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Sneak Out Game APK is a dramatic and challenging adventure game where you will experience the uniqueness of puzzle gameplay and smooth action in a world of beautiful 3D graphics.


Name Sneak Out 3D
Pagekage name com.mondayoff.sneak
Version 2.6.2
Size 123.8 MB
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Developer MondayOFF

Introduce About to Sneak Out 3D APK

Sneak Out 3D APK is a game that promises to bring you challenging action and puzzle experiences. Sneak 3D APK is not just an ordinary puzzle game, but also a dramatic adventure where you will have to challenge yourself and your wits to escape dangerous situations. This makes the game interesting and dramatic from start to finish.

A particularly outstanding feature of Sneak Out 3D APK is the sharp and detailed 3D graphics. Players will be immersed in a colorful and dynamic world where every small detail is carefully taken care of. Music and sound effects also play an important role in creating an atmosphere of excitement and suspense.

More Overview of Sneak Out 3D Mobile Game

The game offers a variety of levels ranging from easy to difficult, ensuring that every player, from beginners to experienced gamers, can enjoy the game comfortably. You will have to use your mind and flexibility to overcome challenges, while experiencing agile and exciting movements.

The important thing is that Sneak Out 3D APK is completely free and available on many different platforms. You can download it right from the app store and start your adventure right away.

All features in Sneak Out 3D Latest Version

Here are details about the game's unique features:

  • Perfect 3D Graphics: A highlight of Sneak Out 3D APK is the sharp and detailed 3D graphics. Everything, from the characters to the environment, is meticulously designed, creating an engaging and realistic experience.
  • Flexible Player: This feature is especially interesting. You can customize your character with a variety of outfit and accessory options, creating variety and personalization.
  • Diverse Levels: Sneak Out 3D APK is more than just a simple puzzle game. There are many different levels with increasing difficulty, from basic to advanced challenges. This ensures that players can find excitement and challenges that match their abilities.
  • Exciting Music and Sound Effects: Music and sound effects in the game add to the thrill and drama. From the sound of gentle footsteps to the supporting sounds as the player solves a puzzle, everything has been taken care of.
  • Diverse Missions: Sneak Out 3D doesn't limit you to just escaping. You will have to perform a variety of missions, from solving clever puzzles, collecting important items to making daring plans to escape dangerous situations.
  • Free and No Internet Connection Required: This makes the game a great choice for entertainment anywhere and anytime. Players don't need to worry about spending money or being dependent on a constant internet connection.

Interface, graphics on Sneak Out 3D For Android

Sharp and Detailed Graphics: Sneak Out 3D APK truly takes 3D graphics to the next level. Everything, from the main character to the surrounding environment, is designed with the utmost care and finest details. Objects such as windows, doors, and decorative items are all rendered clearly and sharply, creating an engaging and realistic experience.

Light and Shadow Effects: Light and shadow effects are cleverly integrated, making the environment more vivid. Light and shadow create a realistic atmosphere, especially in night landscapes or where bright lights create a special highlight.

Impressions of Objects and Characters: Objects such as the main character, opponents, and items are all designed with creativity and reasonable color combinations. This creates a harmonious, spatial graphic world that players can immerse themselves in and enjoy.

Flexible Movement Ability: Another strength of the graphics is the flexible movement ability of the character. From smooth running and jumping steps to delicate movements when performing actions such as climbing and crawling over obstacles, everything is expressed naturally and vividly.

How to play, gameplay for Sneak Out 3D iOS

Main Objective: Gameplay mainly revolves around avoiding detection. Players will have to find a way to move through levels without being detected by guards or security sensors.

Puzzle and Strategy: Sneak Out 3D APK is not just about speed, but also about strategic thinking. Players need to make careful plans, determine schedules and choose routes that are safe and effective.

Escape Style: During the game, players can use incognito mode to avoid the attention of guards. This creates an element of surprise and offers flexible strategic choices.

Gradually Challenging: Sneak Out 3D is designed with increasing challenge through levels. From easy laboratories to complex skyscrapers, players will have to improve their skills and strategies.

Collect Items: Your mission is not only to avoid detection but also to collect important items. This presents additional challenge and requires players to combine agility and strategy.

Versatile Abilities: Sneak Out 3D APK's unique gameplay allows players to use a variety of skills such as crawling over obstacles, climbing objects, and jumping over gaps, creating a flexible and interesting.

Pros and Cons of Sneak Out 3D APK


  • Excellent 3D Graphics: One of Sneak Out 3D's first strengths is its high-quality 3D graphics. The landscape and characters are beautifully designed, creating an engaging experience.
  • Unique Gameplay: Sneak Out 3D stands out with its unique gameplay combining puzzle elements and flexible action. Players will be challenged by different levels and require strategic thinking skills.
  • Gradually Challenging: Gradually increasing levels of difficulty help maintain excitement and challenge for players. Each level brings new challenges, keeping the game fresh.


  • Ads and In-App Purchases: Like many free apps, Sneak Out 3D may have ads and optional in-app purchases to earn revenue. This may disrupt the user's gaming experience.
  • Control: Some players may have difficulty controlling their characters, especially in situations that require high precision.
  • Internet Connection Required: Although it is free to play, there are features or levels that require an internet connection, which may be inconvenient for players who want to experience the game offline.


Sneak Out 3D APK is not just an ordinary puzzle game, but also a dramatic and creative adventure. You can enjoy exciting moments of entertainment and at the same time face meaningful challenges. Let Sneak Out 3D APK lead you into a unique and endlessly exciting world.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Sneak Out 3D APK

In Sneak Out 3D APK, how many different levels are there and how difficult are they? +

Sneak Out 3D APK offers many different levels, from easy to difficult, providing diverse experiences for players. The difficulty of each level gradually increases, from basic challenges to complex situations, helping players never feel bored.

Does the game feature missions or specific objectives? +

That's right, Sneak Out 3D APK is not simply about avoiding detection, but also has specific tasks and goals for players. You will have to collect important items and perform specific actions to complete each level successfully.

Is there a feature to interact with the environment? How can players take advantage of this? +

Sneak Out 3D APK truly creates a diverse interactive world. Players can interact with various objects and parts of the environment to create unique strategies. This opens up many approaches and helps players make the most of surrounding resources.

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