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Hello Neighbor 2 Mobile APK is a unique horror game that takes players on a mysterious adventure where they must explore, solve puzzles and confront intelligent Neighbors in a world full of drama and stress.


Name Hello Neighbor Act 2
Version 1.0
Size 72 MB
Category Adventure
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer tinyBuild

Introduce to Hello Neighbor Act 2 APK

Hello Neighbor Act 2 APK brings a dramatic and engaging experience. It is known that Hello Neighbor has quickly become one of the classic games, and with the release of Act 2, players' excitement is only further stimulated.

Hello Neighbor 2 Beta APK continues the thrilling story from the previous version, where players have to face a mysterious Neighbor. This is not only a gameplay challenge but also an adventure to learn about hidden secrets.

More Overview of Hello Neighbor Act 2 Mobile Game

One of the most outstanding features of Hello Neighbor Act 2 ending is the great graphics and music that create a horror atmosphere, increasing the feeling of suspense when you step into the dark world of Neighbor.

Gameplay improvements and the addition of complex puzzles all make the game more complex, while keeping players tense and focused. Exploring the surrounding environment and having to find ways to overcome new challenges are what make Hello Neighbor Act 2 APK stand out compared to previous versions.

All features in Hello Neighbor Act 2 Latest Version

  • Deep Story: Hello Neighbor Act 2 continues the fascinating story from the previous version, taking players on a mysterious and dark adventure when facing Neighbors.
  • Enhanced Graphics: The game is designed with great graphics, creating a horror and tense atmosphere. The environments are realistically designed and full of detail, from small rooms to large areas.
  • Complex Gameplay: Hello Neighbor 2 APK is not only a horror game but also a delicate challenge with complex puzzles, requiring the player's creativity and observation to overcome.
  • Interactive Environment: Players can interact with many objects in the environment, from opening doors, finding keys to holding on to small details to solve puzzles.
  • Haunting Music: The music of Hello Neighbor Act 2 APK is carefully selected to enhance the horror atmosphere, creating a unique and impressive audio experience.
  • Diversify Weapons and Tools: The game offers a variety of weapons and tools for players, from a quiet approach to agile action, allowing for a variety of strategies.

Interface, graphics on Hello Neighbor Act 2 For Android

High Quality 3D Graphics: Hello Neighbor Act 2 is built with high quality 3D graphics, creating beautiful models and effects, increasing the realism of the game.

Light and Shadow Effects: Lights and shadows are designed naturally, creating vivid and realistic landscapes.

Sharp Animation: The movements of characters and objects in the game are designed with sharp animation, making every action smooth and natural.

Diverse Colors and Layouts: Diversity in colors and textures helps create a vibrant world and enhances the player's understanding.

How to play, gameplay for Hello Neighbor Act 2 APK

Challenge to Learn: The gameplay of Hello Neighbor Act 2 APK focuses on solving puzzles and learning about Neighbor's secrets. Players will have to learn about the environment and find ways to overcome the challenges that Neighbors pose.

Enhanced Exploration: The game encourages players to carefully explore their surroundings. Exploring the space and finding hidden corners can help you achieve your goals intelligently.

Rich Interactive Features: Flexible gameplay with many interactive features between the player and the environment, from using tools to performing booster moves.

Complex Mission Structure: The story of Hello Neighbor Act 2 is built through complex missions, requiring ingenuity and creativity to pass each stage.

Pros and Cons of Hello Neighbor Act 2 For iOS


  • Excellent Graphics and Music: One of the great strengths of Hello Neighbor Act 2 APK is the high-quality graphics and haunting music, creating a captivating immersion experience.
  • Diversity in Approach: Players can choose from many different approaches when solving puzzles and challenges, creating great flexibility.
  • Exploration: The large and open environment helps players feel free to explore and learn, instead of being restricted to a narrow path.


  • Learning Complex Gameplay: Gameplay can get complicated at times and requires time for players to get used to new elements.
  • Unpredictable Punishment: Some players may find it difficult to face unpredictable punishment from Neighbors, adding an element of difficulty and tension.


Hello Neighbor Act 2 APK is not only an outstanding horror game but also a challenging and dramatic journey. Flexible gameplay and diversity of approach, combined with excellent graphics and music, create a unique gaming experience. Complex missions and expansive environments encourage creativity and exploration on the part of the player.

Hello Neighbor Act 2 APK is a great expansion for fans of the horror game series and at the same time a challenge for those who want to experience something new. Hopefully, with the combination of an exciting story, great graphics, and diverse gameplay, players will enjoy moments of tension and excitement in the mysterious world of Neighbors.


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FAQs? Hello Neighbor Act 2 APK

What's special about the gameplay of Hello Neighbor Act 2? +

The gameplay of Hello Neighbor Act 2 focuses on solving puzzles and exploring an open environment, while delivering a horror and tense experience with intelligent Neighbors.

Is it necessary to play Hello Neighbor before trying Hello Neighbor Act 2? +

No, Hello Neighbor Act 2 can be played independently and does not require experience from the previous game.

What special features of Hello Neighbor Act 2 should you pay attention to? +

Stunning graphics, haunting music, diversity in approach, and expansive environmental exploration are the highlights of the game.

Is there an effective way to avoid Neighbors? +

Use your surroundings wisely, learn about your Neighbor's habits, and use tools and items wisely to avoid detection.

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