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Settlement Survival APK Mobile is a 2D survival game with stunning graphics. Build and develop yourself a settlement with resources and protect your people from dark forces.


Name Settlement Survival
Version 1.0.57
Size 567.3 MB
Category Simulation
Price $4.99
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer X.D. Network

Settlement Survival APK – Great survival game

Settlement Survival is a free game developed by Xigma Games. Launched in July 2020, the game has quickly attracted the attention of a large number of gamers around the world. Settlement Survival APK is the mobile version and is a unique, attractive game and has the same features as the PC version.

This is a 2D survival game with stunning graphics. The player's task is to build a settlement, protect its people from dark forces and find resources to maintain the life of the whole community. The game requires players to think, organize and manage their resources to help the community survive and thrive.

Style play Settlement Survival Game

In Settlement Survival APK, players will control a group of survivors on a remote island. Players will start with a small amount of resources and must use them to build a safe and comfortable settlement to survive. Players will have to mine resources, craft items, build and protect their community.

Players will face different challenges throughout the game. There are times when resources will be scarce, dark forces will attack your settlement or disease may break out. Players need to make the right decisions to protect their settlement and help the community survive.

Feature Of Settlement Survival Mobile APK

Settlement Survival Mobile has many attractive features for players to explore. Here are some salient features of the game:

Diversity in construction

Settlement Survival APK allows players to build their settlement in many different ways. Players can customize the architecture, arrangement and construction of defensive structures to protect their settlement. This feature increases the variety and fun of the game, and allows players to express their creativity.

Many survival activities

In Settlement Survival APK, players need to perform many survival activities to help the community survive. These activities include resource extraction, hunting, harvesting, item crafting, and settlement building. Players will have to skillfully use their resources to deal with the challenges in the game.

Expand the world

Settlement Survival APK has a large open world for players to explore. This world is divided into many different regions, each with its own characteristics. Players can explore this world in search of new resources and to deal with new challenges.

Various characters

In Settlement Survival APK, players can customize their characters in many different ways. Players can change the character's costumes, equipment and skills to suit many different situations. This feature increases the variety and fun of the game.

Single player and multiplayer mode

Settlement Survival APK allows single player or multiplayer. If single player, the player will only control a group of survivors. If playing multiplayer, players can connect with other players and cooperate to build bigger and stronger settlements.

Settlement Survival Game Tips

Here are some Settlement Survival game tips to help you develop your city or village effectively:

  • Plan ahead: Before you start building, plan your settlement. You should calculate the required amount of resources, build infrastructure and important structures, but do not forget to leave enough space for future development.
  • Focus on food production: Food is the most important factor to ensure the survival of your locality. Invest in food production first to ensure a sufficient supply for residents.
  • Housing Construction: Make sure that you build a sufficient number of houses for your population. This not only ensures residential satisfaction, but also helps you collect taxes and develop the local economy.
  • Invest in infrastructure: Build infrastructure such as roads, bridges, tunnels to make travel more convenient, while helping you collect taxes and increase local revenue.
  • Develop industries: To develop the local economy, invest in industries such as agriculture, resource extraction, manufacturing and commerce. Choose industries that are suitable for the geographical conditions and resources of the settlement.
  • Keep your finances stable: Manage your finances carefully to ensure that you have enough money to invest in infrastructure and economic development, and to ensure that you have enough money to deal with situations urgent.
  • Pay attention to security: Ensuring your local security is very important. Build military facilities, protect your territory from disasters and attacks

Pros and Cons of Settlement Survival Game


  • Calculation of strategy: Settlement Survival Game requires players to think and calculate strategies to develop their city or village. Players must arrange resources, build infrastructure, increase security, and manage finances to ensure sustainable local development.
  • Challenging: While playing Settlement Survival Game, the player faces many challenges such as hurricane, fire, poverty, and disease. This enhances emergency management skills and keeps players interested in solving complex problems.
  • Variety: Settlement Survival Game can have a lot of different themes and settings, allowing players to choose the world they like to explore and build.


  • Requires a lot of time: Settlement Survival Game requires players to invest a lot of time to build and manage their city or village. Having to wait a long time to complete construction works can also make players feel bored.
  • Can be very complicated: With complicated rules and mechanics, Settlement Survival Game can make players find it difficult to understand and use.
  • Failure can be unfair: Some versions of Settlement Survival Game can easily fail players through no fault of their own. For example, the random occurrence of disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes can cause serious damage to the player that there is no way to avoid.


Settlement Survival APK is a very interesting and worth experiencing survival game. With stunning graphics, lots of constructions, lots of survival activities, huge open world, lots of characters and single player and multiplayer modes, this game has attracted a lot of attention. hearts of so many players around the world.

If you love the survival game genre, Settlement Survival APK will be a great choice to try and explore. Download this game now to your phone and experience relaxing moments with many new experiences!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Settlement Survival APK

Is it necessary to root an Android device to play Settlement Survival APK? +

No, you do not need to root your device to play Settlement Survival APK. This game can be played on stock Android devices.

Can I play Settlement Survival APK on iOS? +

Settlement Survival APK is the Android version, so it cannot be played on iOS devices. To play on iOS, you need to find the corresponding version on the App Store.

Is an internet connection required to play Settlement Survival APK? +

This game requires an internet connection to download data and update new missions. However, you can play offline after downloading all the data.

Is the APK compatible with all Android devices? +

No, APK compatibility depends on the game's system requirements and the Android version of your device. Before downloading the APK, check if your device meets the requirements.

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