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Download Ghost On Hunt Apk is a great arcade game for Android. Eerie Multiplayer Hide and Seek - Hidden in a series of cursed kingdoms, stubborn ghosts roam the halls.


Name Ghost on Hunt
Version 1.1
Size 24 MB
Category Arcade
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Yassindev

About Ghost on Hunt

This is a challenging action adventure game. In the game, you will play the role of a professional demon hunter and try to destroy evil ghosts to protect our world. With stunning graphics and a diverse gameplay system, Ghost on Hunt is a great choice for lovers of the action-adventure game genre.

Overview Ghost on Hunt

Ghost on Hunt is a first-person shooter action game with colorful and vivid 3D graphics. This game has dramatic and thrilling details, giving players the feeling that they are participating in a dangerous war between supernatural forces and humans.

Players will take on the role of a demon hunter, equipped with modern weapons and supernatural abilities to confront demons and demons. In the game, players will have to find a way to destroy the demons to protect the world from their destruction.

Ghost on Hunt also has many attractive features, including improving equipment, upgrading weapons, and customizing the player's character for maximum effectiveness in hunting demons.

Features of Ghost on Hunt include:

Diverse mission system: The game offers many different missions, from destroying monsters to rescuing hostages.

High-quality graphics: The game uses high-quality 3D graphics, creating a vivid and attractive world.

Diverse Weapon System: Players can choose from a variety of weapons to deal with monsters and enemies.

Skill system: Players can enhance their skills through completing quests and gaining experience.

Diverse game modes: The game offers many different game modes, including single player, double player and online play with other players.

Character development system: Players can customize their character by changing costumes and equipment.

Trading system: The game allows players to buy and sell in-game items to earn money and upgrade their characters.

Diverse Missions and Challenges: In Ghost On Hunt, players will participate in various quests and challenges to gain experience and upgrade equipment. These quests can be hunting monsters, finding pieces of items, or performing other special quests.

Equipment Upgrade: Players can upgrade their equipment to increase their strength and combat ability. These items include weapons, armor, shoes, accessories, and other support items.

Beautiful graphics: Ghost On Hunt uses beautiful 3D graphics with vivid light and sound effects, creating a vivid and engaging gaming experience.

Multiplayer mode: players can connect and play together to complete missions or participate in PvP matches.

Free to play: Ghost On Hunt is a free game that allows players to download and play without paying any fees. However, the game also has some features and items that can be purchased with real money to enhance the gaming experience.

Tips when using the game Ghost on Hunt APK

Be careful when approaching the monsters in the game, they can attack you at any time.

Use different objects and weapons to deal with the monsters. Learn how to use them to increase your survivability.

If you get stuck in the game, search for tutorials online or watch video tutorials on YouTube. This will help you overcome difficult challenges in the game.

Finally, always ensure your own safety when playing games, especially when you are using a mobile device. Do not play games while you are driving or in other dangerous situations.

Basic instructions to use Ghost On Hunt game:

Install the game: Download the game from the homepage or the app store on your phone. After downloading, install and launch the game.

Choose game mode: In the game Ghost On Hunt, you can choose single player mode or multiplayer mode. Single mode is for playing alone and multiplayer mode is for playing with your friends.

Choose a character: In the game Ghost On Hunt, you can choose one of the available characters to start playing. Each character has different strengths and skills, so choose the one that suits your playing style.

Start playing: After selecting the game mode and character, you will be taken to a new screen to start playing. Follow the on-screen instructions to control your character and complete the assigned tasks.

Collect items and upgrades: During the game, you can collect items and money to upgrade your character and equipment. Make sure you collect enough items to enhance your character's strength and skills.

Use special skills: Each character in the game Ghost On Hunt has its own special skill. Use this skill to defeat the monsters and complete the quest.

Join the community: Ghost On Hunt also has an online community where you can socialize and share your gaming experiences with other players.

A variety of weapons are available in the game:

Rifle: A precision weapon with a long range, often used to destroy enemies from long distances.

Machine Gun: A weapon with a fast rate of fire and the ability to destroy multiple enemies at once.

Grenades: A weapon mainly to create pressure and destroy opponents, but it has a limit in quantity and use.

Sword: A close-knit weapon with incredible power, it allows the player to kill enemies quickly and effectively.

Spells: Players can use spells to attack and defend. Spells can be customized and upgraded to become a more powerful weapon.

Support items: In addition to the main weapons, players can also use support items such as charms, explosives, smoke bombs to create an advantage in battle.

Pros and cons of the game Ghost On Hunt:


  • Beautiful and realistic graphics.
  • Rich gameplay with many different game modes.
  • The weapon system is diverse and rich.
  • The difficulty of the game is adjusted accordingly to create a good gaming experience.
  • The plot is engaging and interesting.
  • Well-designed character and weapon upgrade system.


  • There may be some technical errors during the game.
  • Some features and game modes may not be suitable for some players.
  • Game loading time is a bit slow on some devices.
  • Sound and music options could be improved.


In summary, the game Ghost On Hunt is an attractive first-person shooter game with many unique features such as single-player and multiplayer modes, along with a wide range of diverse and rich weapons. The game is also regularly updated with many new updates, bug fixes and additional features to help players have a better gaming experience.

However, the game still has some disadvantages such as the graphics are not beautiful, the sound is not vivid and the multiplayer mode is still limited compared to the shooters on the market today.

Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Ghost on Hunt APK

How to backup or restore data in Ghost on Hunt? +

Usually, games will provide the option to back up and restore data in the settings or game options. You can learn how to do this in the game's instructions or contact the developer for specific support.

I'd like to propose a new feature for Ghost on Hunt. How to contact the developer? +

To suggest new features or report technical issues, you can find contact information for the developer on the game's official website or in the app store where you downloaded the game.

Does Ghost on Hunt require an internet connection? +

Usually Ghost on Hunt does not require an internet connection to play in single player mode. However, if you want to participate in online mode or download a lot of the latest content, you may need an internet connection.

I get an error when installing or playing the game. How to fix? +

To fix installation or playing issues, you should try the following:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Ghost on Hunt APK.
  • Restart your device.
  • Delete the current installed version and reinstall the game.
  • Contact the developer or the game's support service for more information and help.
I have problems or errors when playing Ghost on Hunt APK, how do I solve it? +

When you encounter problems or errors in Ghost on Hunt APK, you can try the following measures to resolve the issue:

  • Restart the app: Try quitting the app and restarting it to see if the issue is resolved.
  • Check your internet connection: Make sure you have a stable internet connection for a smooth gaming experience.
  • Review updates: Check if there are any updates available for Ghost on Hunt APK, as they may fix bugs and improve performance.
  • Contact support: If the problem persists, you should contact the game's support service for further assistance.
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