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My Perfect Hotel Game APK Build, upgrade, and customize unique hotels, cater to guests, and conquer challenges in this engaging time management and simulation game. Start your journey now!


Name My Perfect Hotel
Pagekage name com.master.hotelmaster
Version 1.11.5
Size 156.39 Mb
Category Arcade
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer SayGames Ltd

About to My Perfect Hotel APK

My Perfect Hotel APK is a time management simulation game available on Google Play Store. In this game, you will experience running your own hotel, from welcoming guests to improving facilities and expanding your accommodation business.

Starting from a small hotel, you will work to upgrade and expand your facility. Book rooms, optimize services, hire staff and ensure that your customers have the best experience.

Not just a single hotel, the game offers many different hotel options to explore and develop. Each hotel has its own characteristics and challenges, requiring you to be creative in management and development.

If you love a creative space to manage objects with the element of construction and development, My Perfect Hotel APK can be an interesting choice to experience. Come and experience the world of hotel management and build your own accommodation empire.

Overview of My Perfect Hotel Mobile APK

My Perfect Hotel APK is a hotel empire building and time management simulation game where you will take on the role of a hotel manager and build a chain of hotels with the goal of achieving Five-star rating for each hotel.

The game offers specific goals and challenges for you to complete, helping you progress through the levels and achieve perfection for your hotel. You can upgrade the movement speed of you and your staff to increase work efficiency and provide better service to customers.

My Perfect Hotel APK is an exciting management simulation game where you will face many challenges in building and managing your hotel chain. You need to carefully consider financial management, optimize service, and create the best customer experience to achieve the highest goals and ratings for each hotel.

Features in My Perfect Hotel APK for Android

  • Hotel Construction and Management: Going through the process of building and managing a hotel, you need to ensure that the rooms and services provided meet the needs of your guests.
  • Customization and Design: You have the ability to customize and design the rooms in your hotel to create an impressive space and attract customers.
  • Upgrade Facilities: You can upgrade hotel amenities such as restaurant, swimming pool, parking to attract customers and increase revenue.
  • Financial Management: Collect money from customers, invest in upgrading and expanding your hotel.
  • Expand To Different Locations: Not only limited to one hotel, you can expand to many different locations like beach, mountain, forest, etc.
  • Challenges and Goals: The game provides objectives and challenges for you to complete, helping you progress through the levels and achieve success.
  • Optimize Performance: Upgrade your and your staff's working speed to provide better service to customers.
  • Grow a Lodging Empire: The ultimate goal is to build a successful accommodation empire with multiple hotels in various locations.

Game mode, graphics of My Perfect Hotel Game APK

  • Visual Style: The game's graphics can use a cartoon, 2D or 3D style to represent the hotel and management activities.
  • Hotel Image: Graphics can show detailed images of the rooms and facilities in the hotel, helping players clearly see the development and improvement of the facilities.
  • Landscapes and Places: If the game allows expansion to various locations such as beaches, mountains, and forests, then the graphics can represent the diverse landscapes of these locations.
  • Custom Design: If the game allows the player to customize the design of the room and space, the graphics can allow for a high degree of customization in the decoration and interior design.
  • Characters: If there are characters in the game (such as hotel staff or customers), the graphics can represent a unique image for each character.
  • Special Effects: Graphics may use special effects to represent growth, upgrades, and customer satisfaction.

How to play of My Perfect Hotel Latest version

  • Getting Started: The game starts with you managing a small hotel and basic facilities. Your first job may be to greet customers, collect money, and make sure they have a good experience.
  • Build and Upgrade: You need to build and upgrade the rooms, amenities and services in your hotel to increase revenue and attract more customers.
  • Hiring Staff: As your hotel grows, you can hire more staff to help you manage and provide services to your guests.
  • Design Options: The game can allow you to customize and design rooms, decorations, and spaces to your liking to create an engaging and unique space.
  • Expand To Different Locations: You have the ability to expand your hotel chain to different locations like beaches, mountains, forests. Each location can present its own challenges and opportunities.
  • Challenges and Goals: The game offers different goals and challenges for you to complete. Reaching these goals helps you progress through the game.
  • Financial Management: You need to manage your hotel's finances by collecting money from customers, investing in upgrades and expansions, and making sure you're never short of money.
  • Optimizing Performance: Increase the speed of movement of you and your staff to provide better service to your customers, make them more satisfied, and increase your revenue.
  • Customer Care: Meet the needs of your guests and ensure they have a comfortable and memorable experience in your hotel.

Pros and Cons of My Perfect Hotel APK iOS


  • Challenges and Goals: In-game goals and challenges help you have specific goals to accomplish and keep the game interesting and challenging.
  • Design Options: If the game allows customization of room and space design, this creates a high degree of customization and allows you to create environments unique to your hotel.
  • Combining Management and Construction: The combination of time management and building empire building creates a multi-dimensional and enjoyable experience.
  • Fun Time: Time management games often feel exciting and hectic when you're trying to manage multiple activities at once.


  • Time-Consumption Pattern: Some time-management games may use a time-gating model, requiring you to wait or pay to progress further in the game.
  • Engage with In-App Purchases: If the game involves in-app purchases for quick upgrades or ingredients, this can create a sense of frustration for players who don't want the actual cost of the game.
  • Loss of Interest in Time: Loss of interest can occur when hotel management becomes repetitive, especially if there are not enough changes or new tasks.


My Perfect Hotel APK game is a fun time management and empire-building simulation game. You will take on the role of a hotel manager and must build, upgrade and manage hotels to attract customers and achieve success.

Join with your comfort, adaptability and personal experience to have the best time of your life.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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