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SweetHeart APK is an attractive game with a touching love story, lovely graphics and diverse puzzles. Players will experience an exciting adventure in recovering the stolen girlfriend's heart.


Name SweetHeart
Version 1.0.1
Size 37.8 MB
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 2.2+
Developer CatCap Studio

About of SweetHeart APK

SweetHeart is a puzzle and adventure video game developed by a team of independent developers. The game offers an engaging and engaging experience with a love story plot and puzzle game elements.

SweetHeart revolves around the story of the main character, a young man named Alex, who has been trapped in a mysterious magical world. Alex discovers that he only has 7 days to find and win the heart of the girlfriend he loves. This heart has been stolen by a dark magic, and Alex must face tough challenges and solve puzzles to win the girl's heart back.

During the game SweetHeart, players will be involved in a series of levels and unique environments. The game combines adventure, fighting and puzzle elements. Players will have to explore different areas, interact with side characters, and solve puzzles to progress further in the game.

Overview of SweetHeart APK

SweetHeart possesses a bright and lovely graphics, along with the right sound and background music. The game plot also creates a romantic and emotional environment, giving the player an exhilarating and dramatic experience.

The SweetHeart live game appeals to a gaming audience that loves puzzle and adventure genres, and provides a fun and artistic experience for players.

Features of SweetHeart APK for Android

SweetHeart has many attractive features to provide a diverse and exciting gaming experience. Here are some details about the main features of SweetHeart:

  • Captivating Storyline: SweetHeart has an emotional and mysterious love story. Players will follow the main character Alex in the journey to find the heart of his stolen girlfriend.
  • Diverse Environments: The game takes the player through many different environments and interesting areas. From the jungle to the magical city, players will discover beautiful and unexpected locations.
  • Diverse Puzzle: SweetHeart offers a variety of puzzles and puzzle games for players to solve. Puzzles can be logic games, puzzles, find your way around, or find ways to trigger mechanics in the environment.
  • Character interaction: Players will have the opportunity to interact with the supporting characters in SweetHeart. The dialogues and quests from these characters will help the player progress further in the game.
  • Golden Hearts: During the game, players will search for gold hearts hidden in the levels. Collecting these golden hearts will open additional features and enhance the gaming experience.
  • Lovely graphics: SweetHeart uses bright, beautiful and lovely graphics. Characters and environments in the game are designed with meticulous details and eye-catching colors.
  • Sound and Background Music: SweetHeart game comes with matching sounds and background music, creating a romantic and emotional atmosphere for the players.
  • Challenges and progression: SweetHeart has an increasing difficulty level, from easy to difficult, ensuring a fun challenge for players. Players will go through a journey of progress and must find ways to overcome challenges to complete the game.

SweetHeart offers a harmonious combination of love story, puzzle and adventure. With diverse features and beautiful environment, this game promises to bring an exciting entertainment experience for players.

Graphics of SweetHeart APK Latest Version

The graphics in the game summer SweetHeart are designed with an emphasis on cute and bright. SweetHeart also uses special effects to highlight important elements in the game. For example, when a player completes a puzzle or regains a golden heart, lighting effects, magical phenomena, or other fascinating effects may appear to create the player's enjoyment.

Overall, the graphics in SweetHeart meaning in arabic bring a lovely, bright and detailed visual style, creating a magical and engaging world for players to explore.

How to play, gameplay of SweetHeart APK

Main Goal: The main goal in SweetHeart is to help protagonist Alex find and win back his stolen girlfriend's heart. Players must complete quests and solve puzzles to progress further in the game and reach the end goal.

Explore the Environment: Players will be able to explore the diverse environments in SweetHeart, from the jungle to the magical city and more. Players can control the main character to move through the areas, searching for a variety of objects, items and useful information.

Puzzle solving: SweetHeart places various puzzles and puzzle games on the player's journey. Puzzles can involve logic, puzzles, finding your way around, or figuring out how to activate mechanics in the environment. Players must learn and think creatively to find solutions to these puzzles.

Interact with secondary characters: During the game, players can interact with the supporting characters in SweetHeart. These characters can provide instructions, hints, and quests to help the player progress further in the game. Interacting through dialogue and completing sub-character requests will open up many new aspects of the game.

Collecting golden hearts: On the journey, players can search and collect golden hearts. Collecting a sufficient number of golden hearts will open additional features and provide benefits to the player, such as open new levels, special items or new skills.

Pros and cons SweetHeart APK iOS


  • Emotional Storyline: SweetHeart has a captivating and touching love story. This compelling storyline can engage the player and create an emotional connection with the main character.
  • Lovely Graphics and Environments: SweetHeart has bright and lovely graphics, along with diverse and rich environments. Beautiful images and bright colors can create an engaging and enjoyable visual experience for players.
  • Diverse Puzzle: The game puts various puzzles and puzzle games on the journey. This variety provides challenges and excitement for players, while discovering creative solutions to complete them.
  • Interaction with minor characters: SweetHeart allows the player to interact with the side characters in the game. This creates a lively environment and enhances the gaming experience, as players have the opportunity to communicate, take on quests, and get support from these characters.


  • Repetitive Game Structure: SweetHeart can be said to have a repeating game structure, where players have to solve similar puzzles and quests throughout the game. This can reduce variety and novelty in the game.
  • Unbalanced Difficulty: Some players may feel that some of the puzzles or challenges in SweetHeart are too difficult or unbalanced. This can be difficult and frustrating for some players, especially new players.
  • Short Playtime: SweetHeart can be said to have a short playtime. If the player goes through the puzzles and missions quickly, the game can end quite quickly, reducing the prolonged gaming experience.


SweetHeart is a fascinating game with a touching love story, lovely graphics and diverse puzzles. Players will experience an exciting adventure in recovering the stolen girlfriend's heart. However, the game also has some disadvantages such as repetitive structure and unbalanced difficulty. Even so, SweetHeart meaning in english is still worth a try and offers players a memorable puzzle and adventure experience.

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