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Mr.Tomatos APK is a simple puzzle game for Android. Show your intelligence in each level, there are many levels with challenging puzzles waiting for you!



Name Mr.Tomatos
Version 2.0
Size 23.1 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Next4Game

Mr.Tomatos APK is a simple puzzle game, designed to entertain and challenge the player's ability to concentrate. Developed by the famous game company ENP Games, Mr.Tomatos APK has attracted a large number of players worldwide.

In this article, we will learn about Mr.Tomatos APK and the interesting things that this game brings.

How to play Mr.Tomatos APK

Mr.Tomatos APK is a simple game, with a very easy to understand gameplay. Players only need to clear the tomatoes on the screen to earn points. However, the special feature of Mr.TomatosAPK is the different obstacles during the game, including bubbles, obstacles and different difficulty levels.

The game consists of many different levels, with the difficulty increasing as the player progresses to higher levels. However, Mr.Tomatos APK is not simply a puzzle game, but also an interesting game that helps players entertain and relax.


Outstanding Features of Mr.Tomatos APK

Mr.Tomatos APK has many attractive features, making the game more interesting. The most outstanding feature of Mr Tomatos APK is the multiplayer mode, allowing you to play with friends or participate in online tournaments. You can also participate in special missions and events to receive attractive rewards.

Graphics and sound

Mr.Tomatos APK has beautiful graphics and vibrant sounds, creating an interesting feeling for players. The sharp images, bright colors and special effects will help players feel comfortable and relaxed.

The sound in the game is also very suitable for the context, helping to create a vibrant and attractive atmosphere. The explosions, drops, and cries are also very well designed, creating humor and fun during the game.

Benefits of playing Mr.Tomatos APK

Playing Mr.Tomatos APK has many benefits for players. First, the game helps to improve the player's concentration and problem-solving ability. Second, it is a fun way to entertain and relieve stress. When playing Mr Tomatos APK, players can temporarily put aside all the pressures and worries in life to focus on the game and relax.

Third, Mr.Tomatos APK is a completely free game, so anyone can download and enjoy this game without worrying about the cost.


With simple gameplay, beautiful graphics and vibrant sounds, Mr.Tomatos APK is an interesting and attractive puzzle game. It provides players with benefits such as entertainment, reducing stress and improving concentration. So, if you are looking for a simple but equally fun game to entertain and relieve stress, download Mr Tomatos APK and try it today!


In short, Mr.Tomatos APK is a simple but attractive puzzle game, with beautiful graphics, vivid sound and diverse features. With multi-player gameplay and special missions, Mr.Tomatos APK will bring you hours of exciting and refreshing entertainment. Download Mr.Tomatos APK now to experience this exciting game!

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