How to Get Ghoul Race in Blox Fruits

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Welcome to the detailed guide on how to get the vampire race in Blox Fruits game. Known as one of the popular games on the Roblox platform, Blox Fruits offers players the opportunity to explore a diverse and fascinating world.

How to get the Ghoul Race in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is one of the popular games on the Roblox platform, and an important part of the gaming experience is discovering and upgrading your character. Among the diverse races and abilities, the Ghoul race is considered to be one of the hardest and fascinating to pursue.

From reaching level 1000 to collecting valuable resources like Ectoplasm and Hellfire Torch, we'll show you how to head straight for your goal. The next step is more exciting, as you have to complete various quests to upgrade your Ghoul Race. The unique benefits of the Ghoul race, including increased nighttime speed and lifesteal, will make you a formidable opponent in the Blox Fruits world.

The Ghoul Race in Blox Fruits

During this experience, the Ghoul race drew attention as a challenging and exciting target. So, how do you become a Blox Fruits player with a vampire race? This article will guide you through the specific steps to become a proud Ghoul in the world of Blox Fruits.

Benefits of having the Ghoul race in Blox Fruits

Here are some of the main benefits of becoming a Ghoul:

  • Increased Speed at Night: When you become a Ghoul, you will enjoy the benefit of increasing your speed by up to 30% at night. This makes your character more agile and has an advantage in moving and fighting at night.
  • Blood Sucking - Self-Healing: One of the most important benefits of the Ghoul race is the ability to suck blood. Each time you attack, you heal yourself for 25% of the damage dealt. This helps you maintain health in battle, making the Ghoul character a durable and difficult to defeat fighter.
  • Increase Stats and Damage through Skill "Enhanced Senses": Ghouls not only provide basic benefits, but also provide special skills such as "Enhanced Senses." This skill enhances the character's stats and damage, making each attack more powerful and having a great impact in matches.
  • Experience Unique and Exciting Content: The process of becoming a Ghoul is not just about gathering resources and upgrading, but also involves completing quests and challenges of varying difficulty. This creates a unique and exciting experience for players, encouraging them to participate in the race and overcome difficult challenges.
Blox Fruits Ghoul Race Guide

Here are the detailed instructions to get the vampire race in Blox Fruits:

Step 1: Reach level 1000 and collect necessary resources

First, to open the Ghoul race, you need to reach level 1000 in the game. This requires patience and time, so be ready to face this task. After you have reached level 1000, you need to collect two important types of resources:

  • 100 Ectoplasm: Ectoplasm is a unique in-game currency, which you can obtain by defeating enemies on the Cursed Ship.
  • Hellfire Torch: This is another important item you need to open the Ghoul race. It can be dropped from the Cursed Captain boss, however, the chance to drop is quite rare.

Step 2: Upgrade the Ghoul Race and complete the quest

After you have gathered enough resources, you need to talk to the Experimic NPC on the Cursed Ship. But to upgrade the Ghoul Race, you will need to complete some specific tasks:

How To Get The Ghoul V4 In Blox Fruits
  • Alchemist's Quest for Ghoul V2.
  • Arowe's Quest for Ghoul V3.
  • Complete the Temple of Time and Trial of Carnage puzzles to reach Ghoul V4.

Step 3: Experience the benefits of the Ghoul Race

After you have completed the necessary quests and have upgraded your Ghoul Race, you will become a Ghoul. This race offers unique benefits:

How to get the Ghoul race in Blox Fruits
  • Increase speed 30% at night.
  • Lifesteal - Each attack, you heal yourself for 25% of the damage dealt (applies to battle-type attacks).
  • Increase stats and damage with the skill "Enhanced Sense".


Becoming a Ghoul in Blox Fruits not only requires dedication and effort, but also brings significant benefits to your character. However, with perseverance and the ability to overcome difficult tasks, you can completely become one of the rare players who own the vampire race in Blox Fruits.

How To Get The Ghoul Race   Blox Fruits

More than just a guide on how to become a Ghoul, the article also gives you an understanding of choosing the right race and taking advantage of your character's abilities. By reading and following the step-by-step instructions, you will have an exciting opportunity to experience the development of your character from a casual player to a powerful Ghoul.

Start your journey to become an excellent Ghoul in Blox Fruits today! Do not hesitate to join the tough race and achieve proud achievements in this world. Good luck and have fun!

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