout may create interaction and performance challenges.


The article provides detailed instructions on how to restore Discord's old layout and how to provide feedback. With support from experienced writers, the guide highlights the difficulties many users face when switching from the old interface to the new interface of the application.

Get OLD UI Back in Discord Mobile

The article focuses on the specific process to restore the old layout using the "Show old layout" option in the app's interface settings. Additionally, it directs readers to provide feedback through Discord's feedback mechanism, encouraging users to share specific opinions and suggestions to help improve the user experience in the future.

In short, through a combination of practical guidance and encouragement to contribute ideas, the article hopes to bring value to readers, helping them overcome difficulties and enjoy Discord comfortably and flexibly.

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