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Gangstar New Orleans APK is an ultimate action adventure game from Gameloft where you can engage in street robberies, race cars, fight rival gangs and make a name for yourself in the vibrant underworld.


Name Gangstar New Orleans
Version 2.1.7a
Size 79.84 Mb
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Developer Gameloft SE

Introduce About to Gangstar New Orleans APK

Gangstar New Orleans APK is an action- adventure game developed and published by Gameloft. This is the latest version of the popular Gangstar series, bringing players into the open world of crime in the city of New Orleans.

In this game, you will play as a new gangster who arrives in New Orleans city and engages in diverse criminal activities, including street robbery, car racing, fighting with rival gangs pictures, and many other interesting quests. Your goal is to build a name and power in the underworld of this city.

Gangstar New Orleans APK game has beautiful and quality graphics, creating a hearty environment, sharp images and vivid visual effects. You can participate in thrilling street races, fight enemies in violent conflicts and undertake quests to progress in the game's story.

More Overview of Gangstar New Orleans Mobile Game

In addition, the game also offers a variety of weapons and vehicles, allowing you to customize your character and become a notorious assassin. You can also participate in social activities with other players, like fighting in clans, or building alliances to fight opposing forces together.

The game is available on multiple mobile platforms, including Android and iOS, and you can get Gangstar New Orleans APK from official sources or from app stores like Google Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iOS).

All features in Gangstar New Orleans for Android

  • Open World: Gangstar New Orleans APK offers players an expansive, rich, and authentic New Orleans city to explore. You can freely move in the city, explore different places and participate in criminal activities.
  • Rich Storyline: The game has a rich story with engaging main and side quests. You will play as a new gangster to the city and pursue his advancement in the criminal world.
  • Diverse Criminal Activities: Gangstar New Orleans offers many different types of criminal activities. You can rob banks, participate in street races, fight rival gangs, perform raids and more.
  • Great graphics and sounds: The game has beautiful graphics with a realistically recreated New Orleans city environment. Music and sound effects are also attractively designed, creating a lively and interesting experience space.
  • Character customization: You can customize your character with a variety of costumes, accessories and equipment. Upgrade skills and collect money to buy new weapons and vehicles.
  • Online Mode: Gangstar New Orleans APK allows you to connect and interact with other players through online activities such as races, clan wars, and alliances.
  • Vehicles and Weapons: In the game, you will have the opportunity to use a variety of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, yachts and tanks. In addition, you can also equip a variety of weapons from pistols, shotguns, to heavy weapons like grenades.
  • Special Events: Games often feature special events that take place from time to time, providing the opportunity to earn extra rewards and experience a variety of new activities.

These features are subject to change or update from time to time from Gameloft.

Interface, graphics on Gangstar New Orleans APK

The graphics of the game Gangstar New Orleans APK are rated as beautiful and high quality. Gameloft has invested heavily in the design of the New Orleans city environment and surrounding areas, creating a large and vivid picture.

The landscape in the game is reproduced in detail and realistically, from crowded streets, high-rise buildings, busy squares, to peaceful suburban areas.

Characters and other objects in the game are also designed with harmonious details and colors, creating characters with looks that match their roles and personalities. Flexible and high-quality graphics make the game run smoothly on newer mobile devices.

Visual effects in Gangstar New Orleans APK are also appreciated, from lighting effects, shadows, to special effects in battle scenes or action scenes.

How to play, gameplay for Gangstar New Orleans Latest version

Complete Main Quests: Follow and complete the main quests in the game's story. These quests will take you through events, battling enemies, and progressing in the game's plot.

Engage in Criminal Activity: Participate in various criminal activities such as robbing banks, killing people, performing attacks, and participating in street car races. Completing these activities will earn you money and experience to upgrade characters and weapons.

Character customization: Customize your character by changing costumes, accessories, and equipment. Upgrade your character's skills to become more powerful and fearsome in battles.

Explore the World: Travel around the city of New Orleans to discover interesting spots and find hidden secrets. You can find shops, zoos, and attractions in the city.

Participate in online activities: Connect with other players in the game by participating in online activities such as races, clan wars, and alliances. Together against enemies and compete for more rewards and fame.

Weapons and Vehicle Upgrades: Earn money and spend it to upgrade your weapons and vehicles. These improvements will make you stronger and easier to overcome tough challenges.

Remember, Gangstar New Orleans APK is an open-world action-adventure game, so you're free to choose how you play to suit your personal taste and style. Enjoy the adventurous world of crime and explore the diverse city of New Orleans in this game!

Pros and Cons of Gangstar New Orleans iOS


  • Open World: Gangstar New Orleans offers players a vast New Orleans city to explore and engage in diverse criminal activities.
  • Multiple criminal activities: Players can engage in various criminal activities such as robbing banks, killing people, participating in races and carrying out attacks.
  • Character customization and equipment: You can customize your character with costumes and accessories, upgrade skills, and collect new weapons.
  • Online Mode: The game allows the player to participate in online activities such as races and clan wars.


  • Resource Consumption: Due to the high quality graphics and open world, the game can consume a lot of resources and requires quite high system configuration, affecting performance on low-end devices .
  • Coins and Diamonds: The game features shopping for new weapons and outfits, but getting enough coins and diamonds can be time consuming and requires dedication.
  • In-app business model: The game may contain an in-app business model, which may mean that some features or items are only available for purchase with real money or in-game diamonds.
  • Restrictions for child players: Due to the violent content and language that may not be suitable for children, the game is recommended for adult players.


Gangstar New Orleans APK is an exciting open world action- adventure game. This game offers players a vast criminal world in the city of New Orleans, with beautiful and high-quality graphics, creating a lively and realistic environment.

Players have the freedom to explore the city, perform main and side quests, as well as participate in online activities with other players. Customize your character and equipment to help you create a powerful and fearsome gangster. If you are a fan of the Gangstar series and love the open world, this game is worth checking out.


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FAQs? Gangstar New Orleans APK

What are the system requirements for Gangstar New Orleans APK? +

System requirements may vary by game version. However, usually to play Gangstar New Orleans on Android, you need an Android device with a compatible operating system version and enough free space to install and run the game smoothly.

How to upgrade characters and items in the game? +

To upgrade characters and items, you need to collect money and resources in the game. Use them to buy and upgrade your character's weapons, vehicles, and skills. Complete missions and participate in in-game activities to earn more money and experience.

Is there a way to create a gang and play with friends? +

Unfortunately, Gangstar New Orleans does not support the ability to create a gang or play with friends in the current version. The game focuses primarily on personal experiences in the criminal underworld of New Orleans.

Why can't I install Gangstar New Orleans APK? +

Some reasons that can cause problems during installation include an unsupported device, an APK file that is not compatible with your Android version, or installation from an untrusted source. Make sure you've downloaded the APK file from a trusted source and that "Install apps from unknown sources" is enabled in your device's security settings.

How to backup and restore data in Gangstar New Orleans APK? +

To back up data in Gangstar New Orleans APK, you can use the game's data backup feature if it is available. This is usually found in the game's settings. To restore data, use the data recovery feature in the same settings.

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