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Project Madras Game APK is a colorful adventure that takes players on a journey to explore the culture and beauty of the city of Chennai, India, through a unique and engaging open world experience.


Name Project Madras Game
Version 2.0
Size 532 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Project Madras

Introduce to Project Madras Game APK

Project Madras APK is a wonderful open world game, a product of the passion and effort of a small team in Chennai, India, led by Royston - an experienced and dedicated person in the industry gaming. This game gives players a great opportunity to explore and experience the unique culture, sights and language of the city of Chennai.

More Overview of Project Madras Game For Android

With Project Madras map APK, you'll experience Chennai through a local perspective, with a variety of activities and missions from strolling the Marina beach to exploring the mountain roads romantic. The game not only focuses on cultural exploration but also combines engaging gameplay and impressive graphics, giving players a colorful and unique experience.

With diverse features and game modes, downloading the Project Madras game for Android promises to bring you exciting entertainment and renew your love for the gaming world. Get ready to start your journey and explore every corner of Chennai in an exciting and creative game!

All features in Project Madras Game Latest Version

Here is a detailed overview of the prominent features of Project Madras Game APK:

  • Explore Chennai: The game allows players to explore the entire city of Chennai full of famous and unique locations such as Marina beach, mountain roads, and important monuments.
  • Quests and Activities: Offers a variety of fun quests and activities such as finding objects, solving puzzles, and participating in cultural events.
  • Character Interaction: Players can interact with local characters, immerse themselves in their daily lives, and gain insight into Chennai culture and lifestyle.
  • Language and Culture: The game environment enables players to learn about the Tamil language and culture through expressions and interactions with native characters.
  • Impressive Graphics: With high-quality graphics and vibrant environment design, Project Madras reddit gives players an engaging and exciting experience.
  • Character Customization Options: Allows players to customize their character with a variety of outfit, accessory, and appearance options.
  • Music and Sound: Use unique music and sounds to create a rich and exciting musical environment that enhances the gaming experience.
  • Social Network Integration: Allows players to share their experiences and connect with friends through social network integration.

In short, Project Madras Game APK is not only a fun game but also an opportunity to explore and understand the culture and life in Chennai. Get ready for an exciting and meaningful adventure!

Interface, graphics on Project Madras Game iOS

Habitat Design: Built with meticulous care, in-game habitats are recreated in high detail, from romantic mountain roads to vast beaches and crowded neighborhoods of the city.

Visual Effects: Use special visual effects such as light and shadow, fog and sunlight to create a realistic and beautiful living space.

Character Details: The game's characters are designed with special care in every detail, from their appearance to their expressions, helping to create unique and colorful interactive experiences.

3D Graphics: Use advanced 3D graphics technology to create an expansive and deep game world, allowing players to explore every corner of Chennai in the most realistic way.

Color Design: Use a broad and sharp color palette to create a vibrant and diverse space, from turquoise beaches to neighborhoods ablaze with color and light.

How to play, gameplay for Project Madras Game Mobile

Exploration and Quests: The game allows players to freely explore the entire city of Chennai and engage in diverse quests and activities. From strolling the shores of Marina to finding hidden objects and solving puzzles, there's a range of activities for you to explore.

Interaction and Communication: Players can interact with local characters and carry out conversations to better understand the culture and life in Chennai. Communication with the character will open new quests and provide useful information.

Character Customization: You can customize your character with a range of outfit, accessory and appearance options, allowing you to create a character that is unique and reflects your individuality.

Immersive Living Environment: With detailed living environment design and impressive graphics, Project Madras Game APK gives players a lively and engaging space to explore.

Diverse Story: The game has a rich and diverse story, with many different characters and events for you to explore and participate in.

Social Media Integration: You can share your experiences and connect with friends through social media integration, creating a diverse and supportive gaming community.

Pros and Cons of Project Madras Game APK


  • Immersive Discovery Experience: Project Madras Game APK offers an in-depth exploration experience of Chennai city, from its natural beauty to its unique cultural heritage.
  • Friendly User Interface: The game's user interface is designed to be friendly and easy to use, making it easy for players to interact and participate in the game.
  • Impressive Graphics: The in-game graphics are impressive, with vibrant environment designs and characters created with exceptional care to detail.
  • Varied Quests and Activities: There is a wide range of quests and activities to undertake, from finding objects to participating in cultural events, helping to add variety and excitement to the game.


  • Needs to Integrate More Content: Although there are many missions and activities, the game may need to integrate more content to enhance the player experience and ensure the uniqueness and longevity of the game.
  • Performance Optimization: Some players may experience performance issues when playing on older mobile devices, improved optimization integration is needed to ensure the game runs smoothly on all platforms .
  • Social Media Integration Could Need Improvement: Social media integration could need improvement to create a better connecting and sharing experience for players.


Project Madras Game APK is an interesting and potential game, giving players a deep exploration experience of the city of Chennai and unique Tamil culture. With impressive graphics, a friendly user interface and a variety of activities and tasks, the game promises to bring players hours of entertainment and meaningful learning.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Project Madras Game APK

Does the game require an internet connection? +

For downloading and installing the game, you need an internet connection. However, once installed, the game can be played offline comfortably.

Do I need to pay to play the game? +

Project Madras Game APK is available to download for free, but there are some features and content that may require a fee to open.

Is there a multi-language feature? +

Currently, the game supports various languages, including English and Tamil, to cater to a wide audience of players.

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