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Epic journey in the fantasy world of The Other Shore - RPG CBT. Immerse yourself in an immersive RPG experience where rich storylines, stunning visuals and unique turn-based combat await you.


Name The Other Shore Game
Version 1.0.0
Size 2 GB
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Hainan Xishanju

About The Other Shore - RPG CBT

The Other Shore Game is a role-playing game (RPG) that can be played on mobile platforms. Developed and published by an indie game company, this game was announced in Closed Beta Testing (CBT). In the Game, players are invited to participate first to test and provide feedback to the developer to improve the gaming experience before the official release.

The Other Shore Game Online places players in a fictional world with a rich and engaging storyline. In the game, the player takes on the role of a custom character and embarks on an adventure full of challenges and mysteries. On his journey, players will explore wild lands, explore caves and defeat dangerous monsters.

The Other Shore APK focuses on a turn-based combat system, allowing players to fight with diverse skills and moves. Players can create a diverse team of characters with distinct and coordinated skills to defeat powerful enemies.

In addition, the game also gives players a rich upgrade and equipment system, allowing them to customize their character in their own way. Players can search and collect rare items, forge weapon services, and enhance skills to become stronger.

The Other Shore Mobile also has a social element, allowing players to make friends and cooperate with each other in activities such as team battles and PvP (Player versus Player) challenges. This creates a diverse and active community in the game.

Features of The Other Shore Game For Android

  • Deep Plot: The Other Shore APK offers a compelling and rich story. Players will enter a fictional world and uncover mysteries, face challenges, and learn about the world's history and culture.
  • Turn-Based Combat: Unique turn-based combat system, allowing players to fight with diverse skills and moves. Players can choose from a variety of characters and customize their tactics to defeat monsters and opponents.
  • Grouping and Team Battles: Players can team up with other players to form groups and participate in team activities such as team battles. The coordination and interaction in the group will help players overcome difficult challenges.
  • Upgrade characters and equipment: The Other Shore Game offers a rich system of upgrades and equipment. Players can collect rare items, forge weapon services, and enhance skills to enhance their character's power.
  • Open World and Exploration: The game allows the player to explore a vast and varied world, with wild lands, caves, and unique locations. Players can search for hidden secrets and discover new lands.
  • PvP Challenge: Players can participate in PvP challenge to try and compete against other players from around the world. This is your chance to show off your skills and tactics.
  • High-quality graphics and sound: The game is designed with beautiful graphics and vivid visual effects, along with appropriate sounds and background music, creating a great interactive experience for players.

These are just some of the key features of The Other Shore game android. When the game is officially released, players will have the opportunity to experience the full content and discover more exciting features and activities.

How to play, gameplay and game tips The Other Shore Latest version

  • Character Creation: Start the game by creating your character. Customize your character's appearance, name, and class to your liking.
  • Complete missions: In the game, you will be assigned specific tasks and goals. Complete quests to progress in the plot and get attractive rewards.
  • Turn-based combat: While exploring the world, you will encounter monsters and enemies. Use your character's skills and moves for turn-based combat. Consider the situation and choose the right skill to maximize damage and protection.
  • Build and strengthen your character: Use resources and items to upgrade and strengthen your character. Forge weapon services, upgrade equipment, and enhance skills to become stronger and face tougher challenges.
  • Explore the World: Travel around the in-game world to explore wild lands, caves, and unique locations. Find hidden secrets, rare items, and fun to expand your knowledge and resources.
  • Social interaction: Make friends and cooperate with other players. Participate in team activities such as team battles to achieve common goals and enjoy the social experience of the game.

Here are some tips for playing The Other Shore Game Mobile

  • Research skills and moves: Learn about the character's skills and moves and choose the right skills for each battle situation.
  • Build a diverse squad: Create a diverse squad of characters with different skills and roles. This will help you deal with diverse situations and take advantage of each character's strengths.
  • Collect and Explore: Search for rare items and explore hidden lands. These items can provide special benefits and rewards.
  • Cooperation and communication: Take advantage of the social feature in the game to make friends and cooperate with other players. Share experiences, play tips and support each other during the game.
  • Mastering the strategy: Fighting in the game requires the right strategy and choices. Master your strategy and weigh your decisions before taking action in the game.

Hopefully this information will help you have a better experience when playing The Other Shore game. Wish you happy and successful gaming!

Graphics of the game The Other Shore - RPG CBT APK

The graphics in The Other Shore game are designed with high quality and beautiful. Here is a description of the game's graphics:

  • Environment and world: The world in The Other Shore characters is presented with diverse environments, from jungle wilderness to arid desert, from verdant grasslands to rolling mountains. Each land is carefully designed with exquisite details, beautiful landscapes and vibrant colors.
  • Characters: Characters in the game are designed with meticulous lines and care. From appearance, costumes to facial expressions and gestures, each character has its own uniqueness and is compatible with the game's plot.
  • Visual effects: The visual effects in the game are shown in a vivid and impressive way. Characters' moves and skills will be accompanied by special effects, creating a fascinating and colorful battle on the screen.
  • User Interface: The user interface in the game is neatly designed, easy to use and user-friendly. Menus, dialog boxes and other sections are clearly arranged and easy to see, making it easy for players to interact and navigate in the game.

The graphics in The Other Shore download provide an engaging and beautiful visual experience. With diverse environments, exquisite characters, and vivid visual effects, the game creates a vivid world that players can explore and enjoy.

Pros and Cons of the game The Other Shore iOS


  • Attractive plot: The game has a rich and attractive storyline, creating excitement and stimulating curiosity for players.
  • Beautiful graphics: The game is designed with high quality graphics, environments and characters are created with care and detail.
  • Unique Turn-Based Combat: The game's turn-based combat system offers strategy and gameplay variety. Players need to choose the right skills and moves to deal with different situations.
  • Upgrade and Customization System: The game offers a rich customization and upgrade system, allowing players to forge weapon services, enhance skills, and customize character equipment.
  • Social interaction: The game allows players to make friends and cooperate with other players in group activities, creating cohesion and social experience in the game.


  • Bugs and technical bugs: Like any other game, The Other Shore release datecan also encounter bugs and technical errors during play. This can be annoying and affect the player's experience.
  • Repetition: In some cases, the game can become repetitive after a long time playing. The lack of variety in quests, monsters, and activities can detract from the novelty and fun.
  • Network connection required: The game may require a stable network connection to play, which can be difficult for players who do not have a stable network connection or want to play offline.
  • In-Game Payments: The Other Shore apk gameplay may include elements of in-game purchases or transactions for real money. This can create a hierarchy between paid and non-paid players.

Note that the pros and cons may vary depending on the individual player's point of view and experience.


The Other Shore Game Online is an engaging role-playing game with a rich storyline, beautiful graphics, and a unique turn-based combat system. The game offers players a fictional world to explore, upgrade characters and equipment, and socialize with other players. However, like any other game, The Other Shore Android can also encounter problems such as bugs and technical errors, repetition in content and network connection requirements.

However, with its advantages, The Other Shore Game - rpg cbt promises to bring players hours of entertainment and exciting exploration in a colorful virtual world. Most importantly, each player's experience will depend on their preferences and interactions with the game.


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