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Plague Inc APK is a strategy simulation game where the player assumes the role of a bacterium, virus or other infectious disease, and your goal is to infect and destroy the entire human race.


Name Plague Inc
Pagekage name com.miniclip.plagueinc
Version 1.19.19
Size 98.38 Mb
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer Ndemic Creations

About to Plague Inc APK

Plague Inc Premium APK is a strategy simulation game developed by Ndemic Creations. This game made its debut in 2012 and has quickly become one of the most popular video games on mobile and computer.

In Plague Inc APK update, the player plays the role of a bacteria, virus or other infectious disease, and your goal is to infect and destroy the entire human race. You must evolve your disease, find a way to spread it quickly, and adapt to the prevention and treatment measures that humanity deploys to try to stop the spread of the disease.

Overview of Plague Inc Mobile APK

During the game, you will have to manage factors such as animal infection, the ability to spread through air or water, drug resistance, and many more. You can also evolve your disease to create new and more powerful variants.

Plague Inc Game APK has an intuitive interface and offers various difficulty levels to challenge players. You can choose from game modes like Career Mode, Creative Mode or Random World to experience.

All Features Game Plague Inc For Android

  • Diverse game modes: Plague Inc offers different game modes for players to experience. You can choose Career mode to progress your illness through different stages. Creative Mode allows you to create custom diseases and test them on humans. Random World mode offers heterogeneous challenges.
  • Variety of Diseases: Plague Inc allows you to choose from a wide variety of diseases to develop, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and more. Each disease has its own characteristics, symptoms, and unique way of infection.
  • Evolve and Upgrade: You can evolve and upgrade your illness throughout the game. Accumulate DNA points to open and upgrade new features for diseases, including symptoms, infectivity, and drug resistance. This helps you create powerful and hard-to-treat variations.
  • Development strategy: Plague Inc requires players to have a smart disease development strategy. You need to determine how to effectively infect, avoid early detection, and defeat humanity's means of control and treatment. Attention must be paid to demographics, environmental conditions, and social factors for success.
  • Challenge and difficulty mode: Plague Inc offers various difficulty levels to challenge players. You can start from an easy level like "Beginner" and work your way up to difficult levels like "Prodigy" and "Invincible". Each difficulty level offers different challenges and strategic requirements.
  • Statistics and achievements: Plague Inc records detailed statistics about your play, including infection rate, mortality rate and other statistics. You can also gain achievements and medals during the game, promoting competition and personal achievement.
  • Regular Updates: Developer Plague Inc regularly updates the game to bring new content, features, and improvements. This ensures that the game is always fresh and exciting.

Game mode, graphics in Plague Inc APK

Interface: Plague Inc's interface is designed to be simple and easy to use. You will see a world map divided into continents and countries. Factors such as disease, population and preventive measures will be clearly displayed.

Charts and graphs: As you play, Plague Inc provides charts and graphs for you to track the spread of disease and its impact on humanity. This helps you assess the situation and adjust your strategy.

Special Effects: As your illness infects and spreads, you'll see special effects like red spots spreading across the map, changing icons, and notifications appearing. This creates a sense of excitement and aids in monitoring the infection process.

Logos: Plague Inc uses icons and logo images to represent in-game elements such as disease types, control and treatment measures, and environmental factors. These images are abstract but at the same time evoke identification and convey essential information.

How to play Plague Inc APK Latest version

  • Select Disease Type: At the start of the game you will be asked to choose the type of illness you want to develop. There are different types of diseases such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Each disease has its own characteristics and unique infectious factors.
  • Grow disease: Your goal is to develop disease and spread it globally. You will have some initial DNA to use to evolve and upgrade diseases. Use DNA to buy new symptoms, improve infection and drug resistance.
  • Contagion and victim contact: Your illness needs to infect your victims in order to spread. You can choose transmission methods such as through direct contact, air, drinking water or through other routes. At the same time, you need to pay attention to how diseases spread in different geographical and social regions.
  • Beat prevention and treatment: During the game, countries and health organizations will develop prevention and treatment measures to control disease. You need to deal with and defeat these measures by evolving diseases and finding weaknesses in the human health system.
  • Evolve and Upgrade: Use your DNA to evolve and upgrade your diseases. Open new symptoms, infections, and drug resistance to increase the power of illness. This helps you to overcome humanity's control measures and spread disease more effectively.
  • Resource management: During the game, you need to manage resources such as DNA, infection progress, and geographic reach. Make smart decisions to use resources efficiently and achieve disease development goals.
  • Adapt and Change Strategies: The Plague Inc game requires you to adapt and change your strategy in the face of humanity's new prevention and treatment. Monitor the development of illness, find weaknesses and adjust strategies to overcome difficulties.

Pros and cons of Plague Inc Game APK


  • Unique Strategy Experience: Plague Inc APK offers a unique and exciting strategy experience in which you must evolve and control a disease to spread globally. This makes a difference from the usual games and requires strategic thinking.
  • Challenging and Interoperability: Plague Inc APK brings a wide range of challenges and interactivity to players. You need to defeat humanity's prevention and treatment, adapt to variations in the gameplay, and adjust your strategy to succeed.
  • Regular updates and upgrades: Developer Plague Inc regularly provides new updates and upgrades, including many new missions and features. This keeps the game fresh and worth playing.


  • Controversial and sensitive: Since the game revolves around the development and spread of disease, it may be controversial and inappropriate for some people. Plague Inc APK should be played with the awareness and understanding that it is a simulation game and does not represent reality.
  • Lack of complexity in some respects: While Plague Inc APK provides an enjoyable strategy experience, it may lack complexity in some aspects. Some players may find disease development and control not challenging enough or detailed enough.


Plague Inc Premium APK is an exciting strategy simulation game in which you develop and control a disease to spread across the globe. With minimalistic yet effective graphics, the game creates a unique and challenging experience for players.

Plague Inc APK is still an attractive and worthwhile game for those who love the strategy genre and want to challenge themselves in developing and spreading a devastating disease.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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