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Download Soul Hackers 2 is an entertaining action RPG from Atlus, if also a game without many highlights. Play as summoners who explore a dark, supernatural kingdom and investigate the apocalypse.


Name Soul Hackers 2
Version 1.0
Size 215 MB
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer ATLUS

About of Soul Hackers 2 APK

Soul Hackers 2 APK is an engaging and adventure role-playing game developed and published by a famous game developer. It is a sequel to the original Soul Hackers title, which was released a few years earlier. The game is in the traditional RPG genre, where players will explore a unique virtual world and participate in fascinating adventures.

In Soul Hackers 2 APK, players will assume the role of a protagonist and enter a strange and dangerous world. The game offers a deep and unique storyline, with many surprises and secrets to be discovered. Players will have to engage in thrilling battles, explore mazes, and find pieces of the story to better understand the world in the game.

Overview of Soul Hackers 2 Mobile APK

Soul Hackers 2 offers the traditional turn-based combat system of RPGs, allowing players to create and adjust their battle formations. Players can collect and train new characters and skills to enhance the strength of their team. The game also features a flexible character development system, allowing players to customize and adapt to their own playstyle.

Graphics and sound in Soul Hackers 2 are beautifully designed and sharp, creating a lively and attractive world. The game also has a unique soundtrack and is suitable for each situation in the game.

Soul Hackers 2 game pass APK is a fascinating game for those who love the RPG genre and want to experience a challenging adventure. With a deep storyline, flexible combat system and beautiful graphics, the game promises to bring players hours of exciting entertainment.

Features of Soul Hackers 2 APK Latest Version

RPG Soul Hackers 2 has many interesting and diverse features that help create a multi-dimensional gaming experience. Here are some key features of the game:

  • Deep Plot: Soul Hackers 2 has a rich and unique storyline. Players will enter a strange and dangerous world, uncovering secrets and answering questions about the world in the game.
  • Turn-based battle system: The game uses the traditional turn-based battle system of RPGs. Players can organize and adjust their battle formations, using skills and spells to confront the enemy.
  • Character customization: Soul Hackers 2 APK allows players to customize and develop their own play style. Players can choose and collect different characters, training their skills and abilities to increase their strength.
  • Explore the Maze: The game features diverse and complex mazes for players to explore. Players will have to learn and solve puzzles, look for warnings and overcome challenges to progress further in the game.
  • Huge World: Soul Hackers 2 APK offers a huge world for players to explore. There are many unique lands, cities and locations to explore, full of mysteries and side quests to complete.
  • Beautiful graphics and sounds: The game is designed with beautiful and sharp graphics, creating a lively and attractive world. Sound and background music are also carefully taken care of, creating a great audio experience during play.
  • Many side quests and side activities: In addition to the main story, Soul Hackers 2 also offers many side quests and side activities for players to participate in. This increases replayability and provides variety in the game.

Overall, Soul Hackers 2 APK is an engaging RPG game with a deep storyline, flexible combat system, and diverse worlds to explore. Beautiful graphics and great sound and rich features create a great gaming experience for players.

Graphics of Soul Hackers 2 APK for Android

RPG Soul Hackers 2 APK update is designed with beautiful and high-quality graphics, creating a vivid and engaging world that takes players into a world of diverse landscapes with detailed and unique environments. Cities, forests, caves or palaces are all exquisitely designed, creating a large and lively world.

The main character and supporting characters in Soul Hackers 2 are designed with high quality 3D models. They have diverse and sophisticated designs, with details such as specific costumes, faces, and expressions. Monsters and enemies are also created with creativity, creating exciting and diverse matches.

In Soul Hackers 2 review APK, skills and special effects are shown impressively. Special spells, attacks, and abilities will be displayed through unique lighting, fire and visual effects, creating an immersive experience and at the same time showing the strength of the character. .

How to play, gameplay of Soul Hackers 2 APK

Character Creation: The game begins with the player creating his or her main character. Players can customize elements such as the character's appearance, gender, occupation, and name.

Story Experience: Soul Hackers 2 has a deep and multidimensional main plot. Players will approach the story through quests and in-game events. They will interact with other characters, explore locations, and learn about secrets and events happening in the game's world.

Combat and skill system: Soul Hackers 2 APK uses the traditional turn-based combat system of RPGs. Players will battle monsters and enemies through turn-based battles. They can use skills, spells, and items to defeat their opponents. The process of developing characters, acquiring and practicing new skills is an important part of improving the strength and combat ability of the team.

Explore the Maze: The game contains many mazes and areas for the player to explore. These mazes often feature complex structures, puzzles, and monsters to face. Players will have to explore floors, look for warnings, collect items, and learn about hidden secrets.

Interaction with NPCs and side quests: Players can interact with version characters (NPCs) in the game, receive side quests, and perform side activities. This could include helping out villagers, solving puzzles, or participating in other interactive activities to collect rewards and expand the story.

Character Development: Soul Hackers 2 allows players to develop their character through upgrading skills, collecting and using items, and enhancing attributes. Players can customize the style of play and build characters in a direction that suits their personal preferences.

Pros and cons Soul Hackers 2 APK iOS


  • Deep Storyline: Soul Hackers 2 has a rich and multi-dimensional storyline, providing players with engaging interactive and exploration experiences.
  • Flexible Combat System: The game uses the traditional turn-based combat system of RPGs, allowing players to customize their formation and use special skills and spells to fight.
  • Beautiful graphics: Soul Hackers 2 APK is designed with high quality graphics, creating a vivid and attractive world.
  • Vast World: The game offers a large world for the player to explore, with diverse areas and mazes.
  • Character Customization: Players can customize and develop their characters according to their own play style, enhancing the strength and abilities of the team.


  • Limited replayability: Although the game has many side activities, after completing the main story, there may be few replay options to continue the experience.
  • Slow Start: Some players may find the game's start to be slow and take time to start the main journey.
  • Exploration Mode Restrictions: Despite the large world, the game may have limited interaction and exploration compared to some other RPGs.
  • Requires concentration: Soul Hackers 2 APK may require players to invest time and thought to understand and engage with the storyline and combat system.


Soul Hackers 2 APK english is an engaging RPG game with a deep storyline, flexible combat system, and beautiful graphics. Players will experience adventures in a strange and exciting world, explore mazes, interact with characters and participate in side quests.

With a combination of compelling storyline, flexible combat system and a huge world to explore, Soul Hackers 2 can be a great choice for players who want to experience a challenging adventure awake and at the same time explore a unique virtual world.

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FAQs? Soul Hackers 2 APK

How to solve difficult levels in Soul Hackers 2? +

Difficult levels often require you to master combat mechanics, learn monsters' weaknesses, and use appropriate tactics. Sometimes, upgrading characters and equipment also makes it easier for you to overcome difficult levels.

How to upgrade characters and items in Soul Hackers 2? +

To upgrade characters and items, you need to fight monsters, complete quests and collect resources in the game. You can then use skill points and in-game money to upgrade your character's abilities and equipment.

What are the system requirements to play Soul Hackers 2 APK? +

System requirements may vary depending on your APK version and operating system. However, usually you need a mobile phone running the Android operating system with a version that is not too old, along with a relatively powerful hardware configuration to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Is there any way to improve the performance of Soul Hackers 2 on my phone? +

To improve performance when playing Soul Hackers 2 on your phone, you can try the following measures:

  • Make sure you are using a phone with enough configuration to run the game.
  • Turn off background apps and delete junk files to free up system resources.
  • Reduce resolution and graphics settings to lower levels.
  • Update your game version and operating system to use the latest version.
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