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Rich Inc APK is a business and life simulation game, from unemployed to rich, with aspects of building a career, managing relationships, and maintaining health and happiness.


Name Rich Inc
Pagekage name com.grit.fftc
Version 1.27.3
Size 184.97 Mb
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer IDSIGames

Introduce to Rich Inc. Business & Idle Life APK

Rich Inc APK español a business and life simulation game where you can become a rich and successful person. You will start with an unemployed character and from there, build a career and earn billions.

The game starts from the bottom, as you help your character out of poverty and become one of the top rich. You can choose where to study and work to develop yourself.

Followed by a college experience and starting your career from begging on the street. Enhance your knowledge level by taking courses, from sales management to law. Do whatever it takes to take the next step and get promoted faster.

Become a successful capitalist and live rich life. You can choose the type of job you want, from manager to vice president or startup sponsor. Do everything you can to avoid your character going hungry on the street.

More Overview of Rich Inc Mobile Game

The game allows you to search for your own living place. You can move from street to hostel, small apartment and then decide between a townhouse, villa or even a private island. Experience a life of luxury in this simulation.

In addition, you can also build relationships in the game. Choose a girl to start a relationship with, decide whether you will marry her or keep looking for the best. Live together and maintain a strong relationship, and in the end, you can have a family and watch them grow.

Managing your character's health and happiness is also an important part of the game. You need to maintain these stats at a stable level by satisfying the character's wishes.

All features in Rich Inc for Android

  • Career and Education: Start as a beggar and increase your level of knowledge. Finish college and choose from different courses to advance your career. From part-time jobs to senior management jobs, you can take another step on the road to success.
  • Owning a property: Buy new clothes, a new apartment or car, or invest in real estate. Build personal wealth and raise your social status in rich society.
  • Business and management options: Become a capitalist and manage your own business. From being a manager to a vice president or even a startup founder, make the right decisions to grow your career and make big profits.
  • Find a place to live: Move from slums to comfortable dormitories and luxury apartments. In the future, you can buy luxury townhouses, villas or even own a private island.
  • Relationships and Family: Entering into emotional relationships and choosing the best partner. Decide whether you will marry that person or continue looking for love. Build a family and enjoy a happy family life.
  • Health and Happiness Management: Track your character's health and happiness percentage. Fulfill your character's requests and wishes to maintain stable health and well-being.
  • Stock market and investments: Participate in stock market trading and invest your money in different companies. Profit from smart trading and managing your investments.
  • Development and goals: The game has clear goals and development. You need to achieve certain goals and become a successful billionaire.

With these features, Rich Inc. negocio vida gestión APK offers you an amazing business and life simulation experience. Build a career, earn money and enjoy a rich life in this game.

Interface, graphics on Rich Inc Latest Version

Characters and environments: The game offers high-quality graphics and graphics, from the main characters and side characters to the lively environments. You'll see well-designed characters and environments, with small details like costumes, movement, and interactions in the environment.

2D Graphics: Rich Inc APK iphone uses 2D graphics to create images and landscapes. The images are drawn and designed with bright colors and high resolution, creating a lively and attractive space.

User Interface: The game's user interface is designed to be simple and intuitive, allowing players to easily interact with in-game functions and options.

Special Effects: The game may feature special effects to highlight milestones, achievements, and rewards. This increases the fun and excitement during the gameplay.

Graphics in Rich Inc APK is beautiful and supports the gaming experience well. It helps to create a lively and engaging world where you can enjoy a rich life and explore different aspects of the game.

How to play, gameplay for Rich Inc iOS

Start: Start the game and create your character. Name your character and customize his appearance.

Learning: You will start from the bottom, let's start with learning. Finish university and choose other courses to enhance your knowledge.

Job: Started a career as a beggar on the street. Work hard and do everything to take the next step in your career. Promote and move to more senior jobs.

Business: Become a capitalist and manage your own business. Participate in stock market trading, start a company, and invest smartly to generate profits and become rich.

Shop and own property: Use your earned money to buy new clothes, an apartment, a car, or invest in a property. Build your personal fortune and raise your social status.

Relationship Management: Enter romantic relationships and decide whether you will get married or continue looking for love. Build relationships and happy families.

Health and Happiness Management: Track your character's health and happiness percentage. Meet the requirements and desires of the character to maintain balance.

Upgrade and evolve: Continue to improve your level of knowledge, skills, and assets. Set goals and complete tasks to grow your career and become a billionaire.

Note that in the game Rich Inc APK, can have many different options and directions. You have the freedom to choose and shape your character's life and career as you wish.

Pros and Cons of Rich Inc. Business & Idle Life APK


  • Diverse and engaging: The game offers a wide range of activities and options, from study, work, business, investment to relationship management. This creates a diverse and engaging experience for players.
  • Highly interactive: Players have the ability to interact and decide the character's life path. You can change and shape your life, career, and relationships to your liking.
  • Challenges and goals: The game sets goals and challenges for the player to overcome. This keeps the game interesting and ensures character progression and development.


  • Repeat and timeout: Like many other idle games, Rich Inc APK may have repetitions and require a timeout to progress in the game. This can make some players feel bored or lose interest.
  • Depends on the monetary factor: The game focuses mainly on the business and money aspects. This can detract from a part of the gaming experience for those who prefer other elements like story, adventure or fighting games.


The game Rich Inc APK offers a wonderful space that allows players to enjoy the life of their dreams. From small steps to a big success. Live like a rich millionaire tycoon in Rich Inc. simulation game!

Experience the game with many outstanding features that will inspire you and share with your friends to join!!


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FAQs? Rich Inc APK

How to make money fast in this game? +

To make money fast in Rich Inc, you should focus on smart investments. You can buy and upgrade assets such as real estate, stocks, and businesses. Regularly check for new investment opportunities and use appropriate strategies to optimize profits.

How to manage assets effectively? +

To manage your assets effectively, you need to keep track of your projects and investments. Make sure you always have enough capital to buy and upgrade properties. Consider keeping or selling off assets that are no longer profitable.

How to advance quickly in the game? +

To advance quickly, you need to strengthen your management and financial skills. This includes making smart investments, building business relationships, and taking advantage of great investment opportunities. Make sure you always work hard to increase the value of your assets.

How to solve the challenges in the game? +

To solve challenges, always grasp the opportunities and risks of each decision. Sometimes, you need to make a trade-off between short-term profits and long-term projects. Learn from experience and adjust your strategy as needed.

Why can't I install Rich Inc APK on my phone? +

There are several possible reasons why you cannot install Rich Inc APK on your phone. Some common causes include incompatible devices, weak configuration, or security settings on the phone that block the installation of applications from unofficial sources. To fix this issue, you can check your security settings and consider updating your Android version.

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