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Ninja Warrior APK is an adventurous action-adventure game where you will become a ninja and fight to defeat monsters in a dangerous ninja world, with beautiful 3D graphics and a diverse weapon system.


Name Ninja Warrior
Version 1.79.1
Size 42.65 Mb
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer TOH Games

Introduce to Ninja Warrior: Legend of Adven APK

Ninja Warrior APK all levels is an action- adventure game developed by Tohsoft. This game gives players the exciting experience of being a ninja with the mission of defeating monsters and exploring the dangerous ninja world.

In the game, you will play as a Ninja Warrior Shadow APK and act through challenging levels. The game has beautiful 3D graphics and offers extremely smooth fighting, jumping, climbing and slashing. You will need to use your skills and reflexes to overcome obstacles and defeat ferocious monsters.

More Overview of Ninja Warrior Mobile Game

In addition, Ninja Warrior princess APK also provides a diverse weapon system for you to choose and upgrade. You can collect and open swords, darts and other weapons to enhance your character's power. At the same time, you can also customize the character with different costumes and accessories.

The game offers many different levels with increasing difficulty, from easy challenges to intense battles. You can continue to upgrade your characters and weapons to become stronger and face more advanced challenges.

Note that when downloading and installing games from outside the Google Play Store, you need to ensure that the download source is trustworthy and complies with your privacy rules.

All features in Ninja Warrior Latest Version

  • Unique ninja action: Become a true shadow slayer Ninja Warrior and experience signature ninja action like jumping, climbing, slashing and throwing darts. Use your ninja skills to defeat monsters and overcome challenges in the game.
  • Beautiful 3D Graphics: Takashi Ninja Warrior APK features high-quality 3D graphics, creating a detailed and vibrant world. Environments, characters, and effects are all meticulously designed, providing an immersive and immersive experience.
  • Diverse Weapon System: The game offers a wide range of ninja weapons such as swords, darts, bows and many more. Each weapon has its own characteristics and abilities, allowing you to choose and customize your battle tactics.
  • Levels and Challenges: The game has many levels ranging from easy levels to intense challenges. You will face complex and varied maps, going through levels full of risks and difficulties.
  • Missions and stories: The game has a fascinating storyline and diverse quests for you to perform. Pass levels and complete quests to advance further in the game's story.
  • Level Up and Upgrade: You can level up your character and upgrade your skills, strength, and combat abilities. Collect coins and items to upgrade your weapons and equipment, enhance your strength and combat performance.
  • Character customization: The game allows you to customize your character with different outfits and accessories. Create a unique ninja warrior to your liking.
  • Offline game mode: You can play Ninja Warrior shadow samurai APK without an internet connection. This allows you to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.

These are some outstanding features of Ninja Warrior game APK. Let's download and explore more to experience an exciting ninja action- adventure game.

Interface, graphics on Ninja Warrior For Android

Detailed Environment: The game creates a huge ninja world with diverse environments. You will explore landscapes such as jungles, grasslands, mountains and ninja cities. Each area is designed with exquisite detail and provides a sense of vibrancy.

Protagonist: The ninja you control is designed with smooth lines and meticulous detail. From gestures to costumes and weapons, everything is clear and sharp.

Monsters and enemies: During the game, you will face many different types of monsters and enemies. These monsters and enemies are also designed with impressive graphics, bringing variety and drama to the game.

Special Effects: The game uses special effects to create engaging action and combat sequences. Effects such as lightning, firepower, and special attacks are all presented beautifully and powerfully.

Screen and interface: The user interface of the game is cleanly designed and easy to use. The screen shows detailed information about your character, weapon, and progress in the game.

How to play, gameplay for Ninja Warrior iOS

Download and install: Download Ninja Warrior APK from reliable sources like Google Play Store or reliable game download sites. Once downloaded, install the game on your phone.

Start the game: Find the game's icon on the home screen or in your phone's apps folder and click it to launch the game.

Choose a character: The game will ask you to choose a ninja character to role-play. There can be many different characters with their own skills and characteristics. Choose the character you like and click the continue button.

Quests: The game will give you specific missions and goals to complete. You will participate in different levels and adventures in the ninja world. Proceed to move, defeat monsters and complete objectives to progress further.

Use ninja skills: Throughout the game, you can use ninja skills such as jumping, climbing, slashing, and throwing darts. Use them to overcome obstacles and defeat monsters. Ninja skills will help you go further and deal with difficult challenges.

Collect and upgrade weapons: The game allows you to collect and upgrade ninja weapons such as swords, darts and more. Collect coins and items to upgrade your weapons, increase strength and combat performance.

Level Up and Customize: As you progress through levels and complete quests, you'll have the opportunity to level up your character. Upgrade skills, strength and combat ability to become stronger. You can also customize the character with different costumes and accessories.

Keep playing and finish the game: Keep going through the levels and challenges to complete the game. Challenge yourself with more difficult missions and become a real ninja warrior.

Pros and Cons of Ninja Warrior: Legend of Adven APK


  • Diverse ninja action: The game offers ninja action like jumping, climbing, slashing and throwing darts, giving variety and adventure to the game.
  • Weapon system and upgrade: The game allows you to collect and upgrade ninja weapons, creating a sense of progress and increasing the power of your character.
  • Diverse Levels and Challenges: The game offers a variety of levels and challenges ranging from easy to difficult, ensuring players can find the right challenge for their level.
  • Character progression and customization: You can level up your character and customize your outfit, creating a unique ninja warrior to your liking.


  • Limited Camera Viewing Angle: The camera viewing angle in the game can be limited and won't allow you to see your surroundings or small details better.
  • Requires internet connection: Although the game has an offline mode, there are some features such as achievement sharing and in-game trading that require an internet connection.
  • Ad appearance: The game may display ads during gameplay, which may disrupt the player experience.


Ninja Warrior APK is a fascinating ninja action- adventure game with beautiful graphics and varied action. The game gives players the experience of being a ninja warrior with unique skills and missions to defeat monsters.

Ninja Warrior APK is a fun and exciting ninja action game that offers a thrilling fighting and adventure experience. If you are a lover of this genre, download and experience this game to become a true ninja warrior.


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FAQs? Ninja Warrior APK

Does the game have an offline mode? +

Ninja Warrior APK usually requires an internet connection to play. However, there may be some offline game modes such as story or training modes.

I got an error while playing Ninja Warrior. How to fix? +

If you encounter errors in Ninja Warrior, you should try the following:

  • Restart your game or device.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Clear game cache (in app settings).
  • If the error persists, contact technical support or the development team for help.
How to backup or restore data in Ninja Warrior APK? +

Normally, Ninja Warrior automatically saves data on the server when you connect to the internet. This means you don't need to perform manual data backups and restores. However, check in the game settings to see if there is an option to back up data.

Is there a way to play Ninja Warrior APK on PC or laptop? +

You can use Android emulators like Bluestacks or Nox to play Ninja Warrior on your PC or laptop. Download and install the emulator, then download the game from the emulator's app store and play as usual.

Does Ninja Warrior game have an iOS version? +

Currently, Ninja Warrior is only available on Android devices through the Google Play Store. However, there may be an iOS version released in the future, please stay tuned for updates from the developer.

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