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Widgetable MOD APK 1.6.150

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Widgetable APK is an application for Android, which aims to provide a lovely and enjoyable interactive experience through the use of unique widgets and unique social features.


Name Widgetable
Version 1.6.150
Size 101.43 Mb
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 9+

About of Widgetable APK

The Widgetable pro APK app aims to create a fun and interactive experience on the user's phone screen. By using unique widgets, users can express emotions, share joy and maintain better relationships with friends and loved ones.

Users have the ability to "raise" virtual pets on the phone's home screen. These beasts can share their virtual lives to bring joy and smiles to users. The ability to connect with friends and relatives helps users "raise" pets together.

Overview of Widgetable App APK

The app allows users to create mood bubbles by dropping different colors into the bubbles. Users can plant and nurture virtual plants on the main screen. Various plants like flowers, greenery and fruits are available to choose from. After the tree matures, the user can decorate his virtual garden.

Widgetable APK premium is a mobile application for Android that aims to provide a lovely and enjoyable interactive experience through the use of unique widgets and social features. Join the game to experience outstanding features that help players have great relaxing moments.

Features of Widgetable APK For Android

  • Pet Widget: Raise and take care of virtual pets on the home screen. Pets will share their virtual lives, bringing joy and smiles. Connect with friends and partners to raise children and pets together.
  • Mood Bubbles: Drop bubbles of all kinds of moods, express your mood through colors and personalized bubble designs.
  • Plant Widget: Grow and nurture virtual plants on the home screen. Choose from a variety of plants such as flowers, greenery and fruits. Decorate the virtual garden after the plants mature.
  • Social Widget: Shows the real-time distance between you and your friends or partners. Shows the latest status of the connected person. Express their mood through this widget.
  • Cute note: on your friend or partner's home screen. Show how many times you miss your friend or partner. Show your love and care.
  • The goal of the app: Create an interesting and unique interactive space on the phone screen. Express feelings and emotions through interaction with widgets and social features. Create bonds and improve relationships between users and loved ones.
  • Expected benefit: A lovely and fun interactive experience on the phone screen. Express feelings and emotions using unique widgets and social features. Create an environment to connect and bond with friends and family.

How to use Widgetable APK Latest version

Download the app to your device:

  • Open the Widgetable APK free download app on your phone.
  • Find and select the "Pets" feature or similar.
  • Follow the instructions to choose and create your virtual pet.
  • See the virtual lives of pets and take care of them.

Mood Bubbles:

  • Open the app and look for the "Mood Bubbles" feature.
  • Drag and drop colors onto the bubble to create your mood chart.

Plant Widgets:

  • Find and select the "Grow Tree" feature or similar.
  • Choose the type of tree you want to plant.
  • Take care of and monitor mature plants on your screen.

Social Utilities:

  • In the social widgets section, you can find features like "Distance Widget," "Status & Mood," "Note Widget," and "Remember Me Widget."
  • Follow the instructions in each feature to interact with your friends and partners through unique widgets.

Tips and advice for using Widgetable APK

  • Choose the right features: Explore and understand your app's features before you get started. Choose the features that suit your preferences and usage goals.
  • Interact frequently: To enjoy the full app experience, interact with widgets and features frequently. Regularly check and update the home screen for changes and feedback from pets, plants and other widgets.
  • Customize and decorate: Use the customization feature to make your home screen unique and interesting. Decorate the garden, create colorful mood bubbles, and create an environment that reflects you personally.
  • Make connections: Use social features to connect and interact with friends and family. Share moments, moods, notes and sentiments through social widgets.
  • Managing Pets and Plants: If you use the "Grow Pets" or "Grow Plants" features, be sure to check and care for them regularly. This helps create a positive experience and ensures that your pet stays healthy and the plants stay green.
  • Enjoy the virtual environment: Widgetable APK app creates a unique virtual environment. Enjoy this space to express emotions, create joy and maintain relationships with loved ones.
  • Check for updates: Keep track of new app updates. These updates may bring new features, improve performance, or fix bugs.
  • Protect personal information: If an app requests access to personal information or other data, be sure to read and understand the access permission the app is requesting. Always protect your personal information and provide only necessary access.
  • Contact support: If you have problems or questions about using the app, refer to the help section or contact the app's support.

Remember that each person has their own way of using and experiencing the application. Enjoy and customize the app the way that works for you.

Pros and Cons of Widgetable APK iOS


  • Unique Experience: The app provides a unique and fun interactive experience through the use of unique widgets and features such as virtual petting and virtual planting.
  • Express feelings and emotions: The app allows users to express feelings, emotions and interact with friends and loved ones through social widgets and features like mood bubbles and notes.
  • Home screen customization: Users have the ability to customize and decorate the home screen according to their personal preferences, creating a unique personal space.
  • Social Engagement: Social features allow users to connect and interact with friends and loved ones, helping to improve relationships.
  • Make it fun and enjoyable: Taking care of virtual pets and planting virtual plants can bring joy and relaxation to users.


  • Use Time: Features such as petting and growing plants can require hard work and routine from the user, which can take time.
  • Potential for abuse: Using too much time to interact with the app can lead to abuse or wasted time.
  • Requesting access: To use social and interactive features, the app may request access to personal information or other data, which may make some users uncomfortable.
  • Reliance on virtual marketplaces: This application relies on creating and managing virtual environments, which can make users feel disconnected from the real world.


The Widgetable APK is a fun interactive application for the Android platform that gives users a unique experience through the use of widgets and features such as raising virtual pets, planting trees virtual, and social interaction.

Before using the app, it's important that you carefully consider its pros and cons, making sure it fits your usage goals and lifestyle. Enjoy the unique experience that Widgetable offers and make sure you get the best out of this app's exciting features.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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