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Planet of Lana APK is an attractive and beautiful game, featuring stunning graphics and touching storyline. Diverse gameplay combines action and puzzles, providing an exciting experience for players.


Name Planet of Lana Game
Version 1.0
Size 73 MB
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Wishfully
Mod Feature Paid/ Unlocked

Planet of Lana: Journey to Preserve Balance and Beauty of the Planet

In a world where the balance between humans, nature, and animals once existed, the planet Lana now faces a massive threat from a mysterious faceless army. However, it's not a violent war but a wondrous journey to protect the beauty and life on this planet. Welcome to Planet of Lana - a unique adventure game for those who love deep storytelling and challenging gameplay!

A Grand Storyline

One of the most notable aspects of Planet of Lana is its emotional and rich storyline. The world of the game is not just a distant planet, but also a profound portrait of balance and harmony between humans and nature. As you delve into the adventure, you will uncover hidden secrets and mysterious tales of this world.

Planet of Lana free download android is not just a puzzle-solving game; it's a deep dive into the mysterious and delicate world of a threatened planet. Combined with stunning graphics, captivating music, and a touching story, Planet of Lana promises to provide players with a unique and unforgettable experience.

Key Features of the Game:

  • Unique companion-based gameplay.
  • Stunning and emotive graphics.
  • Grand and wondrous storyline.
  • Diverse and quirky challenges and puzzles.

Embark on a Wondrous Journey on the Planet Lana

On your journey, you will meet and control two main characters: Lana - a brave and passionate girl, and her companion - a small creature with the ability to become invisible. The combination of these two characters is not only the key to solving puzzles and challenges along the way but also creates unique and fresh gameplay experiences.

Challenges and Diverse Puzzles:

Throughout your journey, you'll face various challenges and puzzles, from avoiding dangers to deciphering Lana planet's mysteries. Use your reflexes and creativity to overcome obstacles, along with utilizing the stealth ability of your companion to avoid dangers along the way.

A Grand Storyline:

In Planet of Lana full game download, you'll be immersed in a grand story with thrilling plot twists and surprising discoveries. From meaningful encounters to battles against the threats from the faceless army, each step you take will present important choices that will impact the story's development.

Important Note: During gameplay, pay attention to small details and listen to the story that the game wants to tell. This will help you fully enjoy the gaming experience.

Tips and Tricks:

  •  Your companion's invisibility ability is the key to overcoming many challenges.
  • Use your intelligence and creativity to solve puzzles and challenges along the way.

Planet of Lana pc game download offers a visually stunning and emotionally captivating experience, inviting players to explore and enjoy every corner of this world!

Explore a Vibrant and Enchanting World in Planet of Lana APK

The graphics in Planet of Lana APK are not only beautiful but also exceptionally detailed and emotive. Every landscape, every detail is meticulously designed, creating a vivid and impressive world.

  1. Natural Environment: The environment in Planet of Lana is wonderfully recreated, from lush forests to towering mountains and vast plains. The diverse and vibrant natural landscapes, with the movement of grass, sunlight, and other natural phenomena, create a breathtaking natural panorama.
  2. Characters and Creatures: Characters and creatures in the game are meticulously designed, from facial expressions to physical characteristics and personalities. From Lana and her companion to the strange and unique creatures, each character has its own charm and complexity.
  3. Effects and Details: Planet of Lana continues to captivate players with special effects and exquisite details. From sunlight shining through leaves to gentle breezes causing leaves to fall, every detail is simulated naturally and authentically.
  4. Space and Depth: The graphics of Planet of Lana are not just about creating beautiful images but also about creating space and depth for the world in the game. The vast and detailed landscapes create an attractive and inspiring sense of space.
  5. Art Style: The art style of Planet of Lana is deeply reminiscent of painting, with soft lines and delicate colors. Colors and light are cleverly used to create vivid and beautiful paintings.

With such stunning graphics, Planet of Lana promises to provide players with an impressive and unforgettable visual experience. Get ready to explore and enjoy every corner of this world!

Pros and Cons:


  • Beautiful graphics and lively landscapes.
  • Grand and wondrous storyline.
  • Creative and unique gameplay.


  • Requires high concentration on challenges and puzzles.
  • Some players may find certain parts of the game challenging.

Always Stay Updated:

To ensure you always have the best experience, always update to the latest version of the game with the Planet of Lana Update. This update will bring you performance improvements, bug fixes, and new exciting features, allowing you to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Get Ready for an Amazing Adventure

With beautiful graphics, captivating music, and challenging gameplay, Planet of Lana will take you on a wondrous and mysterious journey on the planet Lana. Get ready to experience an amazing adventure and uncover the secrets of this universe!

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