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Riding Extreme 3D APK all bikes is a vivid 3D graphics racing game, combining flexible control and dramatic racing, giving players a unique racing experience on mobile devices.


Name Riding Extreme 3D
Pagekage name com.ducky.bikehill3d
Version 2.9.7
Size 284.44 Mb
Category Racing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+

About to Riding Extreme 3D APK

Riding Extreme 3D Vip APK brings an exciting new racing experience. Designed with stunning 3D graphics, this game takes players into challenging races where you will compete with dozens of athletes to be the first to reach the finish line.

Riding Extreme 3D cycle game not only attracts players with its vivid, realistic road graphics but also with its dramatic racing nature. Controlling your bike becomes a fun challenge with the ability to accelerate and change direction with just a swipe of the screen.

More Overview of Extreme Horse Racing 3D Mobile

The unique feature of the game is the ability to defeat opponents, creating more fun and uncompromising battles in each race. But be careful, because if you don't control skillfully, you can also become a "victim" of other riders.

With Riding Extreme 3D APK indir, you will experience a breathtaking racing atmosphere, from dense forests to challenging roads. The game also allows you to check your position in the race, helping you understand your opponents and come up with a flexible strategy.

All features in Riding Extreme 3D Latest Version

  • Realistic 3D graphics: Riding Extreme 3D bike APK boasts vivid, detailed and clear 3D graphics, creating a wonderful racing world with diverse environments from jungles to challenging roads.
  • Diverse racetrack: Players will participate in dramatic races, with competition between dozens of top athletes. Each race is a new challenge, requiring concentration and refined driving skills.
  • Flexible controls: Controlling the cyclist is designed to be simple but interactive. You can speed up by holding your finger on the screen and swiping right or left to change direction.
  • Knock Out Opponents: A unique feature is the ability to knock out opponents in races. This creates a tactical element but also requires ingenuity to not become a "victim" of another race.
  • Diverse Roads: Riding Extreme 3D APK not only takes players through dense forests but also experiences diverse roads, from green grasslands to difficult roads, creating a diverse racing journey.
  • Check position in races: A useful feature is the ability to check your position in races. This helps you understand your competitors and come up with flexible strategies to overcome them.

Interface, graphics on Riding Extreme 3D For Android

High Detail: Riding Extreme 3D APK's graphics pay attention to every small detail, from the bikes to the surrounding environment. The lines and images are meticulously designed, helping players feel like they are really participating in the race.

Diverse Environments: Every race takes place in diverse environments, from dense forests, to lush grasslands, and even challenging roads. Diversity in the environment helps enrich the player's experience.

Smooth Movement: The smooth movement of game objects is a notable point. From the movements of the bicycle driver to the classy racing track, everything is presented flexibly and realistically.

Sensor Integration: Riding Extreme 3D APK's graphics are optimized to take advantage of mobile device sensors, helping players feel every small movement when controlling the bike, creating a realistic experience and communicate.

How to play, gameplay for Riding Extreme 3D iOS

Simple But Flexible Control: The gameplay of Riding Extreme 3D APK is very accessible to players. You can speed up by holding your finger on the screen and swiping right or left to change direction. This flexibility helps players easily adapt and enjoy the game.

Dramatic and Breathtaking Races: Every race in Riding Extreme 3D APK is dramatic and breathtaking. You will compete with dozens of opponents, must overcome challenging tracks and at the same time keep your bike stable to avoid falling.

Knock Out Opponents: A unique feature is the ability to knock out opponents during races. You can take advantage of this to your advantage, but at the same time you need to avoid being defeated by other opponents.

Diverse and Challenging Routes: The game offers a variety of routes, from suburban forests to tough and challenging roads. Each road requires your concentration and driving skills.

Racing Modes and Challenges: Riding Extreme 3D APK offers a variety of racing modes and challenges, from solo racing to circuit racing modes and even group racing modes.

Pros and Cons of Riding Extreme 3D APK


  • Flexible Control: Simple but flexible gameplay, helping players easily adapt and enjoy the game without difficulty.
  • Dramatic Races: Each race brings drama and excitement, with diverse challenges and opponents.
  • Diverse Racing and Challenge System: Provides many different racing modes and challenges, helping players have many new experiences.
  • Challenge and Defeat Your Opponents: The ability to defeat opponents adds a tactical element, increasing the fun in the race.
  • Team Racing Mode: Offers a team racing mode, creating a unique and exciting racing experience.


  • Potentially Annoying Business Model: As with many free-to-play games, there may be the presence of a business model that may annoy players with advertising or in-app purchases.
  • Internet Connection Required: The game requires an internet connection to race and interact with the player community, which may be a limitation for players without a stable internet connection available.


Riding Extreme 3D APK is a unique and attractive racing game with many outstanding advantages. High-quality graphics, fluid controls and thrilling racing create an immersive racing experience on mobile devices. The gameplay is simple but no less interesting, with the ability to defeat opponents to add a tactical element.

In short, Riding Extreme 3D APK is a great choice for lovers of the racing genre, providing a challenging and exciting racing experience on mobile devices. Prepare for adrenaline-filled races and embark on this diverse racing journey!


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FAQs? Riding Extreme 3D APK

How to increase speed in Riding Extreme 3D APK? +

To speed up, just hold your finger on the screen. This will propel your bike quickly on the track. Remember to stay steady and avoid obstacles to maintain high speed!

How to change direction of movement in Riding Extreme 3D APK? +

Simply swipe right or left on the screen to adjust the direction of the bike's movement. This will help you avoid obstacles and adjust the track flexibly.

How to defeat opponents in the game? +

To take down your opponents, you can push them off the track. However, be careful, because this action can also cause you to lose balance and become a target for other opponents.

How do I check my position in the race? +

You can check your location by looking at the top corner of the screen. The game displays your position and rank, helping you assess the situation and adjust your racing strategy.

Does the game have a team racing mode? +

Yes, Riding Extreme 3D APK offers a team racing mode where you can cooperate and compete with your teammates in the race. This creates more excitement and squad combat in the game.

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