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Outlets Rush APK offers an exciting experience of creativity and management, where you will build a unique shopping empire and flourish through the colorful world of brands and stores!


Name Outlets Rush
Version 1.48.0
Size 187.54 Mb
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Supercent

Introduce to Outlets Rush APK

Outlets Rush APK is not simply a fashion tycoon game, but also an adventure filled with emotions from building your shopping empire. Designed to stir the souls of time management genre lovers, Outlets Rush brings you a unique immersive experience with idle thrills and endless passion for shopping.

In this world, you will transform into a smart retail tycoon, deciding step by step to build and expand your stores. From adorable mini stores to epic shopping malls, you will experience a journey full of challenges and excitement.

More Overview of Outlets Rush Mobile Game

Outlets Rush isn't just about selling merchandise, it's about smart management by hiring employees, making strategic decisions, and enjoying the prosperity of your brand. Along with that, unique stores and a wide range of products will help you attract and retain your customers.

With great graphics and exciting gameplay, Outlets Rush APK will definitely satisfy the most demanding players. You can download the game now to explore the idle shopping fever and become the boss of your distinct shopping city. Wishing you hours of enjoyable entertainment and success in building your empire!

All features in Outlets Rush Latest Version

  • Build and Expand Stores: Players can explore and build a variety of stores from mini to mega, from sports stores to luxury fashion stores. Decide strategically and shape your shopping city the way you want.
  • Variety of Stores and Products: Explore sports stores, fashion stores, and many other stores that give you a diverse experience in management and development.
  • Fast and Efficient Management: Hire staff and manage them effectively to deal with merchandise displays, cleaning of fitting rooms, and customer support. Turn challenges into opportunities, make every penny count.
  • Grow From Mini to Mega Stores: Experience the joy of instant growth as you turn small stores into mega shopping destinations with beautiful graphics.
  • Unique Stores and Items: Each store offers a unique concept and exciting items for your customers to explore.
  • Upgrade and Customize: Upgrade your store and expand to attract more customers.
    Customize your shopping mall to your personal liking.
  • Graphics and Player Experience: Great graphics and exciting gameplay, help players fully immerse themselves in their shopping world.
  • Free to Download and Play: Outlets Rush APK is a free application, making it easy for players to experience without spending money.

Interface, graphics on Outlets Rush For Android

Amazing Graphics: Outlets Rush APK is truly a work of art with amazing graphics. Each store and product is designed with fine detail, creating a vibrant and stylish world. I'm very impressed with how the developer has focused on realistically recreating shopping spaces, from cute mini stores to majestic shopping malls.

Vibrant Colors: The colors in the game are another highlight. They create a fresh and exciting atmosphere that truly reflects the vibrant spirit of the shopping world. The clever combination of cheerful colors and design elements brings each scene to life.

Unique Details and Effects: The details of each store, each product, and even the employees are handled extremely meticulously. Unique effects such as light and shadow create a realistic and lively feeling, adding to the fun of watching the development of the shopping center.

How to play, gameplay for Outlets Rush iOS

Outlets Rush APK is not just a regular shopping game, but also gives players an exciting strategic time management experience. The gameplay focuses on building and growing your shopping empire, from managing small stores to turning them into large, modern shopping destinations.

Players will find themselves playing the role of a smart retail tycoon, from managing employees, to making strategic decisions, to promoting store growth. This creates a deep sense of immersion, and combined with the time management element creates a unique experience.

Pros and Cons of Outlets Rush APK


  • Beautiful Graphics: The game's outstanding strength is its excellent graphics, creating a lively and attractive shopping world.
  • Diverse Gameplay: Diversity in how to build and manage stores, from small stores to large shopping centers, creates uniqueness and fun.
  • Fast and Challenging Management: Managing the store and staff requires strategy and flexibility, creating challenge and fun during gameplay.


  • Freemium Model: Like many modern games, Outlets Rush APK has a freemium model with in-app purchases, which can disrupt a player's gaming experience if they don't want to pay.
  • Internet Connection Required: Sometimes, requiring an internet connection to play can be a hassle, especially when you want to play offline.


Outlets Rush APK is a strategic time management game full of excitement and creativity. With great graphics and varied gameplay, players will experience a unique idle adventure as they build and manage their shopping empire. If you are a lover of this genre and want to experience a new and exciting way to play, download Outlets Rush APK now to start your shopping and empire-building adventure!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Outlets Rush APK

Is Outlets Rush APK available on both Android and iOS operating systems? +

Yes, Outlets Rush APK is available on both Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users.

How do I upgrade my store in the game? +

You can upgrade your store by accumulating enough business points from sales and promoting growth. You can then use this point to expand space, improve decoration, and upgrade services.

Does Outlets Rush APK require an internet connection? +

Yes, to play Outlets Rush, you need an internet connection to ensure interaction with online features and the latest data updates.

How to keep customers in the game? +

To retain customers, make sure your store always offers new and exciting products. Upgrading services, increasing product quality, and understanding customer needs are key.

Does Outlets Rush APK require a fee? +

The Outlets Rush game has a freemium model, which means you can download and play for free, but there are in-app purchasing elements to upgrade the gaming experience.

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