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Raid Shadow Legends APK all characters is a turn-based combat RPG game by Plarium Games, featuring more than 500 unique characters and diverse combat experiences.


Name Raid Shadow Legends
Pagekage name com.plarium.raidlegends
Version 9.00.0
Size 155.29 Mb
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Plarium Global Ltd

Introduce to Raid Shadow Legends APK

Raid Shadow Legends APK obb is a turn-based combat role-playing game (RPG), developed and published by Plarium Games. This game is available on mobile platforms and offers players a unique fighting experience with stunning graphics and complex combat system.

In Raid Shadow Legends APK money and gems, you will play as a great leader, assemble a squad of legendary warriors and fight to protect the kingdom of Teleria from the invasion of demons and monsters. The game features over 500 collectable characters, each with their own unique skills and powers. You will need to build and strengthen your squad, find weapons, equipment and materials to become the most powerful leader.

More Overview of Raid Shadow Legends Mobile Game

Raid Shadow Legends' battle system allows you to engage in unique and engaging turn-based battles. You can arrange your squad, choose the right skills and tactics to defeat your opponents. The game also has a PvP mode in which you can challenge other players from all over the world to see who is the strongest.

In addition, Raid Shadow Legends raf-matab also has a deep storyline and rich side quests for you to explore. You will travel to diverse lands in the kingdom of Teleria, facing challenges and decisions that affect the main story.

Regarding the APK of Raid Shadow Legends arena team builder, there are several official external websites and stores where you can download the APK version of the game. However, when downloading from unofficial sources, be careful with providing personal information and make sure you are downloading from a trusted source to avoid security risks.

All features in Raid Shadow Legends Latest Version

  • Collect and upgrade characters: Raid Shadow Legends spirit champions offers over 500 diverse characters to collect. Each character has their own design, different strength, skills and role in the match. Players can upgrade their characters to increase their strength and fighting ability.
  • Detailed Battle System: The game uses a detailed turn-based battle system. Players can choose from a variety of skills and tactics to attack, defend, heal, and impose effects on opponents. Strategic combat and thinking are key to winning tough matches.
  • Rich PvE Campaigns: The game offers many PvE campaigns for players to participate in. You can participate in story campaigns, special challenges, and weekly campaigns to earn rewards, experience, and valuable resources.
  • PvP mode: Players can challenge each other in PvP mode. You can take on other players from all over the world in head-to-head matches that promise intense competition and challenge.
  • Build and strengthen: Raid Shadow Legends perfect soul allows players to build and strengthen their squad. You can collect and upgrade weapons, equipment, and materials to strengthen your character. Features such as upgrading skills, applying equipment sets, and using vibrating stones enhance combat effectiveness.
  • Various Clans and Events: Players can join clans to interact and cooperate with other players. The game also regularly hosts special events and in-game activities, offering the chance to earn unique rewards and celebrate in the community.
  • Beautiful graphics and sounds: Raid Shadow Legends new beginnings pack has high quality graphics with detailed characters, environments and effects. The images are meticulously designed and create a fascinating world. Sound and background music are also taken care of to increase the vibrancy and create a sense of enjoyment during play.

Interface, graphics on Raid Shadow Legends For Android

Characters: The characters in amius Raid Shadow Legends are beautifully designed and have a variety of shapes, costumes and details. From powerful melee warriors to spell masters, each character has their own unique appearance and personality.

Environment: The environments in the game are meticulously designed and varied. You will discover colorful lands, from dense forests to deep caves and epic cities. Each environment feels alive and unique.

Special Effects: Raid Shadow Legends uses special effects to create an immersive and powerful experience. From powerful attacks, epic spells to special combat effects, every action in the game is supported by beautiful visual effects.

User Interface (UI): The user interface in Raid Shadow Legends is designed to be easy to use and intuitive. Menus, buttons, and charts are logically arranged, making it easy for players to navigate and interact with the game.

How to play, gameplay for Raid Shadow Legends iOS

Download and install: Download the APK installation file of the game Raid Shadow Legends from a trusted source and install it on your mobile device.

Launch the game: Open the Raid Shadow Legends app on your mobile device.

Character Creation: After starting the game, you will be asked to create a character. Choose the name, shape and class of the character you want to play. You can also skip this step if you want to start directly with the default character.

Initial Tutorial: The game will give you an initial tutorial on how to move, use skills, and interact in the game. Follow the instructions to familiarize yourself with the combat mechanics and features.

Build a squad: Start collecting and upgrading characters to build a strong squad. Collect new characters by opening crates, completing quests and participating in events. Use resources to upgrade your character's skills, equipment, and attributes.

Join the Battle: Participate in PvE and PvP matches for rewards and an immersive combat experience. Fight turn-based and use skills and tactics to defeat your opponents.

Story progression: Follow the game's main storyline and participate in PvE missions and campaigns to progress in the story and open new content.

Clans and Events: Join a clan to interact and cooperate with other players. Participate in special events to earn rewards and take on other players.

Pros and Cons of Raid Shadow Legends APK


  • Diverse lineup: There are over 500 characters to collect, each with unique skills and roles. This gives variety and strategy in squad building.
  • Detailed Battle System: The game uses a detailed turn-based combat system, allowing players to customize their tactics and use the right skills to defeat their opponents.
  • Diverse PvE and PvP Modes: There are many PvE missions, campaigns and events for players to explore. In addition, the PvP mode allows you to challenge other players and try your hand at fighting matches.
  • Periodic events and content: The game regularly updates with new events and content, bringing new experiences and challenges to players.


  • Requires internet connection: The game requires a constant internet connection to play, which may limit the convenience of being offline.
  • Free Content Restrictions: Some of the best in-game content and rewards can be paid for or obtained through in-app purchases.
  • Requires Time Invest: The game has a complex character development and upgrade system that requires time and patience to gather resources and upgrade characters.


Raid Shadow Legends APK is a turn-based combat RPG game with beautiful graphics, diverse lineups and detailed combat system. This game gives players a unique and engaging fighting experience.

With many outstanding features Raid Shadow Legends APK is an attractive and interesting game for lovers of turn-based battle RPG genre.


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FAQs? Raid Shadow Legends APK

How to upgrade heroes and equipment in Raid Shadow Legends? +

To upgrade champions, you need to use materials like books and food to increase their level. For equipment, you can use items such as jewelry and crafting items to improve the power of the equipment. Use equipment and champions strategically to optimize your army's performance.

Is there any way to transfer data from old device to new device? +

Currently, Raid Shadow Legends does not support data transfer between devices. So you need to start from scratch if you get a new phone or device.

I get an error when installing or playing the game. How to fix? +

If you get an error, you should try the following steps:

  • Make sure you're using the latest version of the game by checking for updates on your app store.
  • Restart your device.
  • Clear game cache.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • If the error continues, you can contact the game's support for help.
Why can't I download Raid Shadow Legends APK from Google Play Store? +

Some reasons why you can't download a game from the Google Play Store may include country restrictions, incompatibility with your device, or technical problems. In this case, you can try downloading the APK file directly from the game's official website or other trusted sources.

Why can't I install the game using an APK file? +

If you encounter installation errors, make sure you've allowed the installation of apps from unknown sources in your Android device's security settings. This needs to be enabled to be able to install apps from APK files.

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