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KLWP Pro Key APK Unlocked for Android and create stunning live wallpapers with advanced customization options. Unlock the full potential of your home screen with this powerful, user-friendly app.


Name KLWP Pro
Pagekage name
Version F
Size 5.8 MB
Category Tools
Price $7.98
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Kustom Industries
Mod Feature Pro Key

About of the app KLWP Pro APK

KLWP Pro Key Mod APK is an application that allows you to customize and create unique and creative live wallpapers on your Android smartphone or tablet. KLWP stands for Kustom Live Wallpaper, and this application provides a lot of powerful tools for you to create beautiful animated wallpapers, widgets and effects.

With KLWP Pro, you will unlock the Pro version of the KLWP app, allowing you to fully utilize premium features and options that the free version doesn't have. It helps you to change your device's home screen and lock screen background into beautiful personalized and unique works of digital art.

Overview of the app KLWP Pro APK

Note that KLWP Pro APK is a paid app and needs to be purchased via Google Play Store. However, after you purchase this Pro version, you will have full and unrestricted access to creating custom backgrounds and widgets to your liking.

KLWP Pro Themes APK provides a series of powerful features and tools for you to create custom live wallpapers and widgets, creating a customized and creative experience on your Android phone.

Features of the app KLWP Pro APK for Android

  • Create unique live wallpapers: KLWP allows you to create live wallpapers and personalize them as you like. You can use your own images and videos, apply motion effects, change transparency and add beautiful graphic elements to create the perfect wallpaper for your phone.
  • Recipes and scenarios: KLWP supports formulas and scenarios, allowing you to create complex and clever animations. You can use formulas to calculate and display data directly on the screen, which gives a high degree of flexibility and customization to your wallpapers and widgets.
  • External data support: KLWP Pro Mod APK allows you to integrate data from external sources such as Google Calendar, RSS feeds, weather information and many other data sources.
  • Built-in music and sound effects: You can add background music and sound effects to your live wallpaper, creating your own entertainment space on your home screen.
  • Graphics layer support: KLWP allows you to add multiple layers of graphics on top of each other to create rich and dynamic effects.
  • Compatible with many custom theme builders: KLWP Pro APK is compatible with Nova Launcher and many other custom theme builders, helping you to optimize the customization experience on your Android device.
  • Language and community support: This app supports multiple languages, allowing users from all over the world to enjoy a customized experience without language barriers. In addition, there is a large community willing to share creative KLWP designs and templates.

How to use KLWP Pro APK Latest version

Step 1: Install KLWP Pro APK

First, you need to install the KLWP Live Wallpaper app from the Google Play Store.

Next, after you have installed the free version, you need to purchase the Pro version through KLWP Pro APK. You can find the Pro version on the app store or on the developer's website.

Step 2: Activate KLWP Pro

Open KLWP Pro APK Download application once installed.

Select the Activate option to confirm that you purchased the Pro version. App will check access and activity to unlock premium feature.

Step 3: Customize wallpapers and widgets

After successful activation, you can open the KLWP Live Wallpaper app (Pro version) to start customizing your wallpapers and widgets.

At the KLWP interface, you can choose New to start a wallpaper template or choose an existing template to edit and customize.

Use the app's tools and features to change images, add motion effects, create widgets, integrate external data, and use formulas/scripts to display dynamic information on the screen.

Step 4: Save and Apply Wallpaper

After customizing, press the Save button to save your wallpaper pattern.

Once saved, you can apply this live wallpaper to your home screen by selecting Set Wallpaper and selecting Live Wallpaper from the list of available wallpapers. Here, you choose the KLWP wallpaper pattern you created to apply on your home screen and lock screen.

Step 5: Enjoy the live wallpaper

You are now done with creating and applying your unique live wallpaper. Enjoy a customized and creative experience on your Android phone!

Note that the process for customizing and using KLWP Pro APK may vary slightly based on the specific version of your app and user interface. However, the main steps for creating custom live wallpapers and widgets are the same as above.

Tips and advice when using KLWP Pro APK

Pay attention to performance and battery consumption: Live wallpapers and widgets can consume a lot of system and battery resources. Please check the performance and battery consumption of the wallpaper after applying it. If necessary, adjust effects and on-screen elements to reduce system load.

Data integration testing: If you integrate external data such as weather information, ensure that these data sources function properly and reliably. Incorrect updates can ruin your experience.

Make sure integrations work properly: When integrating functions and animations, double-check that integrations work properly and don't cause errors or conflicts.

Cross-device optimization and testing: Make sure your live wallpapers and widgets work smoothly on a variety of devices and screen sizes.

Image size and optimization: To avoid over-loading and reduce battery consumption, be sure to optimize the image and video sizes before using them in the template.

The above tips and advice will help you get the most out of KLWP Pro and create unique and personalized live wallpapers for your Android phone.

Pros and cons of the app KLWP Pro APK iOS


  • Maximum Customization: KLWP Pro APK Free Download for Android provides powerful tools for you to customize wallpapers and widgets as you like. You can create unique and creative animated wallpapers and widgets.
  • Performance and battery consumption: Although the wallpaper is dynamic, KLWP is optimized for efficiency and battery saving. You can control the resource consumption of the wallpaper to ensure good performance for your device.
  • External data integration: This application allows the integration of data from external sources such as weather information, calendars, and RSS feeds. This helps to create smart and accurate notifications and widgets.
  • Compatible with multiple theme builders: KLWP Pro Mod APK is compatible with many custom theme builders like Nova Launcher, helping you to optimize your custom experience on your Android device.


  • Requires time and knowledge: To create custom live wallpapers and widgets, it takes time to learn and become familiar with KLWP's features and tools. If you are not familiar with customization, using this application can be a bit complicated at first.
  • Not suitable for people with little interest in customization: If you don't care about interface customization or don't want to spend time creating your own live wallpapers and widgets, then this app might not be the right choice.
  • Powerful device requirements: Some complex animations and customizations may require a powerful device configuration to ensure smooth and effortless operation.


KLWP Pro Full Mod APK is a powerful application that allows you to customize and create unique live wallpapers on your Android phone. With maximum customization, you can create beautiful and creative effects, increasing the personalization of your phone.

If you are a theme customization lover and want to create a unique and personalized experience on your Android device, KLWP Pro APK is a great choice for you. Get the most out of the app and discover new creative possibilities to turn your phone into a unique work of digital art.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.


Is KLWP compatible with all Android devices? +

KLWP works on most Android devices running Android version 4.4 or higher. However, performance and integration may vary on different devices.

How do I share the live wallpaper I created on KLWP Pro with others? +

You can share the live wallpapers you created by exporting them as APK files. Then, other people can download and install this live wallpaper on their devices.

Can I create an animated live wallpaper with weather information in KLWP Pro? +

Yes, you can integrate weather information into your live wallpaper using external settings and plug-ins, such as KWGT (Kustom Widget Maker). This allows you to display current weather information and forecasts on the live wallpaper.

How to download and apply available theme layouts from the KLWP community? +

To download and apply theme layouts from the KLWP community, you can search the KLWP forums or similar sites. Download the .KLWP files and then open the KLWP Pro APK to load the layout. Once loaded, you can apply that layout as your home screen.

How to customize elements in KLWP Pro APK? +

To customize elements, you need to go to the KLWP editor. Tap the element you want to edit, then use the available options to change its size, color, position, and behavior. You can also add effects and interactive features if you want.

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