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In That's not my Neighbor Game APK Español, you will enter a dramatic and fascinating action-adventure, discovering the mystery of the neighbor's apartments in a world of sharp and detailed graphics.



Name That's not my Neighbor
Version 1.0.5
Size 247 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Nacho Sama

Introduce to That's not my Neighbor APK

That's not my Neighbor APK for iphone is not just a regular puzzle game, but also an exciting adventure experience, combining strong story building elements and unique gameplay. I was motivated by golden expectations to explore the mysteries hidden in the neighbor's apartment, and look for clues to solve them.

More Overview of That's not my Neighbor Mobile

One of the most notable features of That's not my Neighbor APK android download is the way it combines classic elements of puzzle games with modern technology. Sharp graphics and vivid sound provided an immersive experience, helping me completely engrossed in the game's virtual world.

The interesting thing is, That's not my Neighbor pc is not only for professional gamers, but is also suitable for all types of players. Customization features and a user-friendly interface make the game accessible and fun for even beginners.

All features in That's not my Neighbor  APKLatest Version

  • Rich plot: That's not my Neighbor APK mediafıre is not only a simple puzzle game but also an adventure with a deep plot. Players will step into the role of the main character, explore their neighbors' apartments, and must solve mysteries to progress in the story.
  • Open world: One of the special features of That's not my Neighbor APK game is the open world, allowing players to freely move and explore their surroundings. The neighboring apartments are designed to be diverse and rich, each containing its own secrets and challenges.
  • Diverse puzzles: The game offers many different types of puzzles, from finding hidden objects in the apartment to having to use your brain to overcome logic challenges. The puzzles are creatively designed, giving players a challenging and exciting experience.
  • Customization features: That's not my Neighbor APK allows players to customize their outfits and decorate their apartments to their liking. This creates diversity and creativity, allowing each player to create a unique style.
  • Multi-language support: To meet the needs of players around the world, That's not my Neighbor APK supports many different languages, making it easy for everyone to participate and understand the storyline and instructions in the game .

Interface, graphics on That's not my Neighbor iOS

Sharp and Detailed Graphics: One of the first impressions when entering the world of That's not my Neighbor APK is the sharp and detailed graphics. From apartments to small objects like furniture and decorations, every detail is meticulously and clearly designed, creating a vivid and engaging world.

Vivid Colors: The colors in That's not my Neighbor APK are used delicately and richly, creating a picture full of color and vitality. From bright colors to strong dark tones, everything is done to enhance the player's visual experience.

Special Effects and Smooth Motion: That's not my Neighbor APK not only has static graphics but also combines special effects and smooth motion, creating a vivid and beautiful graphical experience. From the way the objects move to the lighting and shadow effects, everything is done meticulously and professionally.

3D and Multi-Dimensional Integration: One of the strengths of That's not my Neighbor APK is the integration of 3D and multi-dimensional graphics, helping players feel like they are participating in a real world. This creates a depth and richness to the game's sense of space.

How to play, gameplay for That's not my Neighbor Android

Flexible and Free Play: One of the special features of That's not my Neighbor APK is the flexible and free play. Players will take on the role of a main character and are free to move in a large area, explore neighboring apartments and look for clues to solve mysteries.

Puzzle and Search: During the game, players will face many different challenges and puzzles. From finding hidden objects in the apartment to solving logic puzzles, each mission requires the player's eye and intelligence.

Interaction with Characters and Environment: The gameplay of That's not my Neighbor APK also focuses on interacting with characters and the surrounding environment. Players can talk to characters, learn important information, and use objects in the environment to solve problems.

Plot Progression: Each player's action affects the plot progression in That's not my Neighbor APK. Depending on their decisions and actions, players can open up new aspects of the story and discover deep mysteries.

Character Development and Customization Features: Finally, That's not my Neighbor APK also offers character customization and development features, helping players create a unique and personalized experience. From choosing outfits and decorating apartments to upgrading character skills and abilities, every decision is up to the player.

Pros and Cons of That's not my Neighbor Game APK


  • Deep and engaging plot: One of the strongest points of That's not my Neighbor APK is the deep and engaging plot. With unexpected twists and turns, the game ensures a great puzzle and exploration experience for players.
  • Beautiful and detailed graphics: The game's graphics are another highlight, with vibrant and highly detailed landscapes. Hard work in designing the environment and characters helps create an engaging and diverse virtual world.
  • Flexible and diverse gameplay: Players can enjoy flexible and diverse gameplay in That's not my Neighbor APK. From exploring the environment to solving complex puzzles, the game brings many interesting experiences to players.
  • Character customization and progression: The game's character customization and progression help create a personalized gaming experience. Players can customize their outfits and apartment decorations, as well as upgrade their character's skills and abilities as desired.


  • Requires a constant Internet connection: Some players may have difficulty with the game requiring a constant Internet connection to play. This may cause inconvenience for those who want to experience the game without an internet connection.
  • High mobile resource consumption: At times, That's not my Neighbor APK can consume more mobile resources than some other games, especially on older devices. This may affect the performance and battery life of your mobile phone.


That's not my Neighbor APK is an attractive and diverse puzzle game, giving players interesting and challenging experiences. With a deep storyline, beautiful graphics and flexible gameplay, this game attracts the attention of players from many different ages and playing styles.

Overall, That's not my Neighbor APK is a good choice for those who want to enjoy a unique and rich puzzle game, with a deep storyline and diverse gameplay.


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FAQs? That's not my Neighbor APK

How to explore neighbor apartments in the game? +

To explore neighboring apartments, simply move to the apartment door and press the "enter" button. You will then be led inside to search for mysteries and solve puzzles.

How to solve puzzles in the game? +

For puzzles, examine every object and object in the apartment carefully. Use clues and hints to determine how to solve puzzles and progress through the game.

How to customize your character and apartment? +

To customize your character and apartment, you can access the customization menu in the game. There, you can choose your outfit, decorate your apartment, and even upgrade your character's skills as you like.

Is an Internet connection required to play the game? +

Yes, That's not my Neighbor APK requires a constant Internet connection to play. This helps the game stay updated and connected to other online features.

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