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Penny & Flo Finding Home Storyline! Solve challenging match-2 puzzles, customize beautiful mansions, and uncover hidden secrets.


Name Penny & Flo
Pagekage name dk.tactile.mansionstory
Version 1.147.0
Size 173.09 Mb
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Tactile Games
Mod Feature Unlimited Stars

Discover the Wonderful World with Penny & Flo APK

Are you ready to embark on an exciting and creative adventure with the game Penny & Flo: Home Renovation? Developed by Tactile Games, this game not only offers thrilling puzzle challenges but also opens up a vibrant world with captivating stories. Let's dive deeper into the amazing features this game has to offer!

  1. Engaging Storyline

Penny & Flo APK Unlimited Stars revolves around the story of two main characters: Penny, a brilliant interior designer, and Flo, a famous actress who has decided to take a break to seek new experiences. Together, they embark on a journey to renovate homes, mansions, and villas worldwide. Each place they visit holds secrets, stories, and unique characters waiting to be discovered.

Penny and Flo APK are not just colleagues but also become best friends, supporting each other through challenges. From restoring the beauty of an old house to redesigning a luxury hotel, each project requires creativity and teamwork. Along the way, they meet interesting characters, each with their own stories, contributing to a colorful and engaging overall narrative.

  1. Captivating Gameplay

The game primarily uses a match-2 mechanism, where players need to match same-colored pieces to solve puzzles. Each level is meticulously designed, from easy to difficult, keeping players constantly engaged and challenged. These puzzles are not only the core part of the game but also the key to unlocking new areas and continuing the story.

Boosters and Support Items: To overcome difficult levels, the game offers various boosters and support items. These help you solve complex puzzles more easily, from powerful bombs to rockets that clear entire rows or columns. Using them smartly will help you progress further in the game.

  1. Design and Home Renovation

One of the most appealing aspects of Penny & Flo: Home Renovation is the ability to design and customize your house. Each project offers you the chance to unleash your creativity. You can choose from dozens of different options, from paint colors, flooring types, to the style and placement of furniture.

Unlock New Areas: By completing puzzle levels, you will unlock new areas in the house or mansion. This not only helps you progress in the game but also gives a sense of achievement as you gradually restore the beauty of each house.

Interaction with Characters: Each renovation project involves characters in the story. You will interact with them, listen to their stories, and help them solve problems. This not only adds depth to the game but also creates a more connected and enjoyable experience.

  1. Relaxation and Entertainment

Despite its challenges, Penny & Flo: Home Renovation Gameplay provides a relaxing and entertaining environment. Gentle music, bright graphics, and humorous dialogues help players feel relaxed after each gaming session. The game also includes touching moments, making players feel closer to the characters and story.

  1. Regular Updates

The developer, Tactile Games, commits to regularly updating the game with new levels and story chapters. This ensures that players always have something new to explore and never feel bored. Each update brings new challenges, new stories, and more design options, ensuring a fresh and exciting experience.

  1. Graphics and Sound

Sophisticated Graphics: The game is designed with bright and detailed 2D graphics. Every house, every piece of furniture is meticulously crafted, providing a realistic and vivid feel. Harmonious colors and smooth images create a pleasant and visually appealing playing space.

Lively Sound: The music in the game is carefully selected, fitting each scene and stage of the game. The sound effects when solving puzzles, unlocking new areas, or interacting with characters are well-executed, creating a perfect audio experience.

  1. Tips for Playing Penny & Flo: Home Renovation

To fully enjoy Penny & Flo: Home Renovation Storyline, players need to master some important tips and strategies. Here are some suggestions to help you progress further in the game and enjoy all its aspects.

Effective Puzzle Strategy

Plan Ahead:

Before starting to move the pieces, take some time to observe the board and plan your next moves. This helps avoid wasted moves and creates opportunities for powerful combos.

Utilize Boosters:

Use boosters wisely. Don’t rush to use them as soon as you get the chance. Wait until you encounter a difficult situation or need to clear a complex level.

Create Combos:

Matching more than three same-colored pieces creates special boosters like bombs, rockets, or rainbows. These boosters are very useful for clearing multiple pieces at once and overcoming tough challenges.

Community Connection Features

Befriend and Share:

The game allows you to connect with friends through social media platforms. You can share your progress, invite friends to play together, and receive gifts from them.

Participate in Events:

There are regularly special events and challenges in the game. Participating in these events not only helps you earn additional rewards but also provides an opportunity to interact with the larger player community.

Rankings and Achievements:

Track the leaderboard and strive to achieve the highest rankings. Compete with friends and other players worldwide to showcase your puzzle-solving skills and design abilities.


Penny & Flo Finding Home Mod APK is not just an ordinary puzzle game but a journey of discovery and creativity. With an engaging storyline, captivating gameplay, home customization options, and lively characters, the game offers a fresh and exciting experience. Start your adventure today, join Penny and Flo in discovering beautiful houses and unexpected stories!

Download Penny & Flo Mod APK and join this wonderful journey. You will not only challenge yourself with interesting puzzles but also become part of a beautiful, colorful, and emotional story.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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