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Zenless Zone Zero Beta APK is a unique urban adventure where players will uncover mysteries, fight against Hollows, and unite with diverse allies in a beautiful and mysterious world.


Name Zenless Zone Zero
Version 1.0
Size 626 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+

Introduce to Zenless Zone Zero APK

Zenless Zone Zero APK is an excellent product from the creative team that created Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact. Designed with anime-style 3D graphics, the game takes you to a post-apocalyptic metropolis called New Eridu. This is where mystery and urban reality blend, creating a unique and captivating setting.

As a Proxy, you will be the key to uncovering the mystery of Hollows - supernatural disasters that have destroyed the world of Zenless Zone Zero release date android APK. The Hollows are not only the source of the mysterious ethereal beings you will face, but also a source of resources for the city of New Eridu, which attracts the interest of factions ranging from corporations to gangs and mafia.

More Overview of Zenless Zone Zero Mobile Game

A unique feature of Zenless Zone Zero app store is that it accompanies a diverse group of allies. These allies not only help you in action-packed matches but are also companions on your adventures, leading you to unexpected discoveries and unique scenarios.

With beautiful graphic design and gameplay, Zenless Zone Zero APK promises to bring players a unique and engaging experience. If you are an action enthusiast and want to immerse yourself in a mysterious urban world, this is the game you should not miss.

All features in Zenless Zone Zero Android

  • Urban and Post-Apocalyptic Worlds: Zenless Zone Zero takes players to New Eridu, a post-apocalyptic survivor city where mystery and urbanity meet. The city was built using resources from the Hollows, creating a unique and stylish setting.
  • Proxy Character: You will play the role of a Proxy, an expert guide for those who want to explore the Hollows. Your strength and skills are the keys to solving the mystery and fending off dangerous challenges.
  • Hollows and Ethereal Monsters: Hollows are the source of mysterious ethereal beings. Face them in the air and engage in unique battles to defend the city of New Eridu.
  • Diverse Team of Allies: In Zenless Zone Zero APK, you are not alone. Unite with a diverse group of allies with unique skills. They are not only combat allies but also adventure companions, bringing new and exciting discoveries.
  • Graphics and Character Design: Zenless Zone Zero's strength lies in its anime-style 3D graphics. Both the city and the characters are meticulously designed, conveying their essence without sacrificing fantasy.
  • Diverse Gameplay: In Zenless Zone Zero APK, you will have the ability to control allies during combat, perform combos and special skills to face diverse challenges.
  • Exploration and Mystery: Embark on a special urban adventure filled with mystery, enemies, and characters to meet. Exploration is an important part of the experience, helping you better understand the mysterious world of Zenless Zone Zero.

Interface, graphics on Zenless Zone Zero Latest Version

The game's anime-style 3D graphics are something I cannot stress enough. New Eridu City is designed with meticulousness, from the skyscrapers to the gloomy alleys, creating a lively and at the same time mysterious setting. The dynamic movement of characters and surrounding objects makes this world come alive and realistic.

Overall, Zenless Zone Zero APK is not only an action game but also a living work of art. Light and shadow effects create a sense of realism, especially when you face Hollows and ethereal monsters. Smooth movement and special effects in combat make each match exciting and dramatic.

Besides, the character design is also a notable point. From the smallest details on their costumes to facial expressions, each character in Zenless Zone Zero APK brings a unique look and personality.

How to play, gameplay for Zenless Zone Zero iOS

Action and Combat: Zenless Zone Zero is an ARPG-style action role-playing game where you will play as a Proxy against the disaster of Hollows. The gameplay focuses on flexible and varied combat, where you can control powerful attacks and special skills to face your opponents.

Diverse Allies: You will be supported by a diverse group of allies with unique skills. Cooperation with allies in combat and adventure is the key to overcoming complex challenges.

Exploration and Quests: In Zenless Zone Zero, you will embark on extraordinary urban adventures, uncover mysteries and go on diverse missions, from fighting monsters to decoding the secrets of Hollows .

Pros and Cons of Zenless Zone Zero APK


  • Graphics and Character Design: One of the biggest advantages of Zenless Zone Zero is its beautiful anime-style 3D graphics. Urban scenes and characters are delicately designed, creating a unique and brilliant world.
  • Flexible Gameplay: Diverse gameplay, from combat to exploration, providing a rich and not boring game experience.
  • Allied Groups: Unite with a diverse group of allies to take advantage of combat and explore the world.


  • System Requirements: Zenless Zone Zero's beautiful graphics also come with high system requirements, which can reduce player experience on low-end devices.
  • Facing Repetitive Hollows: Although there is variety in the design of Hollows, there can be a feeling of repetition in confronting them over time.


Zenless Zone Zero APK is not simply a game, but a colorful and mysterious journey that takes players to a unique post-apocalyptic world. With beautiful graphics, a diverse group of allies, and diverse gameplay, this game promises to bring players memorable exploration and action experiences.

Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Zenless Zone Zero APK

How to interact with allies in the game? +

You can interact with allies using in-game commands and communication. Uniting with allies is the key to winning challenging matches.

Are there regular events and updates? +

Yes, Zenless Zone Zero's development team is committed to providing regular events and updates to keep the player experience fresh and engaging.

Is there a multiplayer feature or PvP mode? +

Yes, Zenless Zone Zero offers multiplayer features, including a PvP mode to challenge and compete with other players around the world.

Is Zenless Zone Zero multilingual? +

Yes, Zenless Zone Zero supports multiple languages to serve a diverse community of players around the world.

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