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With a combination of unique motion mechanics and diverse experiences, Lucy Tag APK will surely attract the attention of players who love virtual reality and unique game experiences.

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Name Lucy Tag
Version 1.2
Size 42 MB
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Vika Shkara

About of Lucy Tag APK

Lucy Tag APK is a unique multi-player virtual reality game application that gives users a fun and new experience in the virtual world. Developed by LemmingVR, a famous YouTuber, and published by Axiom, Lucy Tag testing APK conquers players with the difference in movement, gameplay and unique features.

At Lucy Tag discord APK, participating in the game is not simply using the VR device to move, but also includes physical interaction through the use of the player's hands and arms. This creates a whole new style of movement, in stark contrast to conventional VR games that use motion or teleportation based on analog sticks. With this move, the player can freely move in the virtual world without having to touch the target in the real world.

Overview of Lucy Tag APK For Android

Lucy Tag download APK also brings a distance-based voice chat feature, allowing players to chat and communicate with each other in the virtual world, creating closeness and connection during gameplay.

With three game modes, Casual, Infection and Chase, along with five different maps such as Jungle, Cave, Valley, City and Mountain, Lucy Tag Game APK brings many different options and experiences to players. Hunting, Paintbrawl, and running, climbing, and jumping are all done through the app's unique motor mechanics, creating excitement and challenge in participation.


From performing unique locomotion activities to chatting and communicating with friends in the virtual world, Lucy Tag APK opens a creative new door to virtual reality experiences. Integrating six different levels and shops with a diverse list of costumes and items, this app is truly an exciting journey full of features and creative potential.

Features of Lucy Tag APK Latest Version

Here are details on the main features of the game:

  • Unique Movement Method: Lucy Tag APK uses a unique locomotion mechanism that only requires the player to use their hands and arms to perform in-game activities. Without using buttons or wands, the player can press the surface to jump and press down with both hands to climb. This is a fun and new way to get into virtual reality gaming.
  • Diverse Game Modes: Lucy Tag APK offers three different game modes: Casual, Infection and Chase. Each mode offers a unique play style and goal, creating diversity and challenge for players.
  • Diverse Maps: The game has five diverse maps such as Jungle, Cave, Valley, City and Mountain. Each map has different terrain and environment, creating interesting and different experiences for players.
  • Voice Chat Feature: Lucy Tag APK allows players to chat with each other in-game through distance-based voice chat. This creates communication and connection between players in the virtual world.
  • Hunting and Paintbrawl Game Modes: In hunting mode, players have individual goals to pursue, creating an intense and engaging chase. Paintbrawl mode brings paintball battle between two teams, testing the player's fighting ability.
  • Exploration Levels: The game has six different levels with distinct terrain and obstacles. Players can explore and challenge themselves through each level, going through different experiences.
  • Dress Up Options: Players can make up and dress up their characters through the in-game shops. This allows you to create a distinct hermit identity and personalize your experience.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Lucy Tag APK allows players to play together on many different platforms, including PC. This creates flexibility in connecting and playing with friends.

Graphics of Lucy Tag Game APK

Lucy Tag APK brings a vivid and colorful virtual world, creating an interesting atmosphere for players to explore. Diverse maps with different environments such as jungles, caves, valleys, cities and mountains create impressive and rich visuals.

The game's characters have a unique and fun design. Based on the unique movement mechanism, players will find other players have diverse and interesting movements in the game, from jumping high, climbing to running fast but without the need for buttons. complex controls.

Overall, the graphics of Lucy Tag APK create a diverse, colorful and attractive virtual world, combining the excitement in the movement mechanism and the vivid environment, bringing a unique experience to the players. .


How to play, gameplay of Lucy Tag APK iOS

How to play:

  • Unique Movement: Lucy Tag APK uses a unique locomotion mechanism, just using hands and arms to perform in-game activities. The player can press the surface to jump and press down with both hands to climb. This creates a unique and physical interaction in participating in the game.
  • Diverse Game Modes: Lucy Tag APK offers three different game modes: Casual, Infection and Chase.
  • Casual: Mode for up to 3 players where the goal is to keep your position and avoid getting caught.
  • Infection: One player has an infection and must try to infect other players. The other player tries to avoid infection.
  • Chase: One player becomes the pursuer, the other the chaser. The chaser's job is to catch the person being chased.
  • Diverse Maps: The game has five different maps like Jungle, Cave, Valley, City and Mountain. Each map has its own unique terrain and environment, making it fun and challenging to play.
  • Diverse Activities: The game is not limited to just running, jumping and climbing, but also has activities like Paintbrawl (painting battle) and other Lucy Tag APK's run away. Players can enjoy diverse experiences in the virtual world.

Style play:

  • Unique Movement: With a unique movement mechanism, players feel the excitement of using their hands and arms to perform motor activities in the game. Unlike other VR games, Lucy Tag APK makes a difference with the use of this physical interaction mechanism.
  • Challenging and Exciting: With diverse game modes and different maps, Lucy Tag APK brings challenges and attractions to players. Experimenting with strategies and situations in the game creates moments of drama.
  • Communication and Connection: Distance-based voice chat allows players to communicate and connect with each other in the virtual world. This creates closeness and interaction between players.

Pros and Cons Lucy Tag APK Mobile


  • Unique Movement Mechanics: Lucy Tag APK offers a unique and novel way of locomotion in the virtual reality game world. The use of hands and arms to perform activities creates interesting physical interactions.
  • Diverse Experience: With three different game modes and five diverse maps, Lucy Tag APK provides a diverse and challenging experience for players.
  • Voice Chat: Distance-based voice chat creates connection and communication between players in the virtual world, creating attraction and interaction.
  • Challenging and Exciting: Thanks to unique game modes and movement mechanics, Lucy Tag APK creates intense matches and dramatic moments, challenging players to think and react quickly.


  • VR Device Required: For the best experience, players need to own a virtual reality device. This can create a barrier for those who don't already have compatible devices.
  • Confusing Movement Mechanics: Despite the unique mechanics, some players may have difficulty understanding and adapting to new moves.


Lucy Tag APK is a unique and fun multiplayer virtual reality game application. With unique movement mechanics, three diverse game modes and five different maps, the game creates a unique and engaging experience environment for players. Distance-based voice chat along with cross-platform connectivity enable networking and communication in the virtual world.



Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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