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Download Hungry Shark Evolution APK - Exciting video game under the ocean, hunt, upgrade sharks, and explore diverse environments. Beautiful graphics, unique gameplay!


Name Hungry Shark Evolution
Version 11.3.0
Size 186.57 Mb
Category Arcade
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

Introduce About to Hungry Shark Evolution APK

Hungry Shark Evolution menu APK is one of the most engaging and exciting video games that you can experience on your mobile device. Developed by Future Games of London, this game has quickly attracted millions of players worldwide and has become an icon in the open-world gaming genre.

From the very beginning, you will be drawn into a beautiful, but dangerous undersea world. Hungry Shark Evolution lets you play as a shark and gives you a simple but exciting mission: hunt, eat meat and avoid other dangers. With stunning 3D graphics and realistic sound effects, this game delivers an immersive and dramatic experience.

A strong point of Hungry Shark Evolution vs World is the diversity of shark species and the opportunity to upgrade them. You can collect and strengthen many different species of sharks, each with unique abilities, from muscle strength to hunting ability.

More Overview of Hungry Shark Evolution Mobile Game

Hungry Shark Evolution also has many exciting missions and events for you to participate in, helping you earn more money and diamonds to upgrade your shark or buy other items. Furthermore, the game always has regular updates, ensuring that players will never get bored.

The Hungry Shark Evolution APK application also allows you to challenge your friends through multiplayer mode, where you can show off your shark hunting and control skills in exciting battles.

If you are a lover of fun action games and want to challenge yourself with controlling a bloodthirsty shark, then Hungry Shark Evolution APK is a great choice to explore the deep- sea world. Don't miss your chance to join this adventure and experience ocean life like never before.

All features in Hungry Shark Evolution for Android

  • Control a Shark: You will be able to control a shark and participate in ocean life, the main task is to hunt, eat fish and other creatures, as well as destroy rivals and opponents statues on the water.
  • Hungry Shark Evolution offers a variety of different shark species to choose from and upgrade, each with unique abilities. You can open new shark species as you progress in the game.
  • Diverse Environments: Under the ocean, you'll explore a variety of environments such as tropical beaches, icy regions, rocky tropical areas and more. Each environment has its own characteristics and challenges.
  • Missions and Events: The game has many diverse missions and events for you to complete. These missions may involve eating a specific amount of food, destroying enemy soldiers, or participating in races and challenges.
  • Equipment and Upgrades: You can upgrade your shark by purchasing and attaching additional equipment such as a chainmail vest, scythe, and alarm clock to increase its survivability and strength.
  • Multiplayer Mode: You can challenge your friends or other players through multiplayer mode, where you compete to see who can control the shark best.
  • Continuous Events: The game often has exciting updates and events to keep the game fresh and interesting for players.
  • Social Network Integration: You can share your achievements and gameplay on social networks and challenge your friends.
  • Free and Additional Shopping Features: The game is available for free to download and play, but also offers additional shopping features so you can upgrade faster.

Interface, graphics on Hungry Shark Evolution APK

Sharp 3D Graphics: Hungry Shark Evolution uses high-quality 3D graphics, helping to create a very vivid and realistic ocean environment. Details such as sharks, fish species and environments are all designed with special care to create sharp and eye-catching visuals.

Beautiful Effects and Dynamics: The game has many attractive effects, from underwater air bubbles, sunlight shining through the water surface, to sharks destroying prey with explosions and water-splashing scenes splash.

Diverse Environmental Details: Under the ocean, you'll explore a variety of environments, from colorful tropical beaches to gloomy icy regions. Each environment is designed with meticulous detail, creating a world full of variety and excitement.

Impressive Shark Design: The sharks in the game are designed with diversity and impressiveness. From tiny sharks to giant sharks, each species has its own distinct size and shape, and special care is given to the details of their appearance.

Friendly User Interface: The game's user interface is designed for ease of use and navigation. Buttons and icons are arranged logically, helping players focus on the gaming experience.

How to play, gameplay for Hungry Shark Evolution Latest version

Choose and Upgrade Shark:

  • Starting with a basic shark, you will have to eat meat and collect money to upgrade your shark or buy new shark species.
  • Each species of shark has different attributes, including speed, strength, and resistance to ocean dangers.

Hunt and Destroy Your Opponents:

  • Your main task is to hunt and destroy fish and creatures in the ocean. Eat as much meat as possible to increase your score and money.

Avoid Danger:

  • Under the ocean, there are many dangers such as traps, helicopters, fish nets, and even people. Avoid them to avoid losing health.

Collect Items:

  • In the underwater environment, you can collect a variety of items such as money, diamonds, additional food and other items that help upgrade your shark or buy equipment.

Complete mission:

  • The game offers many interesting quests and events for you to complete. This helps you earn more coins and diamonds to progress further in the game.

Equipment Upgrade:

  • You can upgrade the shark by purchasing and attaching additional equipment such as a chainmail vest, scythe, and alarm clock. This helps sharks become stronger and survive longer.

Continuous Events:

  • Updates and events are regularly added to keep the game fresh and exciting.
  • Hungry Shark Evolution APK truly creates a dramatic and exciting experience, as you participate in the underwater world with the task of hunting and surviving in diverse and dangerous environments.

Pros and Cons of Hungry Shark Evolution iOS


  • Beautiful Graphics: The game uses beautiful 3D graphics and high-quality sound effects, creating a lively and attractive underwater environment.
  • Unique Gameplay: Hungry Shark Evolution offers unique gameplay when you play as a bloodthirsty shark and participate in a dramatic hunt.
  • Diverse Environments: You can explore many different underwater environments, from tropical beaches to icy regions, creating variety in gameplay. There is a multiplayer mode that allows you to challenge friends or other players.
  • Missions and Events: Diverse missions and events help keep the game interesting and challenging.


  • In-App Business Model: The game features additional in-app shopping, which can lead to pressure to purchase items with real money or diamonds to advance quickly in the game.
  • Can Become Repetitive: Although there are many environments and missions, after a while the game can become repetitive, where you just need to hunt and upgrade sharks.
  • Partial Internet Connection Required: Some game features require an internet connection, which may be inconvenient for those without a stable connection.


The Hungry Shark Evolution APK game is a fun and unique video game that offers a vivid ocean experience through the eyes of a bloodthirsty shark. The strengths of this game include beautiful graphics, unique gameplay, many shark species and diverse environments, along with interesting missions and events.

It offers a dramatic and exciting undersea world, as you hunt, destroy opponents and upgrade your sharks. Get ready to explore the diverse and dangerous world of Hungry Shark Evolution!


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FAQs? Hungry Shark Evolution APK

How to play the game effectively and win big? +
  • Practice is the most important. Try to improve your shark control skills and know how to deal with different challenges at sea.
  • Upgrade your shark regularly to enhance survival and attack ability.
  • Learn how to use the shark's special abilities to help you win in difficult situations.
  • Follow quests and events in the game to earn rewards and additional gold coins.
How do I upgrade my shark in the game? +
  • To upgrade your shark, you need to earn enough gold coins and gems in the game. The best way to do this is to hunt and collect items along the way.
  • Open the in-game store screen and select the shark you want to upgrade. You can upgrade the shark's abilities, speed, strength, and many other factors.
  • Remember that upgrading sharks is an important part of the game to progress further and challenge bigger fish.
Does Hungry Shark Evolution game support multiple languages? +

Yes, Hungry Shark Evolution supports multiple languages. You can change the language in the game settings to choose the language that suits you.

How to earn more coins and gems in the game? +

To earn more coins and gems in Hungry Shark Evolution, you can do the following activities:

  • Destroy many types of prey and people.
  • Complete missions in the game.
  • Find hidden gift boxes and songs to receive rewards.
  • Use upgrades to increase your shark's earning potential.
  • Activate events and participate in daily competitions.
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