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Download Tree Love 2 APK now and immerse yourself in the fascinating tree-growing journey. Cultivate, nurture and explore the vibrant virtual forest and enjoy an immersive relaxing experience on your mobile device.


Name Tree Love 2
Version 1.0.2
Size 17 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Tree Love

About of the game Tree Love 2 APK

Tree Love 2 APK is a fascinating mobile game that focuses on growing trees and earning real money from taking care of trees. This game is designed to give a fun and exciting experience to the players through creating and managing a virtual garden.

Feel the fun to relax and entertain through taking care of virtual plants and creating a unique garden. Players will feel the joy of watching the growth of trees, harvesting fruit, and building a prosperous garden.

Overview of the Tree Love 2 APK Mobile Game

Download Tree Love 2 APK is a unique mobile game where players can experience life as a planter and garden manager. This game combines elements of simulation and strategy, allowing you to build and grow your own garden to earn money and achieve in-game goals.

The variety of plants, the creativity in creating the garden, and the ability to social connect are all attractive factors. However, players need to be careful not to lose too much time and avoid falling into uncontrolled in-app purchases.

Features of the game Tree Love 2 APK for Android

  • Varied Tree Selection: Players can choose from a wide range of different plants to grow, including fruit trees, ornamental plants, and a variety of trees. Each type of tree has its own properties and characteristics, requiring different care and management.
  • Plant care: You must water, fertilize and protect plants from harmful agents to ensure their best growth. Failure to properly care for it can affect the growth rate and fruit production performance.
  • Custom Garden: Players can customize their garden by changing the location of plants, placing decorations, and upgrading infrastructure to optimize production.
  • Harvest and sell fruit: When the trees are old enough, they will produce fruit. You can harvest berries and sell them for in-game money. The value of the fruit can vary according to the type of tree and the time of harvest.
  • Expand the planting area: By making money from selling fruit, you can expand the tree planting area to grow more types of trees and increase production.
  • Challenges and goals: The game may set specific goals and challenges that you need to complete to get far in the game. This creates an element of strategy and motivation to keep playing.
  • Trading and markets: You can engage in tree and fruit trade with other virtual characters in the game. Prices are subject to change according to market demand and supply.
  • Social networking: The game can integrate social sharing, allowing you to share achievements and connect with friends.
  • Real-time tree growth: The game can apply real-time, which means that the tree will grow and change in real-time in the real world.

Game mode, graphics of the game Tree Love 2 APK

  • Garden environment: The garden environment is designed with natural landscape and bright colors. Different areas in the garden may have lawns, paths, flower beds, and areas dedicated to each type of plant.
  • Trees: Trees are designed with realistic detail, including elements such as leaves, fruit, and branches. The plant will grow over time, from the tiny stage to the adult stage.
  • Fruits and Flowers: Fruits and flowers are also shown with care in design, from color to shape. The fruit will appear when the tree is large enough and ready to be harvested.
  • Decorations: The garden can have decorations such as tables and chairs, flower beds, fountains and other accessories to create accents for the space.
  • Special Effects: Special effects can appear as the tree grows, such as when the tree bears fruit or reaches its peak growth.
  • Player interface: The player interface is neatly designed and easy to use, with clearly arranged buttons for functions such as planting, tending and harvesting.
  • Chibi graphic design: The player characters can be designed in chibi graphic style, creating a lovely and friendly look.
  • Seasonal Change: The game may have seasonal changes in the environment and trees, giving it a feeling of change and newness.

How to play the game Tree Love 2 APK Latest version

Planting and Caring for Plants:

Select the plants you want to grow and place them in the garden.

Monitor the condition of plants and take care of them by watering, fertilizing and protecting from pests.

Monitor the growth of the plant from germination to maturity and fruiting.

Harvest and Trading:

When the tree is big enough, harvest the berries and sell them for in-game money.

Use the money earned to buy new plants, upgrade the garden and expand the planting area.

Garden Expansion:

Use money to expand the planting area, allowing you to grow more crops and increase production.

Challenges and Goals:

Complete the goals and challenges set out in the game to go far and achieve high achievements.

Trading and Market:

Trade trees and fruits on the virtual in-game market to earn extra coins and maximize profits.

Customize the Garden:

Customize your garden by placing plants and decorations as you like.

Social Networking:

Share your achievements and achievements on social networks to connect and compete with friends.

Time management:

Real-time tracking to know when plants need to be watered, cared for and harvested.

Create a Strategic Plan:

Develop a strategic plan to manage tree and fruit production, ensuring that you always have enough money to grow.

Enjoy the Virtual World:

Enjoy the lively and relaxing experience of growing and tending plants in a virtual environment.

The main purpose of the game is to bring fun, relaxation and interactive experience with plants in a virtual environment. The gameplay can be flexible and depends on the creativity of the player.

Pros and cons of the game Tree Love 2 APK iOS


  • Relaxing Experience: The game provides a relaxing experience, allowing players to enjoy planting and managing the garden in a virtual environment.
  • Creativity: Players have the ability to customize their garden, choose plants, and develop their own plans, creating a creative experience.
  • Strategic Challenges: In-game goals and challenges create an element of strategy, requiring players to manage resources and make precise decisions for best performance.
  • Social interaction: The game can integrate sharing and connecting with friends, allowing players to share achievements and participate in fun competition.


  • Potential loss of time: Planting and managing a garden can require a lot of time and focus, which can interfere with the completion of other life activities.
  • Can become monotonous: If the game lacks variety in missions or doesn't have enough novelty elements, players may feel monotone and lose interest after a while playing.
  • Network dependence: If the game requires a constant network connection, this can be a barrier for those who do not regularly connect to the internet.
  • Ability to shop in-app: If the game has an in-app shopping system, players can lose real money if they don't control their in-game purchases well.


The game Tree Love 2 APK promises to bring players an enjoyable and relaxing experience through planting trees and managing virtual gardens. With the ability to select plants, care for them, harvest fruits and develop a strategic plan, players will embark on a lively adventure in the virtual world.

Advantages such as relaxing experience, creativity and fun in managing the garden. Tree Love 2 APK can be an interesting experience for those who love to plant trees and participate in colorful and vivid virtual environment.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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