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The Outlast Trials APK is a horror game where players will play as a group of experimenters and must work together to find a way to survive in a dangerous environment.


Name The Outlast Trials
Version 4
Size 92.6 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer Global Strings

About of The Outlast Trials APK

The Outlast Trials is a horror game developed by Red Barrels. It is the sequel to the Outlast series, known for its first-person gameplay and psychological horror elements.

Before that, the first two Outlast games have attracted great attention from the gaming community with attractive storylines and sophisticated horror expressions. The Outlast Trials online fix builds on the same universe of the series, however, it has a whole new aspect of indie play.

Players will take on the role of a group of test participants and must work together to find a way to survive in a dangerous environment. They will face extreme trials, brutal monsters, and terrifying situations. At the same time, they will also have to work together to solve puzzles and uncover the mysteries of Murkoff Corporation.

Overview of The Outlast Trials APK for Android

In The Outlast Trials trainer, players will be transported into the Cold War era, where they will participate in secret psychiatric and physiological trials organized by the government. The experiment was called "The Murkoff Account" and took place in a secret facility run by the Murkoff Corporation.

The Outlast Trials release date retains the psychological horror and fear of the previous installments. Gamers will have to use intelligence, determination and ingenuity to survive in the dark environment, while gathering information and revealing the secrets of Murkoff Corporation.

Overall, The Outlast Trials f0c19 is a notable horror title in the Outlast series. It promises to deliver a terrifying horror experience, while also delving deeper into the world and story of Murkoff Corporation.

Features of The Outlast Trials APK Latest Version

Here are details on the main features of The Outlast Trials:

  • Multiplayer: The Outlast Trials is a multiplayer game that allows you to play alongside three other players in online cooperative mode. You can cooperate and work as a team to overcome challenges and survive in a horror environment.
  • Cold War Era: The game takes place during the Cold War era, giving the player a dark and tense setting. Historical and political elements will be incorporated into the game's plot and environment.
  • Psychiatric and Physiological Testing: Players will participate in secret psychiatric and physiological tests organized by the government. This creates frightening and challenging situations for players as they face unpredictable physical and psychological effects.
  • Horror and Monster Environments: The Outlast Trials will offer a variety of scary environments, including secret laboratories, underground bunkers and dark woods. Players will encounter brutal monsters and need to find a way to avoid them or find a way to fight them to survive.
  • Complicated plot: The game will reveal the secrets and conspiracies of Murkoff Corporation, the dark company involved in psychological experiments and scientific crimes. Players will investigate and learn about the world of horror and the motives of the people behind these trials.
  • Explore and solve puzzles: During the game, players will encounter puzzles and investigations to progress further in the game. Learning and exploring the environment will help players find the solution and progress further in the plot.

These features combine with the first-person gameplay and horror elements to create a terrifying and tense experience in The Outlast Trials.

Graphics of The Outlast Trials APK iOS

The Outlast Trials program x uses beautiful and caring graphics to create a horror and scary environment for players. The Outlast Trials steam charts uses state-of-the-art graphics technology to realistically and clearly reproduce the details in the environment. Every object, from the landscape to the characters, is designed with great detail to create a vivid visual experience.

Light and shadow are used ingeniously to create a space of horror and tension. Areas will be contrasted backlit, creating deep shadows and bright areas creating a difficult environment for players to navigate and explore.

The sound and music in new outlast game also play an important role in creating a sense of horror and adding suspense. Sophisticated sound effects and suitable background music will enhance the feeling of fear and create a scary atmosphere in the game.

How to play, gameplay of The Outlast Trials APK

First-person perspective: The Outlast Trials uses a first-person perspective, allowing the player to see through the character's perspective. This creates strong cohesion and creates a sense of liveliness when players face horror situations.

Survival and evasion: The main gameplay of The Outlast Trials is survival and evasion. Players will not have the ability to fight monsters or enemies directly, but instead, they need to find ways to hide and hide to remain undetected. Agility and careful choice of route will determine the player's survival.

Use of tools and resources: Players can find and use tools and resources in the environment to help them survive. This may include collecting flashlights, coins, keys, or other items to open doors, explore areas, or temporarily deactivate monsters.

Online Co-op: The Outlast Trials offers online multiplayer, where you can team up with three other players to overcome challenges and survive. Interaction and teamwork will play an important role in the success of the mission.

Pros and Cons The Outlast Trials APK


  • Horror Atmosphere: The Outlast Trials creates an atmosphere of horror and tension very effectively. From sounds, lights, environments to monsters, every element contributes to creating a terrifying horror experience.
  • Multiplayer: Multiplayer mode lets you experience The Outlast Trials with three other players. Collaborating and interacting with other players creates an exciting social interaction experience and brings new excitement.
  • Complicated Plot: The Outlast Trials has a deep and complex plot. This provides intrigue and discovery as players learn about the dark secrets and intrigues of the Murkoff Corporation.
  • High-quality graphics: The game uses beautiful and thoughtful graphics, creating a vivid and detailed environment. Details such as character models, landscapes and lighting effects are well done, providing an impressive visual experience.


  • Lack of combat ability: The Outlast Trials focuses on evasion and survival, not allowing players to fight monsters or enemies directly. This may cause some players to wish for the ability to defend themselves and fight.
  • Repeatability: While The Outlast Trials offers a great horror experience, after a while some players may feel the game becomes repetitive. Dodging monsters and solving puzzles can become familiar and less disruptive.
  • Reliance on multiplayer: The game focuses heavily on multiplayer, which means that without teammates or other online players, the singleplayer experience can be limited.


The Outlast Trials walkthrough is a horror and tension game that offers a terrifying and engaging experience for players. With elements of survival, evasion, and puzzle solving, players will have to use agility and inquiry to overcome dark challenges and learn the secret behind Murkoff's mental and physiological experimentation. Corporation. Some of the advantages of the game include good horror atmosphere, exciting multiplayer and complex storyline However, there are also disadvantages such as lack of combat ability, repeatability and reliance on multiplayer. To sum up, The Outlast Trials lore is a fascinating game for those who love the horror genre and look for a tense and scary experience.

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