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The Outlast Trials APK is a horror game where players will play as a group of experimenters and must work together to find a way to survive in a dangerous environment.


Name The Outlast Trials
Version 4
Size 92.6 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer Global Strings
Mod Feature Unlimited Money

Experience the Unforgettable Horror - The Outlast Trials APK

Are you ready to face the most challenging trials, horrifying moments, and mysterious enigmas in an adventure full of suspense? If your answer is "yes," then The Outlast Trials APK is definitely the game you can't afford to miss!

Explore Mysteries and Solve Puzzles with an Intense Storyline:

The Outlast Trials immerses you in a world of ultimate mysteries and fears. Set in the backdrop of 90s America, the game is not just a journey but a genuine experience where every decision you make can influence the story's outcome. With The Outlast Trials characters, you'll be challenged with difficult puzzles and confronted with tense and terrifying moments. Mysteries will gradually unfold, and you'll find yourself in perilous situations in the quest for answers.

The Outlast Trials promises to deliver experiences beyond anticipation. The storyline develops rapidly and unpredictably, bringing you through a rollercoaster of emotions and constant tension.

Graphics and Outstanding Features of The Outlast Trials APK

Realistic and Haunting Graphics: The Outlast Trials stands out with its realistic and haunting graphics, plunging players into a dark and chilling world. Every detail is meticulously designed, from mysterious environments to menacing predators, all vividly and impressively recreated.

Vast and Diverse Environments: In The Outlast Trials, players will explore a variety of different environments, from mysterious houses to desolate suburban areas. Each environment is diverse and detailed, creating an engaging and captivating exploration experience.

Horrifying and Rich Sound Design: Sound plays a crucial role in creating a terrifying and tense atmosphere in the game. From the terrifying groans of predators to the pounding of the protagonist's fearful heart, every sound is carefully crafted and refined to create a truly authentic and immersive experience.

Intense and Complex Storyline: The Outlast Trials is not just a horror game; it's also an adventure filled with intense drama and complexity. The game's storyline is carefully crafted and detailed, with numerous surprises and discoveries awaiting players at every turn.

Diverse and Exciting Gameplay: The Outlast Trials combines elements of action, investigation, and horror to create a diverse and exciting gaming experience. Players will need to use all their skills and intelligence to overcome challenging obstacles and solve complex puzzles.

In conclusion, The Outlast Trials APK offers an unforgettable horror experience, with its realistic graphics, diverse environments, haunting sound design, intense storyline, and engaging gameplay.

Explore Thrills and Horrors in The Outlast Trials

In The Outlast Trials, you'll encounter and interact with various characters, each harboring their own secrets and agendas. From deranged researchers to malicious predators, each character plays a crucial role in advancing the storyline and creating unforgettable horrifying experiences.

The gameplay in The Outlast Trials goes beyond mere control of characters and progressing through levels. It's a psychological adventure full of tension, where every decision you make can either put your character in perilous situations or ensure their safety. Players must search for clues to solve mysteries, evade predators, and constantly remain vigilant of their surroundings to survive.

Gameplay Experience:

  • Terrifying Sensations: Set in an environment steeped in horror and dread, players will experience moments of intense suspense and apprehension as they venture into mysterious and perilous areas.
  • Puzzle Solving: The puzzles and mysteries in the game demand players to utilize intelligence and observation to uncover solutions. Searching for items and deciphering notes are essential to unraveling the story's secrets.
  • Survival Action: Confronted with dangerous situations and formidable enemies, players must quickly make decisions and find ways to escape or confront them to survive.
  • Sound and Graphic Experience: Realistic graphics and vibrant sound design create a vivid and impressive environment, heightening the suspense and stimulating players' senses.
  • Curiosity Stimulation: The complex storyline and unpredictable events will stimulate players' curiosity and drive them to continue exploring to uncover more of the game's secrets.

Important Note:

During gameplay, players must remain constantly vigilant and never fully trust the environment. Survival depends on your decisiveness and quick reactions.

The Outlast Trials: Reviews, Comments, and Pros and Cons


The Outlast Trials download pc free has garnered attention and received positive reviews from the gaming community and game critics alike. With its intense and ever-burning storyline, diverse and engaging gameplay, along with realistic graphics and horrifying sound effects, the game has exceeded all expectations.


The Outlast Trials is not just a horror game; it's a mentally intense and emotionally charged experience. Moments of fear intertwine with mysterious discoveries, creating a tense and stimulating atmosphere for players. The complex and continuously evolving storyline adds allure and excitement to the game.


  1. Intense and intricate storyline that puts players in thrilling and captivating situations.
  2. Realistic graphics and horrifying sound effects, creating a tense and pressure-filled atmosphere.
  3. Diverse and engaging gameplay, combining elements of action, investigation, and horror.
  4. Vast and varied environments, allowing players to explore and learn about different areas of the game.


  1. May cause feelings of tension and mental pressure for some players, especially those sensitive to horror situations.
  2. Minor technical issues such as connectivity problems and unstable performance in some cases.

In conclusion, The Outlast Trials is a horror game worth experiencing, offering players moments of tension and excitement. With its complex storyline, realistic graphics, and horrifying sound effects, the game promises to be one of the most memorable horror experiences for players.

**What's New in the Latest Version:**

The latest version of The Outlast Trials offers additional new content, including an expanded storyline, improved graphics, new features, and bug fixes to enhance the gaming experience.


Download The Outlast Trials Full Game now and prepare for a thrilling adventure full of drama and intense emotions. In The Outlast Trials Full Game, you'll embody the main characters, face challenging trials, and utilize all your skills and intelligence to survive. Enjoy horrifying moments and solve complex puzzles in this captivating adventure.


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