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Hajime no Ippo Fighting Souls APK is a boxing game based on the famous manga, taking you on Ippo Makunouchi's journey from student to professional boxer.


Name Hajime no Ippo
Pagekage name jp.pjbox
Version 1.0.20
Size 20.68 Mb
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Developer Rudel inc.

Introduce to Hajime no Ippo APK

Hajime no Ippo Mugen APK is a game based on the popular manga of the same name, also known as Fighting Spirit. Developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, this game has attracted players with its action gameplay and simulation of exciting boxing matches.

In the game, the player will take on the role of the main character Ippo Makunouchi, an ordinary high school boy whose life changes when he is bullied and goes to the boxing gym. With the guidance of Hachiouji Masaru, a talented martial artist, Ippo begins his journey to become a professional boxer.

More Overview of Hajime no Ippo Game Mobile

In the game, you will participate in matches with other fighters, from weak opponents to the top fighters in the world of Hajime no Ippo portable. You can use special attacks and skills to progress and win. The game gives you the experience of a real boxer, from training, improving strength and technique stats, to developing tactics and fighting in realistic boxing matches.

Hajime no Ippo victorious road APK offers a variety of game modes. The story mode allows you to experience the fascinating storyline of Hajime no Ippo psp rom and participate in the important battles in the story. Single-player mode allows you to challenge AI fighters to sharpen your skills. In addition, the game also supports a multiplayer combat mode, where you can challenge your friends to thrilling matches.

This game gives players the thrill, tension and satisfaction of overcoming challenges and confronting the strongest fighters. If you love boxing and want to become a great boxer, Hajime no Ippo The Fighting APK is a game worth exploring.

All features in Hajime no Ippo Latest version

  • Story Mode: The game recreates the plot of the manga, allowing you to experience Ippo Makunouchi's journey from an ordinary high school student to becoming a professional boxer. You will participate in important matches and experience the challenges of Ippo's life and career.
  • Boxing Match: Hajime no Ippo juego APK allows you to participate in authentic boxing matches. You will face other fighters, from weak opponents to top fighters in the world of Hajime no Ippo. The game recreates the hitting and defending in boxing and gives you a variety of skills and tactics to use.
  • Character development: During the game, you can develop and improve your character's strength, speed, endurance, and technique stats. You can train and improve your special moves and skills to become a great boxer.
  • Singles mode: The game offers a singles mode, allowing you to challenge AI fighters to single matches. This is your chance to practice your skills and tactics in boxing.
  • Multiplayer Battle Mode: Hajime no Ippo supports a multiplayer combat mode, allowing you to challenge your friends to exciting matches. You can compete against each other and see who is the strongest boxer.

Interface, graphics on Hajime no Ippo For Android

The graphics in the game Hajime no Ippo APK are well designed with a series of sharp and realistic images. It reinterprets the landscape and characters from the manga in a remarkable way.

The characters in the game are designed with clear details and bright strokes. You'll recognize familiar characters like Ippo Makunouchi and other martial artists from the manga. The characters have realistic hitting movements and smooth movements, creating an engaging experience when participating in matches.

In addition, the game also recreates some familiar environments from the manga, including a boxing gym, arena, and other locations. The environment is rendered with fine detail and vivid colors, giving a clear sense of space and creating an atmosphere suitable for a boxing match.

How to play, gameplay for Hajime no Ippo APK

Story Mode: The game starts with a story mode where you will go through important events and matches in Ippo's life. The plot will help you understand your character and goals.

Training: Before starting the main matches, you can participate in training mode to practice skills and improve Ippo's stats. You can train on a punching bag, treadmill, and hammock and perform strength, speed, and endurance exercises.

Boxing Match: When you are ready, you can participate in boxing matches. You will face off against other fighters, from weak opponents to top fighters. In battle, you use special attacks and skills to attack and defend. You need the right combination of timing and variety of hits to win.

Character development: During the game, you can develop and improve your character's strength, speed, endurance, and technique stats. You can use skill points to buy new skills and improve Ippo's existing skills. Through each match and activity, you will become stronger and develop into a great boxer.

Single vs. Multiplayer Modes: The game offers a single-player mode where you can challenge AI fighters to hone your skills. In addition, you can also participate in the multiplayer fighting mode, which allows you to compete with your friends in thrilling matches.

Progress and Open: As you progress in the game, you'll open a variety of new content, including characters, outfits, skills, and game modes. This increases the quality and richness of the game.

That's how to play the game Hajime no Ippo. You will go through a fascinating journey and participate in dramatic boxing matches to become a great boxer.

Pros and Cons of Hajime no Ippo iOS


  • Realistic: The game accurately reproduces boxing fights and blows from the manga. This brings an authentic and engaging experience to the players.
  • Compelling storyline: The game embodies the rich and engaging storyline of the Hajime no Ippo manga. You can go through the main character's journey from when he was an ordinary high school student until he became a respectable boxer.
  • Character Development: The game allows you to develop your character, improving your stats and skills. You can customize and upgrade your Ippo according to your playing style.


  • Repeatable: After completing the storyline and participating in boxing matches, there may be a lack of lasting appeal and the game may become repetitive.
  • Simple Combat Mechanics: Although the game recreates boxing, the combat mechanics can be simple and don't provide enough depth for professional players.


Hajime no Ippo APK game successfully recreates the world and boxing match from the original manga. It provides a realistic and engaging experience for players, with beautiful graphics and an engaging storyline. The ability to develop characters and participate in dramatic boxing matches is the strong point of the game.

For fans of Hajime no Ippo and passionate about boxing, the game Hajime no Ippo can provide a fun and rewarding experience.


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FAQs? Hajime no Ippo APK

Is there any way to fix errors or problems when playing Hajime no Ippo APK? +

If you encounter errors or problems while playing, you should try checking the game's support site or contacting customer support for specific assistance. Often these errors can be fixed through software updates or troubleshooting instructions from the developer.

Is there a way to connect with other players in Hajime no Ippo APK? +

Hajime no Ippo APK has an integrated multiplayer mode that allows you to connect and compete with other players around the world. Through social network features or the in-game chat system, you can connect with the community and participate in multiplayer activities.

Is there a way to upgrade fighters in Hajime no Ippo APK? +

That's right, you can upgrade your fighter in the game by accumulating skill points, enhancing equipment, and performing in-game missions. Upgrading fighters is an important part of the journey to becoming a top fighter.

Does the game have an offline version? +

Currently, Hajime no Ippo APK is usually an online game, but there may be an offline play mode for some specific features. For details, you should see instructions or information from the publisher.

What are the system requirements for Hajime no Ippo APK? +

System requirements may vary from version to version, but usually the game requires an Android device with a specific operating system version, enough RAM, and enough storage space to install the game. For specific requirements, you should check the official website or app store of Hajime no Ippo APK.

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