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Fate/Grand Order (FGO) JP APK is an exclusive RPG mobile game for the Japanese market, famous for its beautiful graphics, complex story, and many exciting events.


Version 2.93.0
Size 98.54 Mb
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer Aniplex Inc.

About to FGO JP APK (Fate/Grand Order)

Fate/Grand Order (FGO) is a globally famous mobile RPG game, developed and published by Aniplex and TYPE-MOON. Despite its complex and engaging story, FGO has attracted millions of players worldwide with its attractive and diverse gameplay. This game already has an international version, also known as FGO NA, but FGO JP is the Japanese version, released first and always receives the earliest events and content updates.

More Overview of FGO JP Latest Version

With the Fate Grand Order Japan version, players have the opportunity to experience early events, Servants and the latest content from the world of Fate/Grand Order. This is what many fans of this game series around the world are looking for. The Japanese version often offers exclusive events and gameplay improvements that players cannot find in the international version.

In short, FGO JP APK pc is an exciting and exclusive release for players who love the world of Fate/Grand Order, and downloading the APK is a way to experience it if you're not in Japan.

All features in FGO JP APK For Android

Here are some important features of FGO JP:

  • Regular Events: FGO JP APK reddit regularly organizes exclusive events, in conjunction with FGO's global events. These events provide opportunities to receive additional Servants, Craft Essences, and many attractive rewards.
  • Exclusive Servants: The Japanese version often has exclusive Servants that you cannot find in the international version. This makes atlas academy FGO JP the ideal destination for players who love their favorite Servants.
  • Exclusive Stories: In addition to the main FGO chapters and stories, the JP version often offers exclusive stories that expand the world and deepen the characters.
  • Friendly Interfaces: FGO JP APK 32 bit often has interfaces that are easy to use and optimize user experience, making it easy for players to learn and participate in the game.
  • Gacha System: Similar to the international version, FGO JP has a gacha system for players to wish good luck and collect Servants and Craft Essences.
  • Story Events: FGO JP often updates events related to the main plot, expanding on the world and characters in the game.
  • Beautiful Graphics: FGO JP APK file focuses on graphics, with high-quality images, effects, and animations, helping players enjoy a unique visual experience.
  • Combat Combat System: This version retains the turn-based combat system and uses a trio of Servants to create teams.
  • Good Support: FGO JP often has exclusive events such as improved banners and local bonuses to support players.
  • Compelling Story: FGO is known for its complex and engaging story, taking players on a journey through time and space.

Interface, graphics on Fate/Grand Order (FGO) JP iOS

High Quality Images: FGO JP uses images with high resolution and fine detail. Servants, Craft Essences, and action scenes are all beautifully designed.

Unique Animation: The game has many unique animations, especially in battles and maps. Servants have unique moves and skills, and when using Noble Phantasm, you can see impressive animations.

Diverse Character Design: In FGO JP, you will meet and collect hundreds of Servants with diverse and unique designs. Each Servant has its own appearance and outfit, along with some unique features.

Special Effects: During battles and when activating skills or Noble Phantasm, you can see special effects and impressive lighting, creating an immersive experience.

How to play, gameplay for FGO JP Mobile Game

Combat System:

  • FGO JP uses a turn-based combat system. Each Servant on your team has a number of Action Points (AP) per turn.
  • You choose a skill and ask the Servants on your team to attack, use skills or Noble Phantasm to defeat your opponents.
  • Fighting in FGO JP requires strategy, focusing on combining Servants' skills and Noble Phantasm to take advantage of opponents' weaknesses.

Collect Servants:

  • The game revolves around collecting and enhancing Servants. Each Servant has its own type, attributes, and Noble Phantasm.
  • You use Saint Quartz (in-game currency) to call Servants from the gacha system. There are different types of gacha with the opportunity to collect your favorite Servants.
  • Consider spending Saint Quartz with caution, as they are not easily obtained.


  • FGO JP has a main storyline and many plot events related to it. You participate in quests to progress the plot and open new Servants.
  • FGO JP's story is complex and takes you on a journey through time and space.

Upgrades and Customization:

  • You can upgrade and customize Servants using Experience Cards, Craft Essences and items.
  • This includes leveling up, upgrading skills, and redeeming Craft Essences to optimize your team's performance.

Regular Events:

  • FGO JP often organizes regular events with many attractive rewards. You participate in these events to receive additional Saint Quartz, Craft Essences, and exclusive Servants.

Servants Clubs and Councils:

  • In FGO JP, you can join Servants clubs and councils to chat and interact with the gaming community.
  • You can also use online services to join the community and learn more about the game.

Pros and Cons of FGO JP APK Download


  • Exclusive content: FGO JP often has many exclusive events, Servants and missions that you cannot find in international versions. This makes the game unique and attractive to players.
  • Regular events: The game often hosts many regular events, providing opportunities to receive additional Saint Quartz and valuable rewards.
  • Beautiful graphics: FGO JP has high-quality graphics and impressive animations, which help to appreciate the game world and characters.
  • Complex story: The game is famous for its complex and engaging story, attracting players with its unique and creative storytelling.


  • Language and geographical restrictions: FGO JP is a version for the Japanese market, so the original language of the game is Japanese. This can create a language barrier for players who do not know Japanese. Additionally, there are geo-restrictions on downloading and installing the game.
  • Update time: Although FGO JP has a lot of exclusive content, international versions often have slower updates. This may cause international players to wait a while to experience new content.


Fate/Grand Order (FGO) JP APK is the Japanese version of the famous RPG mobile game Fate/Grand Order. This game has many advantages, including exclusive content, beautiful graphics, complex story and regular events. If you are a fan of the world of Fate/Grand Order and have experience playing international versions, FGO JP could be an interesting choice to experience exclusive content and exciting events.


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Can I transfer my account from international version to FGO JP? +

No, you cannot transfer your account from the international version to FGO JP or vice versa. Each version has separate data.

Does FGO JP have exclusive events and content? +

Yes, FGO JP often has exclusive events, Servants and quests that you cannot find in the international versions. This makes the game unique and attractive.

How to earn Saint Quartz in FGO JP? +

Saint Quartz is the currency in FGO JP, and you can earn them through completing quests, events, and various in-game activities. Additionally, you can also purchase Saint Quartz with real money through the in-game store.

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