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Race Max Pro APK is a realistic racing game with great 3D graphics and vivid sound. Own supercars, challenge AI opponents and race online to prove your talent!


Name Race Max Pro
Pagekage name game.revani.racemaxpro
Version 0.1.686
Size 690.82 Mb
Category Racing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Developer Revani

Introduce to Race Max Pro APK

Hello fellow speed enthusiasts! Today, we will take you on a journey without speed limits with the ultimate game - Race Max Pro APK. Known as one of the leading racing games on the market, Race Max Pro Car Racing Early Access promises to bring you into a realistic and dramatic racing world, where you can feel the breath of speed racing literally right on your phone.

Race Max Pro APK obb not only beats the competition with stunning 3D visuals, but also gives you an incredibly realistic audio experience. Details on the car models and racing tracks are meticulously recreated, making you feel like you're participating in a real race.

With Race Max Pro, you have the opportunity to own and customize a series of supercars from famous car manufacturers in the world. You can change the paint color, upgrade the engine and other accessories to create the perfect car according to your wishes. This means you have complete control over the car's performance in each race.

More Overview of Race Max Pro Mobile Game

Race Max Pro balap mobil APK is more than simply racing against the computer. This game offers many different game modes such as racing against AI opponents, participating in online racing with other players from around the world, or even challenging your friends via social networks. You will never get bored with Race Max Pro.

Race Max Pro APK has been optimized to ensure you can ride smoothly and confidently. Integrated acceleration sensor helps you feel every movement of the car, from starting the race to passing dangerous curves.

If you are a lover of speed and racing, Race Max Pro APK is definitely the top choice for you. This game will take you on a dramatic and beautiful racing adventure. Download Race Max Pro today and prove your talent on the track!

All features in Race Max Pro for Android

  • Variety of racing cars: The game offers a variety of racing cars from famous car manufacturers in the world. You can choose and customize your favorite car, from supercars to sports cars or classic racing cars.
  • Vehicle customization: You can customize vehicle details such as paint color, wheels, spoiler, and engine upgrades to improve vehicle performance on the track.
  • Diverse game modes: Race Max Pro offers many game modes, including:
  • AI Opponent Race Mode: Race against intelligent computer opponents with varying difficulty levels.
  • Online Race Mode: Participate in races with other players online from around the world.
  • Racing Events: Participate in special racing events to earn rewards and fame.
  • Smooth controls: Race Max Pro is designed with a smooth control system, helping you easily control the vehicle in difficult situations. Integrated acceleration sensor helps you feel every movement of the car naturally and smoothly.
  • Adjustable difficulty: Option to adjust game difficulty, from easy to extremely difficult, to suit every player.
  • Regular updates: Developers regularly provide new updates, adding new cars, new tracks, and features to enhance the player experience.
  • Attendance and achievements: Race Max Pro tracks your achievements and ratings in the game, helping you track your progress and compete with friends.

Interface, graphics on Race Max Pro APK

Vivid 3D graphics: Race Max Pro uses 3D graphics technology to reproduce vehicle models and racing environments realistically and sharply. Details on the car, such as the headlights, front bumper, and wheels, are designed with great precision, helping to create impressive realism.

Beautiful racing environment: In Race Max Pro, you will experience diverse and attractive racing tracks. From brightly lit urban tracks to heavenly natural landscapes, this game's graphics showcase a variety of unique and beautiful racing environments.

Exciting Effects: Race Max Pro uses special effects like lighting, shadows, and tire skids to make every race more vivid and dramatic than ever. This helps create a real racing feel.

Beautiful shots: This game offers diverse shots and perspectives, helping you see yourself participating in the race from many different angles. This creates an interesting and diverse experience for players.

Integrated with advanced technology: Race Max Pro uses advanced technology to ensure graphics and effects run smoothly on various mobile devices.

How to play, gameplay for Race Max Pro Latest version

Choosing a racing car: Before starting a race, you can choose a racing car from a diverse range of vehicles available in the game. Each car has different attributes in terms of speed, intensity and handling. Choose the bike that suits your type of track and style.

Vehicle customization: After selecting a vehicle, you can customize it by changing the paint color, wheels, spoiler, and engine upgrades. Vehicle customization helps you improve performance and express your own style.

Choose a race: Race Max Pro offers a variety of races with their own unique features and difficulties. You can choose the track you want to join and start the race.

Race AI opponents: In AI opponent racing mode, you will face intelligent computer opponents with increasing difficulty. Your mission is to complete the race and defeat your opponents to win.

Online racing: In online racing mode, you will connect with other players from all over the world. Challenge them to see who can race the fastest and get the top spot on the leaderboard.

Complete missions: Race Max Pro often has special missions and challenges for you to complete. This helps you earn rewards and progress in the game.

Car control: The game has a smooth control system, including accelerometer, acceleration button, brake button, and handling button. You must be good at starting and managing your vehicle to overcome challenging and dangerous roads.

Upgrade and evolve: As you progress in the game, you can earn money and experience points to upgrade your car and enhance your driving skills.

Pros and Cons of Race Max Pro iOS


  • High-quality graphics and sound: Race Max Pro is highly appreciated for its graphics and sound. The details on the car and the racing environment are designed to be very realistic, creating a vivid racing experience.
  • Car diversification and customization: This game offers a variety of racing cars and allows players to customize their cars as they like. This creates variety and personalization in the racing experience.
  • Diverse game modes: Race Max Pro offers many game modes, including AI opponent racing, online racing and participating in special racing events.
  • Smooth controls: The game's control system is designed to ensure players can control the car smoothly and easily.


  • High configuration requirements: Race Max Pro has beautiful graphics and effects, but this also means that it requires a mobile device with relatively high configuration for the best experience.
  • Requires stable internet connection: Online racing mode requires a stable internet connection. If you have connectivity issues, you may have difficulty participating in the online race.
  • In-game business model: Race Max Pro has an integrated in-game business model, which includes purchasing perks or virtual currency with real money. This can create pressure or complicate the experience for players who don't want to spend real money.


Race Max Pro APK is an exciting and dramatic racing game, giving players a top speed experience on mobile phones. With vivid graphics, realistic sound, and diverse gameplay, this game has attracted the attention of the gaming community around the world.

With countless outstanding features, if you love the speed and drama of racing, download and experience this game today to participate in the ultimate race!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Race Max Pro APK

Why do I need to download Race Max Pro APK instead of downloading from Google Play Store? +

There are a few reasons you might want to download Race Max Pro APK instead of downloading from the Google Play Store:

  • APKs can let you install games on devices that don't have access to the Google Play Store.
  • You may want to avoid the mainstream app store for some personal reasons.
  • If you want to use an improved or modified version of the game, APK can be the choice.
Does Race Max Pro APK support wireless control? +

Race Max Pro APK usually supports wireless control, but this may depend on the specific version of the game and the features of the phone or device you are using. To know for sure, you should check the game's settings or the documentation that came with your controller.

Is there a Race Max Pro APK version for iOS? +

Race Max Pro APK is usually only released for Android operating systems. If you use iOS, you need to search for the same version on Cydia or other non-mainstream app stores for iOS.

Do I need to root my phone to play Race Max Pro APK? +

No, you do not need to root your phone to play Race Max Pro APK. This game works on most common mobile devices without rooting.

I have problems playing Race Max Pro APK. How to find support? +

If you have problems playing Race Max Pro APK, you should visit the download source or game developer's website or support forum. They will provide guidance and help you solve the problems you are facing.

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