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Spatial Touch APK is an advanced application based on artificial intelligence that allows users to control popular social media and multimedia applications remotely with just hand movements.


Name Spatial Touch™
Pagekage name io.vtouch.spatial_touch
Version 1.0.32
Size 73.69 Mb
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer VTouch

About to Spatial Touch APK

Have you ever imagined being able to control your phone or tablet without touching the screen? With Spatial Touch™ APK, this is no longer a dream but a reality!

Spatial Touch™ Pro APK is a groundbreaking app based on artificial intelligence technology, allowing you to control popular social media apps like YouTube, Netflix, Instagram and more remotely, with just movements hand. No longer needing to touch the screen, you can comfortably lean back to watch videos or use your phone in situations where touching the screen is inconvenient.

More Overview of Spatial Touch For Android

With Special Touch app download, you can:

  • Control multimedia applications remotely without touching the screen.
  • Use hand movements to control YouTube, Netflix, TikTok and more.
  • Experience the convenience of using your device in situations such as wet hands, not wanting to touch the screen while eating or drinking, or simply when you want comfort.

Spatial Touch™ APK is changing the way we interact with our mobile devices. Download today and experience the convenience and innovation it brings!

All features in Spatial Touch Latest Version

Here are some key features of this application:

  • Remote Control: Spatial Touch™ APK allows users to control popular social media apps like YouTube, Netflix, Instagram and more remotely, with just hand movements. This helps users comfortably lean back to watch videos or use the phone in situations when touching the screen is inconvenient.
  • Multimedia control: With Spatial Touch™ APK, users can control not only video apps but also music apps, live TV, and many other multimedia apps. This brings flexibility to mobile entertainment.
  • Easy to use: The application is designed with a friendly and easy-to-use interface, helping users easily adapt and take advantage of features quickly. Remote control through hand movements is a new and exciting experience.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Spatial Touch™ APK supports cross-platform, ensuring that users can enjoy the feature on both their Android mobile phones and tablets conveniently.
  • Regular updates: Spatial Touch™ developers are constantly improving and developing the app, ensuring that users always experience the latest features and best performance from the app.

With the impressive and convenient features that Spatial Touch™ APK brings, this is truly an indispensable tool for those who want to enjoy the experience of using their mobile phone in a smart and convenient way.

Instructions, how to use Spatial Touch App Mobile

Step 1: Connect the device

  • Open the Spatial Touch APK app on your device.
  • You will be asked to connect to the device you want to remotely control. Make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network.

Step 2: Perform initial installation

  • Once connected, you may need to do some initial settings on both the controlling device and the controlled device. This may include granting access and setting certain options.

Step 3: Use Spatial Touch

  • Now you are ready to use Spatial Touch APK! Open any social media or multimedia app you want to remotely control on the remote device.
  • Use hand movements to control app features and functions without touching the screen. Spatial Touch APK will recognize and convert your movements into corresponding commands on the controlled device.

Step 4: Enjoy the experience

  • Enjoy the new and convenient experience that Spatial Touch APK brings. Relax and enjoy using your mobile device without having to worry about touching the screen!

Tips and advice when using for Spatial Touch iOS

Practice and get used to the movements: To get the most out of the Spatial Touch APK features, take the time to practice and get used to the necessary movements. This will help you control the device more accurately and effectively.

Ensure good lighting conditions: Your device needs to have enough light so that Spatial Touch APK can properly recognize and react to your movements. Make sure you use the application in well-lit conditions to avoid unwanted problems.

Customize settings: Explore the settings options in Spatial Touch APK to tailor features and settings to suit your needs and preferences. This may include changing the motion sensor or reaction speed.

Protect personal information: Avoid sharing important or sensitive personal information while using Spatial Touch APK, especially when you are connecting and controlling a device remotely.

Make regular updates: Make sure you are always using the latest version of Spatial Touch APK by making regular updates from the app store. This helps you experience the latest features and improve app performance.

Advantages and disadvantages Spatial Touch APK


  • Convenience and flexibility: Spatial Touch APK provides a remote control experience without touching the screen, facilitating mobile device use in situations such as when sitting away from the device or when hands are wet.
  • Cross-platform: This app supports cross-platform, allowing users to enjoy the remote feature on both Android mobile phones and tablets.
  • Media control: Users have the ability to remotely control a variety of popular media and social media apps, including YouTube, Netflix, and Instagram.
  • Modernity and advancement: Using artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, Spatial Touch APK provides an effective and accurate remote control experience through hand movements.


  • Requires good lighting conditions: To operate effectively, the application needs a good lighting environment to properly recognize and respond to user movements.
  • Compatibility may be limited: Although the application supports cross-platform, there may be some limitations in compatibility with certain devices or operating system versions.
  • Learning to use: Despite its convenient features, learning how to use Spatial Touch APK and getting used to the control movements can take some time.


Spatial Touch APK is an application that brings many advantages and conveniences to users, especially in controlling social media and multimedia applications remotely through hand movements. The convenience and flexibility of this application helps users enjoy the experience of using mobile devices more comfortably and conveniently than ever before.

In short, Spatial Touch APK offers a fresh and convenient means to control mobile devices remotely and make the user experience more enjoyable and convenient.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Spatial Touch™ APK

How does Spatial Touch APK work? +

Spatial Touch APK uses artificial intelligence and sensor technology to properly identify and react to the user's hand movements, thereby controlling applications on mobile devices remotely.

What apps are supported by Spatial Touch APK? +

Spatial Touch APK supports many popular social media and multimedia applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, TikTok and many more.

Can I use Spatial Touch APK on mobile phones and tablets? +

Yes, Spatial Touch APK supports cross-platform, you can use this app on both your Android mobile phones and tablets.

Is an Internet connection required to use Spatial Touch APK? +

Yes, to use Spatial Touch APK, you need an Internet connection or a Bluetooth connection to the device you want to remotely control.

Is Spatial Touch APK safe? +

Spatial Touch APK ensures safety through the use of encryption and other security measures to protect users' personal information.

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