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LEGO Speedorz APK offers many exciting features such as LEGO vehicle building, combat racing, LEGO Chi collection, characters and special skills, diverse game modes.

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Name LEGO Speedorz
Version 1.3
Size 76.5 MB
Category Racing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 2.0.1+

About of LEGO Speedorz APK

LEGO Speedorz APK is a video game based on the LEGO product line, developed by LEGO Group and the third person game company. This game launched in 2013 and was released on mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.

LEGO Speed champions 75875 offers an exciting racing experience in a LEGO block world. Players will have the opportunity to create unique LEGO racing cars and participate in high-speed fighting races. The game focuses on collecting a supply of LEGO Chi gems to open new skills and upgrade your vehicle.

In LEGO Chima Game Mobile APK, players can participate in races with famous LEGO world characters, including characters from the LEGO Legends of Chima product line. Each character has their own unique abilities and skills, creating variety and challenges during gameplay.

Overview of LEGO Speedorz Mobile APK

The game offers a variety of game modes, including single-player, playing against friends over a network connection, and even participating in online multiplayer races. Players can also challenge computer opponents through racing challenges in the LEGO Chima Speedorz game download world.

With stunning graphics and simple yet addictive gameplay, LEGO Speedorz has captured the interest of players around the world. This game is not only geared towards racing, but also encourages the player's creativity and buildability through the creation of unique LEGO models.


In a nutshell, LEGO Speedorz APK + obb is an engaging video game based on the LEGO world, offering players a fun racing experience and the opportunity to get creative with LEGO blocks.

Features of LEGO Speedorz APK For Android

Here are the details of the main LEGO Speedorz game features:

  • LEGO Vehicle Building: LEGO Speedorz APK allows players to create unique LEGO racing cars. By choosing different LEGO parts, players can create car models with unique designs.
  • Fighting Race: The game focuses on high-speed fighting racing. Players will participate in head-to-head races against LEGO characters from the LEGO Legends of Chima lineup. During the race, players need to perform manipulations to control the car, avoid obstacles and use special skills to overcome opponents.
  • Collect LEGO Chi: LEGO Chi is an important in-game supply. Players need to collect LEGO Chi in races to open new skills and upgrade their vehicles. LEGO Chi can be found on the track or through other challenges and missions in the game.
  • Special Characters and Skills: The game features a variety of LEGO characters from the Legends of Chima lineup, each with their own special skills. Players can choose and open different characters to use in the race. Each character has special skills that help players overcome opponents or create an advantage in the race.
  • Diverse game modes: LEGO Speedorz offers many different game modes. Players can participate in a single player mode where they can complete challenges and missions to open new content. There is also a fighting mode, allowing players to network and race against friends in online matches.
  • Beautiful graphics and sounds: LEGO Speedorz APK indir is designed with beautiful graphics, reproducing the creative and engaging LEGO world. Vivid sound along with special sound effects add realism and fun to the gaming experience.

Graphics of LEGO Speedorz APK Latest Version

The graphics in the LEGO Speedorz game are designed to represent the LEGO world with realism and creativity. LEGO Speedorz APK uses bright and varied colors, suitable for the LEGO world. Each racing environment is individually and harmoniously colored, creating a colorful and intuitive LEGO world.

Graphics in LEGO Speedorz are designed with meticulous detail. Details on vehicles, characters and environments are clearly represented, allowing players to feel their LEGO nature. LEGO racing car models have also been recreated with precision, allowing players to see LEGO parts put together into unique vehicles.

LEGO Speedorz APK also uses special effects to increase the appeal and sense of speed. For example, when a player accelerates or uses a special skill, there can be special effects such as fog, fire, light or a feeling of lightning, adding to the thrill and excitement of the race.

How to play, gameplay of LEGO Speedorz APK

Build and Customize Vehicles: Before starting the race, you can build and customize your vehicle by choosing from different Lego parts. You can change the wheels, bodywork, wings and other accessories to create a unique racing car that suits your playing style.


Join the race: After building the car, you will participate in the races in the Lego world. Each race takes place on diverse tracks with unique Lego environments such as forests, mountains, or Lego cities. Your task is to race through the obstacles, collect Lego Chi and win the opponents to complete the race.

Use special skills: During the race, you can use special skills to have an advantage and overcome your opponents. Each Lego character has its own skills, such as accelerating, launching projectiles, obstructing opponents or avoiding obstacles. Using skills at the right time and right will help you go further in the race.

Collect Lego Chi: Lego Chi is an important source in the game. You need to collect Lego Chi on the track by passing the races and defeating your opponents. Lego Chi will help you open new skills and upgrade your vehicle to achieve higher speeds and improve race performance.

Diverse game modes: Lego Speedorz offers many different game modes. You can engage in single player mode to complete challenges and missions, level up your skills, and open new content. In addition, you can also play against friends via a network connection or participate in online multiplayer races to challenge other players around the world.

Simple controls: The gameplay of Lego Speedorz APK is easy to approach and control. You can use the touch screen or the navigation buttons on your mobile device to control the vehicle. Vehicle control and special skills are designed to maximize the mobile gaming experience.

Pros and cons LEGO Speedorz APK iOS


  • Creativity and Customization: LEGO Speedorz allows players to create unique and customized LEGO racing car models to their liking. This encourages creativity and allows players to create unique cars.
  • Simple gameplay: LEGO Speedorz APK has an accessible gameplay and simple controls. Players can quickly approach the game and participate in the race without much complicated learning process.
  • Diverse game modes: The game offers a variety of game modes, including single player, play against friends and participate in online multiplayer races. This brings variety and challenge to players.


  • Repetition of Content: Although there are many different races, the game can become repetitive after a while of play. Racing over and over on the same tracks can detract from the fun and motivation of the player.
  • Limited development: The game does not have an extensive system for character development or racing car upgrades. After a while, players may feel limited about evolving and improving in the game.
  • Limited amount of content: Compared to some other racing games, LEGO Speedorz has a limited amount of content and tracks. This can make the game limited in providing a lasting gaming experience.


Lego Speedorz APK is a unique racing game based on the Lego world, offering players an exciting racing and creative experience. With the ability to build and customize vehicles, attractive graphics, simple gameplay and diverse game modes, this game can capture the interest of players.

Overall, Lego Speedorz APK is a fascinating and exciting game, especially for those who love the world of Lego and speed racing. The combination of construction, racing and diverse game modes brings a multi-dimensional experience and creativity to players.


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