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Terabox Pro Premium APK is a smart storage solution with large space, advanced security and convenient data sharing capabilities, a reliable companion for every creator and savvy user.


Name TeraBox Premium
Pagekage name
Version 3.24.5
Size 112.17 Mb
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Flextech Inc.

About to Terabox Premium APK

Terabox Premium account APK is a great solution for creators and savvy users. Terabox movie download APK is not just a regular storage application, but also a multi-functional bridge between data protection and convenience of use. With a sophisticated and easy-to-use user interface, Terabox delivers a user-friendly and efficient experience.

More Overview of Terabox Premium Mobile App

One of the unique features of Terabox Premium pc APK is its large storage capacity, helping you easily manage all types of data without worrying about storage space. Not only does it help you store personal images, videos and documents safely, Terabox reviews also supports convenient data sharing, helping connect you with friends, colleagues and relatives.

In particular, Terabox ads APK provides a user experience without annoying ads and helps enhance personal information security. With the ability to synchronize data across multiple devices, you can easily access and manage your data anywhere, anytime.

All features in Terabox Premium Latest Version

  • Storage to your heart's content: Terabox Premium doesn't just limit you in terms of storage space. You can safely store all your important images, videos and documents without worrying about capacity.
  • Easy Data Sharing: This application allows you to share data with others quickly and conveniently. You can create a share link or share it directly with others via email.
  • Premium Security: Terabox Premium APK offers strong security options, including passwords and data encryption. This ensures that your data is always protected and only accessible by the people you choose.
  • No Annoying Ads: The presence of ads is negligible in Terabox Premium APK, creating a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.
  • Sync Across Multiple Devices: With the sync feature, your data will always be updated on every device you are using. This makes it easy to access information from anywhere.

Instructions, how to use Terabox Premium For Android

Login and Create Account: Start by downloading and installing Terabox APK to your mobile device. Then, log in or create a new account.

Data Storage: Add your data by uploading images, videos or documents from your device to Terabox.

Sharing and Managing Access: Select the data you want to share, create a link, or share directly with others. Manage access rights to control who can view or edit data.

Account Security: Enable security features by setting a password and activating encryption to ensure absolute safety of personal data.

Device Sync: Install Terabox Premium APK on all your devices and ensure sync is enabled to access data from anywhere.

Tips and advice when using for Terabox Premium iOS

Take Advantage of Huge Storage Space: Upload anything with Terabox Premium APK with full storage capacity, so enjoy the freedom and upload all the important data you want to preserve.

Security Is Important: It is recommended that you enable all available security features. Set a password for your account and use encryption to ensure that your data stays safe.

Enjoy Sharing Convenience: Use the sharing feature flexibly. You can create share links or share directly from the app with others without complicating the process.

Manage Data Sync: Make sure sync is enabled on all your devices for a seamless experience and access to data anywhere.

Access Control: Strictly manage access rights for others. This helps you control who can see and edit your data.

Advantages and disadvantages Terabox Premium APK


  • Satisfying Storage: A highlight, allowing you to store all data without worrying about space.
  • Advanced Security: Strong security features with encryption and passwords, help protect personal data.
  • No Annoying Ads: User experience is smooth and not bothered by ads.


  • Internet Connection Required: To enjoy full features, you need an internet connection, which can be a hassle if you are in an area without network coverage.
  • Usable User Interface Can Be Complicated: For some new users, the interface can be complicated at times.


Terabox Premium APK is not just a regular storage application, but also your reliable partner in data management. With large storage space, advanced security and convenient data sharing capabilities, Terabox Premium not only meets personal needs but also accompanies creativity and flexibility in daily work.


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FAQs? TeraBox Premium APK

Does Terabox Premium support data synchronization across multiple devices? +

Yes, Terabox Premium supports data synchronization across multiple devices, helping you access information anywhere without losing your phone or tablet.

Does Terabox have storage limits? +

No, Terabox Premium does not limit storage space, allowing you to freely store all types of data without having to worry about capacity.

How to share data with others via Terabox Premium? +

You can share data by creating a sharing link or sharing directly from the app, and can manage other people's access rights.

Does Terabox have any special security features? +

Yes, Terabox Premium offers advanced security with the ability to set account passwords and encrypt data for safety.

How do I sync data with Terabox Premium on my phone and computer? +

Install Terabox Premium on both your phone and computer, then log in to your account. Enable sync so your data is always up to date on all devices.

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