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Idle Slayer APK is a unique idle adventure game where you become a hero earn money even when not playing, explore the vast rpg world and upgrade to become a powerful warrior.


Name Idle Slayer
Version 5.2.2
Size 99.3 MB
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Pablo Leban

Introduce to Idle Slayer APK

Idle Goblin Slayer APK reddit is an ultimate adventure game in the world of idle RPG. Designed to provide a unique adventure experience, this game is not only a good way to have fun, but also an opportunity for you to earn money leisurely.

Here, you are not just an ordinary hero, but also a true idle adventurer. The special thing is, your hero can make money without participating in the game directly. This means that even when you are resting, the hero is still reaping success and bringing in valuable coins.

More Overview of Idle Slayer Latest Version

In the vast world of Idle Slayer ultra ascension guide APK, you will have the opportunity to explore many new locations and immerse yourself in exciting missions. Pick up coins, upgrade swords and weapons to become the strongest knight or most talented archer in the field.

With many achievements and new locations awaiting, only dedicated players can discover all the secrets that Idle Slayer APK update holds. Get ready for a journey full of challenges and rewards!

All features in Idle Slayer For Android

  • Unique Idle Character: You will play the role of an idle hero, capable of making money without directly participating in the game. A quite creative idea, allowing players to be truly "idle" in all circumstances.
  • Vast World: The game opens up a wonderful rpg world with many locations and areas to explore. From mysterious forests to deep caves, each place holds its own secrets and challenges.
  • Diverse Missions: A variety of exciting missions from collecting coins, hunting monsters, to exploring new areas. This helps create variety in how players approach the game and keeps them motivated to play over the long term.
  • Weapon and Skill Upgrades: Weapon and skill upgrade features help players develop their hero into a powerful warrior. Depending on your choices, you can become a steady knight or a talented archer.
  • Sharp Graphics and Music: Idle Slayer APK reddit not only scores points with gameplay but also conquers players with exquisite graphics and attractive music, creating a perfect visual and sound experience.
  • Achievements and Powerful Opponents: With a variety of achievements to achieve and powerful opponents to face, the game challenges players at every step and keeps them excited.

Interface, graphics on Idle Slayer iOS

Exquisite Graphics: The lines are made extremely delicate, from the details on the map to the images of the characters. Each element is carefully thought out, creating a vibrant world.

Unique Effects: When you perform actions such as fighting monsters or upgrading weapons, unique effects are added to enhance the experience. This is not just a game, but also a small cinematic work.

Diversity in Character Models: Characters are designed with diversity, from strong warriors to agile archers. You will clearly feel the effort put into bringing uniqueness to each character.

Sense of the World at Large: Graphics are not just about the characters but also about how the world is shaped. From mysterious forests to deep caves, each location is realistically presented.

How to play, gameplay for Idle Slayer Mobile Game

Be Idle and Still Make Money: The main gameplay of Idle Slayer patch notes lies in the fact that your hero can make money without direct intervention from you. This creates a special experience, suitable for those who want to stay classy without spending too much time.

Upgrading Weapons and Skills: Doing missions, picking up coins and enhancing weapons and skills are important factors. Gameplay focuses on developing your character, from fighting monsters to exploring new locations.

Diverse Quests and Launch Rewards: Diverse quests from fighting monsters, collecting items to exploring locations all offer attractive launch rewards. This keeps the gameplay fresh and exploratory.

Vast World to Explore: With a vast world, you have the freedom to move and explore. The gameplay is unconstrained, you can learn about new things and develop in the direction you want.

Challenges and Strong Opponents: Idle Slayer's gameplay is not lacking in challenges. Strong opponents and difficult missions await dedicated players who want to challenge themselves.

Pros and Cons of Idle Slayer APK


  • Unique Idle Gameplay: Certainly, Idle Slayer's biggest strength is its unique idle gameplay. The ability to earn money without directly participating in the game provides convenience and flexibility for players.
  • Beautiful Graphics and Music: Exquisite graphics and engaging music are another highlight. They create a beautiful visual and audio space, adding to the appeal of the game.
  • Large and Diverse World: Having a large rpg world with many locations and quests helps create variety and stimulate players' curiosity.
  • Upgrades and Achievements: Weapon and skill upgrade system along with achievements increases strategy and victory goals.


  • Time Requirement: Despite the idle gameplay, to reach a strong level the game still requires a significant time investment.
  • Limited Interactivity: For those who want more direct participation and interaction, Idle Slayer may feel limited, especially if they enjoy complete control over every aspect of the game.
  • Internet Connection Required: To earn money when you're not playing, you need an internet connection, which can be a hassle for players who travel or are in areas with weak signals.


Idle Slayer APK is not just a game, but an enchanting adventure in the world of idle games. With unique gameplay, beautiful graphics and diverse world, it certainly gives players memorable experiences.

Overall, Idle Slayer APK is an adventure worth playing, where you can experience immersion in the vast world and discover new things that this game has to offer. Get ready to face the challenge and enjoy your journey in this idle RPG world!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Idle Slayer APK

How to make money when I don't play live? +

Your hero can still earn money even when you are not in the game. Make sure you have enabled automatic monetization before exiting the game.

How many locations are there to explore in the game? +

The world of Idle Slayer APK is very large with many different locations such as forests, caves, towns and more. Each location offers unique challenges and rewards.

How to upgrade weapons and skills? +

You can upgrade weapons and skills using coins you earn from missions and pick up in the world. This helps increase the hero's strength and fighting ability.

Is an internet connection required to play Idle Slayer APK? +

Yes, to earn money while not playing, you need an internet connection to maintain the automatic earning process.

Is there a multiplayer feature? +

Currently, Idle Slayer APK does not support multiplayer features. This is a more personal experience, focusing on each player's personal adventure.

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