Call of Duty Mobile Tips and Tricks: How to Play and Win

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Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most loved and most popular mobile games today. With multiplayer mode and battle royale mode, this game offers exciting and dramatic matches.

Tips for Winning Call of Duty Mobile: Great Guide and Tips from Experienced Players

Hello readers who love the exciting game genre, this is a special journey for those immersed in the digital world of Call of Duty Mobile. Facing tough opponents and enjoying thrilling battles, we are always on the lookout for tips and tricks that will help us improve our ability to play and win. This article is not only a basic guide but also a sharing from an experienced player, tips gathered from years of pursuing this passion. Let's learn subtle strategies to become an excellent warrior in the virtual world of Call of Duty Mobile.

Multiplayer mode

Learn about game modes: Call of Duty Mobile offers many different game modes such as Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search & Destroy, Gunfight, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint, Free for All. Understand the gameplay and objective of each mode to have an advantage in the match.

Call of Duty Mobile tips and tricks

Explore the Maps: There are many different maps in Call of Duty Mobile, and each game mode will have a suitable map. Familiarize yourself with these maps and learn locations, cover points, and tactical routes to increase your chances of survival and victory.

Use Gunsmith to Enhance Weapons: Gunsmith lets you customize your weapons with attachments and skins. Take advantage of this feature to create guns that suit your playing style and increase performance in battle.

Use special features and events: Call of Duty Mobile often has special mode features like Standoff - Halloween, Sniper Only, Gun Game, Prop Hunt. Participate in these events and features to get unique rewards and speed up your Battle Pass progress.

Play as a team or alone: Teamwork can give an advantage in a match, but if your teammates die early, you may want to play solo to increase your chances of survival. Choose to suit your playing style and adapt to the situation.

Battle royale mode

Adapted to battle royale: Battle royale in Call of Duty Mobile is a completely different game. Let's understand how to play and the rules in this mode. Note that you cannot respawn and need to pay attention to the shrinking play area.

Call of Duty Mobile

Choose your drop point carefully: At the start of the match, choose a drop point so that you don't fall into a crowded and dangerous area. Go a little further to increase your chances of survival in the early game.

Use items and maps: Take advantage of battle royale items and maps to power up and provide a tactical advantage. Find ammo boxes and health boxes and use them wisely to stay alive and overcome challenges.

Use sensors and drones: Sensors and drones are useful tools for gathering information and detecting enemies in battle royale. Use them to enhance your visibility and make smart tactical decisions.

Call of Duty Mobile tips and tricks How to play and win

Move smart: When the play area narrows, move smartly to avoid getting caught in the dead zone. Find a safe route and evaluate the right time to move. Sometimes, avoiding combat and moving around the play area can be the best way to survive and win.

Deck and other tips

Deck the Enemy: In both multiplayer and battle royale modes, decking the enemy is an effective tactic. Use the surroundings to hide and wait until the enemy is in range before attacking. This can give you an unexpected advantage and increase your chances of winning.

Observe and hear sounds: Knowing the enemy's position and actions is an important element of the game. View the map to find out where the enemies are and listen to the audio to know where they are. This helps you prepare and make smart tactical decisions.

Ammunition and resource management: Ammo and resource management is an important element of the game. Check and reload at the right time, and use resources wisely so you don't fall short in critical situations.

Call of Duty Mobile apk

Coordination with teammates: If you are playing on a team, coordination and communication are important. Your teammates can help you revive and provide support during the match. Stay in touch and work together to increase your chances of winning.


The battle on your phone never disappoints when you have step-by-step tips and tricks. Call of Duty Mobile is not just a game, but a challenge, an opportunity for you to shine. Remember to stay patient and keep practicing your skills. Together, we will defeat all opponents and become top players. Wishing you a wonderful and exciting experience on the virtual battlefield of Call of Duty Mobile!

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