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Chrome Valley Customs APK is a game that offers a fun interactive experience, allowing you to satisfy your passion for vehicle customization and creating works of art on 4 wheels.


Name Chrome Valley Customs
Size 191.22 Mb
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Compatible with Android 9+
Developer Space Ape

About of Chrome Valley Customs APK

Chrome Valley Customs APK is a video game developed and published by an independent developer team. This game is designed based on the simulation and construction genre, where players can experience the work of a professional car mechanic.

In Chrome Valley Customs Game APK, players will assume the role of a custom car mechanic and explore a virtual world full of variety and customization. The game allows you to participate in vehicle customization projects, from upgrading engines, steering systems, exterior and interior design to paint and decals. You will have the opportunity to be creative and show your talent by creating unique and beautiful custom cars.

Overview of Chrome Valley Customs Mobile APK

Chrome Valley Customs Android provides players with a wide range of tools and accessories to use during vehicle customization. You can buy and sell parts, search online communities, and interact with virtual characters to receive new quests and challenges.

In addition to customizing cars, Chrome Valley Customs APK also allows you to visit different locations in the virtual city. You can explore toy car shops, parts stores and even participate in challenging street races.

This game offers an interactive and fun experience, allowing you to satisfy your passion for car tuning and create works of art on four wheels. With high quality graphics and realistic gameplay mechanics, Chrome Valley Customs is a great choice for car lovers and creative spirit.

Feature of Chrome Valley Customs for Android

  • Customize the car: The game allows you to customize and upgrade a variety of parts of the car, including the engine, steering, transmission, suspension, brakes, exterior, interior, lighting and sound. You can choose from hundreds of different parts to create your own unique designs and personalize your vehicle.
  • Toy car shop: You can buy parts and tools from toy car shops to upgrade and customize your car. Car dealerships offer a wide range of quality parts, including powerful engines, high-performance brakes, exceptional tires, top-of-the-line sound systems and much more.
  • Testing and tuning: The game allows you to test and tweak parts of the car after customization. You can test engine performance on the track, adjust the suspension for stability and good traction, and make sure the lights and sounds of the car are working properly.
  • Parts Store: In addition to buying from toy car stores, you can also search and buy parts from the parts store. The parts store offers a wide range of options, from high-end brake kits to powerful engine shifters and custom interior accessories.
  • Exterior and interior finishing: Chrome Valley Customs APK allows you to customize the exterior and interior of your vehicle in detail. You can paint your car with your choice of colors and patterns, apply decals and private labels, and enhance the interior with leather seats, a premium entertainment system and other conveniences.
  • Challenges and missions: The game offers different missions and challenges for you to complete. You can participate in challenging street races, perform special tasks such as delivering goods or taking tourists on a trip. Completing missions and challenges will earn you in-game currency to keep open new spares and upgrades.
  • Online Community: You can connect with Chrome Valley Customs online community to share ideas, tips and techniques with other players. You can search the community, get feedback and suggestions on how to enhance your car.

Chrome Valley Customs APK latest version gives players the freedom to be creative and explore in customizing their cars, with tons of customization features and a diverse virtual world to explore.

Game mode, graphics of Chrome Valley Customs APK

Graphics in Chrome Valley Customs APK game are designed with high quality and detail, creating an engaging and vivid experience.

Custom cars and details: Chrome Valley Customs APK reproduces the details of the car in a realistic way. You can see the lines, structure and details of parts such as the engine, interior, exterior and steering. This allows you to customize and upgrade your vehicle with precision and refinement.

Environments and virtual worlds: Chrome Valley Customs offers players an expansive virtual world with different locations to explore. Highly detailed designed environments, including cities, streets, shops, parking lots and more. Details such as lighting, trees, architectural structures and landscapes are rendered vividly and realistically.

Visual Effects: The graphics in Chrome Valley Customs APK free download also include visual effects such as detailed lighting, shadows, reflections, and shadows. These effects create a deeper visual space and bring out the details of the vehicle and the environment.

User Interface: The user interface in the game is designed in an intuitive and logical way. Menus, tools, and customization options are clearly displayed and easy to use.

How to play Chrome Valley Customs APK iOS

  • Download and install: Download and install the Chrome Valley Customs game on your device from the respective app store (e.g. Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS).
  • Launch the game: Open the Chrome Valley Customs APK app on your device. The game will launch and you will be welcomed into the world of custom cars.
  • Character Creation: At the start screen, you can create your character by choosing a name, appearance, and other customization options. This character will represent you in the game.
  • Explore the World: You will be transported into the world of Chrome Valley. Explore different locations such as toy car shops, parts stores, parking lots and streets. Interact with other characters and explore available activities.
  • Learn and Upgrade: Learn about the widgets, tools, and features available in the game. Buy and upgrade parts for your car from toy car shops and parts stores.
  • Customization and Customization: Use customization tools to design and customize your vehicle. Customize exterior and interior with paint colors, decals, lighting, sound system and more.
  • Join Races and Missions: Participate in street races and complete missions to earn in-game currency. Keep completing missions and challenges to open new widgets and upgrades.
  • Connect with the community: Connect with the Chrome Valley Customs APK online community. Share ideas, techniques and interact with other players to learn and exchange experiences.

Pros and cons of Chrome Valley Customs APK


  • Customization and Customization: Chrome Valley Customs allows players to customize and upgrade their cars to their liking. From changing parts to customizing the exterior and interior, the game offers creative freedom to the player.
  • Diverse missions and challenges: Chrome Valley Customs APK offers a variety of missions and challenges for players to complete. From street racing to transporting goods, the game helps players experience many exciting activities and brings variety to the game.
  • Online Community: Games connect players with online communities, allowing them to share ideas, techniques, and exchange experiences with other players. This creates an enjoyable environment for communication and learning.


  • Internet connection required: To play Chrome Valley Customs, you need an internet connection. This may restrict gameplay in the absence of a stable internet connection or when no network is available.
  • In-game purchases: The game may include in-game purchases, such as purchases of virtual currency or upgrade packs. This can create a cost factor for players if they want to move fast or have a better experience.


Chrome Valley Customs APK update game offers players a customized and creative experience in customizing and exploring the virtual world of racing cars.

Chrome Valley Customs Game APK is a fascinating and exciting game for those who love to customize and explore the virtual world of racing. With rich customization and a vibrant online community, players can enjoy creativity and connection in this game.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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