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Download Frozen City APK latest version and find creative ways to survive in the cold and cruel world. This is a post-apocalyptic city building simulation game set in a cold world.


Name Frozen City
Pagekage name
Version 1.9.27
Size 666.97 Mb
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+

Rock and snow city building simulation game. As the leader of the last city in the world, you must gather resources to build your society. Gather resources, hire workers and explore the desert. Overcome adverse situations and circumstances. Use different methods to survive

About Frozen City APK

Humanity is nearing the end of the world due to constant outbreaks of blizzards. Snow covers the lives of many people around the world, bringing human activity to an unprecedented halt. In Frozen, the player controls his one of the last remaining lands in the world.

Your job is to create the critical structures that will get everyone out of this situation as quickly as possible. Century Games We have posted a lot of job information. Increase the game limit. In general, you can gather resources, hire workers, and explore new territories. Download this game from the APK link below this article or from Google Play and play now.

Make your own city

The cold weather in the city threatened people with violent storms. Scene freezes without time reset. Your job as a commander is to build a city from scratch through various processes.

Use all your resources to cultivate the land. In particular, players must help villagers by collecting resources, exploring the environment, fulfilling human needs, and more. In this game you have to complete many missions. please do not worry. This beginner's guide will make playing the game easier.

Proper division of labor

As mentioned above, Frozen City offers a variety of activities that players need to fully develop their city. The most important task here is to assign the right job to each resident. It can be used for various tasks such as hunting, cooking, and working.

After everything is well developed, it's time to expand your city. For example, you can build more settlements to attract people to your city. Alternatively, you can increase the number of survivors by saving supplies and setting the right production rate. Overall, Frozen has done a lot to improve the city's performance. Experiment as much as you like until you find the right direction.

Meet people's needs

People are the main characters in this game, so we need to make sure they are comfortable living in this place. Each villager has different perks that help them complete certain tasks. Of course, for the development process to be sustainable, we must take care of our physical and mental health. For example, if the temperature is too cold, you will get sick or eat too much, and you will not have enough energy to be active.

Upgrade military systems

War in cold cities is inevitable. Players must use available resources to develop a powerful army and protect their land. Collect the best talent from all over the world and form a powerful army. This not only ensures security, but also helps expand your territory. At the same time, you can take your warriors on adventures and collect many useful items. Learning about the natural world around us can lead to many interesting stories.

Simple but appropriate image

Frozen does not have the high quality graphics of similar games. Therefore, all online pages are designed in a simple and traditional way. Players will see a lot of boring details on screen, but they're enough to make you feel the special energy of the harsh environment and the people who live here. Even the sounds and sounds of city events are enough to impress the player.

Frozen - This show is a version of the popular Syracuse Survival Strategy, but it's sure to appeal to everyone in the know. , risky but necessary decisions, etc. Games become more stress-free and challenging. you get bored quickly. After all, every action has consequences. Don't rush, don't call. Better prepare for the worst. High-quality details, addictive gameplay, freedom of choice, and beautiful graphics complete the game. this is perfect.

Features Frozen City APK

Survival simulator

The survivor is the main character of the game. They are the main workers who run the city. It requires survivors to gather materials and complete quests in various locations. Take care of the physical and mental health of survivors. When there is a shortage of food and the temperature drops below freezing. Survivors can get sick. In addition, if the working style and living environment are not satisfactory, conflicts may arise.

Explore the desert

A city in a vast wasteland. The surviving team will be added to the emergency team. Send your team to explore the adventure and collect the necessary items. Unveil the story behind the snow and ice disaster!

Game Introduction

Build a city: Collect resources, explore forests, and meet basic human needs. Balance production and supply

Production line

External material handling determines the exact production rate. Improve efficiency at district level.

Working circle

It is given to survivors like workers, hunters, cooks, etc. They ensure the health and well-being of survivors. Get updates on what's happening in town. Challenging gameplay experience

Expand your city

Expand groups of survivors and build settlements to attract more survivors.

Collect heroes

Guild or organization, their position or who they are, doesn't matter. It means they follow. Recruit them to help develop the city.


If you love survival games, download Frozen City APK and feel your survival instincts in the frozen wasteland. It has high quality graphics, intuitive gameplay and loads of resources to help you score the perfect score.

I think you already know enough about Frozen City APK Download Android. The description above is enough to explain this APK file used in the game.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Frozen City APK

Does Frozen City game require an internet connection? +

Yes, Frozen City requires an internet connection to play. This game has online features, including multiplayer mode and server downloads to provide the best playing experience. Please make sure you are connected to the internet before playing.

I have an error or problem when playing Frozen City. How do I report this issue to the developer? +

To report bugs or issues in Frozen City, you should visit the "Contact Us" or "Support" section in the game. You can submit a detailed description of the problem along with your contact information. The developer will try to help you solve the problem.

I forgot my password in Frozen City. How to recover password? +

To recover a password in Frozen City, there is usually a "Forgot Password" or "Recover Password" option in the login screen. You'll need to enter the email address or username associated with your account. You will then receive an email or verification code to reset your password.

Why can't I install Frozen City APK on my device? +

There are several possible reasons why you may not be able to install an APK. First, check if you have allowed the installation of apps from unknown sources in your device settings. If not, enable this feature. If you still have problems, it may be because the APK version is not compatible with your Android or iOS version.

Is it necessary to root the device to play Frozen City APK? +

No, you do not need to root your device to play Frozen City APK. This game can run on Android devices without root.

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