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Kiddions Mods Menu APK is a safe and diverse modding tool for the game Grand Theft Auto 5, providing a unique gaming experience with many interesting features.


Name Kiddions Mods Menu
Version 1.0.0
Size 14.1 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Kiddion

About to Kiddions Mods Menu APK

Kiddions moddest Menu APK is a menu mods specially designed for GTA 5, and it has attracted the attention of the gaming community because of the unique features it brings. Developed by Kiddions, a reputable name in the modding community, this is an external "trainer" for the game, giving players special abilities that were not available in the original version of GTA 5.

More Overview of Kiddions Mods Menu Android

Another outstanding advantage of GTA Kiddions Mods Menu APK is the diversity of features. From dropping coins, earning coins, to creating flying cars, or even spawner vehicles, this menu offers many customization options so players can unleash their creativity and experience the game in their own way.

Another special thing that players like about Kiddions Mods Menu keybinds is the ability to automatically detect and install mods suitable for their devices. This helps players save time and effort during the modding process, while ensuring that their gaming experience always remains smooth and stable.

All features in Kiddions Mods Menu Latest Version

Safety and Security:

  • Kiddions Mods Menu APK is designed so that the game's anti-dishonesty system cannot detect it, helping players avoid having their accounts banned.
  • This high level of security makes Kiddions Mods Menu the preferred choice for those who want to experience modding without worrying about the consequences.

Drop Money and Earn Features:

  • Kiddions modest menu scripts allows players to drop coins easily, creating an opportunity for a rich in-game experience.
  • Ability to make money quickly, helping players expand their assets and purchase items, vehicles, and anything else they desire.

Flying Cars and Spawner Vehicles:

  • Players can enjoy an extremely exciting and unique flying car driving experience.
  • The vehicle spawner function gives players access to a wide range of vehicles and aircraft in the game.

Automatically Detect and Install Mods:

  • Kiddions not working APK has the ability to automatically detect the type of mods suitable for your device, helping to save time and effort during the modding process.
  • This feature ensures that your gaming experience always remains smooth and stable.

Diverse and Customizable Features:

  • Kiddions Mods Menu offers many unique features such as control over where to fly and full access to weapons and tools.
  • There are many customization options so players can tailor their gaming experience to their liking.

Simple and Easy-to-Use Interface:

  • Kiddions Mods Menu's interface is designed simply, making it easy for players to navigate and use the features conveniently.
  • Hotkey support helps activate mods without interrupting the gaming experience.

Instructions, how to use Kiddions Mods Menu iOS

Open the app and Activate: Open Kiddions Mods Menu APK after installation. You will find the interface simple and easy to use. Wait a moment for the application to connect to the game.

Interface and Features: On the main interface, you will see a list of features. Feel free to explore what the app has to offer. Typically, features are arranged in groups such as "Coins", "Weapons", or "Flight Modes".

Customization and Settings: Kiddions Mods Menu allows you to customize many settings to meet your exact desires. You can adjust the amount of money, control the flight mode, or even create the car you want. Always remember to check out customization options to personalize your experience.

Using Hot Keys: Kiddions Mods Menu APK supports hot keys, helping you activate features without opening the menu. This is very convenient when you are in a match or want to keep your gaming state.

Be Careful and Follow the Rules: Always remember that using mods may violate the developer and publisher's terms of use. Please make sure you use Kiddions Mods Menu responsibly and are solely responsible for the consequences.

Tips and advice when using for Kiddions Mods Menu APK

Learn About the Features: Before starting to use Kiddions Mods Menu, read carefully and clearly understand the features it offers. This helps you take advantage of the application's full potential.

Use Safety Features: Kiddions Mods Menu is famous for its high security, but don't forget to enable safety features in the menu to minimize the risk of being detected. Always follow community instructions and advice.

Maintain Latest Version: Always check and update Kiddions Mods Menu APK to ensure that you are using the latest version and is compatible with GTA 5 game updates.

Responsible Use: Use Kiddions Mods Menu actively and responsibly. Enjoy the experience it provides without affecting other players or the natural experience of the game.

Obey the Game Rules: Do not use Kiddions Mods Menu to cause trouble or affect other players' experience. Follow the game rules and keep the game environment healthy.

Do Not Use in Online Mode: Limit the use of Kiddions Mods Menu in online mode to avoid detection and unwanted consequences from developers and publishers.

Advantages and disadvantages Kiddions Mods Menu APK


  • Diverse Features: Provides a variety of features such as dropping money, earning money, flying cars, and many other features to enhance the gaming experience.
  • High Compatibility: Kiddions regularly updates to ensure compatibility with new versions of the GTA 5 game. Supports many operating systems and usage environments.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: The interface is simple and easy to use, helping new players quickly get used to and enjoy the features without difficulty.
  • Automatically Detect and Install Mods: The ability to automatically detect and install mods compatible with the device helps save players time and effort.


  • Limited Features Compared to Other Menu Mods: Compared to some other premium menu mods, Kiddions may have limited features and customization capabilities.
  • Does Not Support Online Mode: Not recommended for use in online mode to avoid ban risk and keep healthy gaming experience.
  • Interface Doesn't Have Many Visual Effects: Compared to some other menu mods, Kiddions' interface may lack some visual effects or unique visual features.


Kiddions Mods Menu APK is a unique and powerful modding tool for the game Grand Theft Auto 5. With the advantages of safety, feature diversity, and high compatibility, it has attracted a lot of attention. of many players. The easy-to-use interface and automatic mods detection feature also make the user experience convenient and smooth.

Most importantly, when using Kiddions Mods Menu or any other modding tool, players should follow the rules of the game, use it responsibly, and ensure that their experience does not impact other players. and does not violate the developer's terms of use.


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FAQs? Kiddions Mods Menu APK

Is Kiddions Mods Menu APK safe? +

Yes, Kiddions Mods Menu is famous for its high safety and undetectability during use. However, it is always good to use responsibly and follow the rules.

Which versions of GTA 5 does Kiddions Mods Menu support? +

Kiddions regularly updates to be compatible with new versions of GTA 5. Make sure you are using the latest version to avoid errors and ensure compatibility.

Is it necessary to use the safety feature in Kiddions Mods Menu? +

Although Kiddions Mods Menu is highly secure, enabling the safety feature in the menu is still a good way to minimize the risk of detection.

Can Kiddions Mods Menu be used in online mode? +

Kiddions Mods Menu should not be used in online mode to avoid being banned. Please keep mods usage in offline mode only.

Is there a coin drop feature in Kiddions Mods Menu? +

Yes, Kiddions Mods Menu offers a money drop feature, but please use this feature responsibly to avoid altering the economic balance of the game.

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