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Friday the 13th Game Mobile APK is a unique horror game based on the famous horror series "Friday the 13th", where players will experience tense and dramatic moments.


Name Friday The 13th Game
Version 2.0
Size 226.3 MB
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Developer G+ studio

Introduce About to Friday The 13th Game APK

Friday the 13th: Game Download APK is a multi-player horror game, based on the famous movie of the same name "Friday the 13th" - A famous horror film series. In this game you will have the opportunity to live through the eerie and creepy feeling of the chases by Jason Voorhees, the bizarre and scary character from the series. This game takes you into the scary atmosphere of the 13th day and strange murders.

Friday the 13th: The Game Android APK divides the game members into two groups - one is a group of beautiful girls and young men, and the other is Jason Voorhees. Jason's goal is to hunt and kill characters in the game, while other players must try to escape and find a way to survive. The game offers many ways for both sides to interact with each other, from the use of weapons and environmental structures to ways to evade and trick Jason.

More Overview of Friday The 13th: The Game Mobile

Friday the 13th Game APK + Obb presents a scary environment with impressive graphics and dramatic sound, bringing a vivid experience to players. The game allows players to freely choose their approach in survival or hunting. This creates a unique combination of tactics and skills. Players can choose from a variety of characters and equipment, creating variety and detail in the game.

Friday the 13th Game Beta Download APK game is truly a scary and dramatic experience for lovers of the horror genre. It successfully combined the revival of one of the famous horror movies and created an engaging game. If you are a passionate player of this genre, this game is worthy of your exploration.

All features in Friday The 13th Game Latest Version

Here are the main features of Friday the 13 Game 2023 APK:

  • Varied Gameplay: The game allows you to participate in a multiplayer game where you can take on the role of the survivors or Jason Voorhees, the hunter of other players. This style of play creates diversity and uniqueness.
  • Characters and equipment: You can choose from many different characters, each with unique characteristics, such as speed, strength, and special skills. In addition, there are many equipment, weapons, and exploration tools to help you survive or hunt.
  • Control Jason Voorhees: If you choose the role of Jason, you will be transformed into a bloodthirsty hunter with the mission of hunting and killing other players. Jason has outstanding strength and speed, and you can use technical means to pursue and attack.
  • Interactive Environment: The game features diverse environments with many interactable structures. Players can explore many houses, forests, and suburbs. There are many items that can be used to build fences, windows, and many other items to protect yourself.
  • Online multiplayer mode: The game supports online play with other players, helping you compete or cooperate with friends to survive or show off your hunting talent.
  • Impressive sound and graphics style: is Friday the 13th Game still active focuses on sound and graphics quality, creating a scary and dramatic environment. This is one of the strengths that helps create excitement and tension when playing.

Interface, graphics on Friday The 13th Game APK

Realistic simulation: An outstanding strength of the graphics in Friday the 13th Hamas APK is the realistic simulation of the environment and characters. Every detail, from the abandoned house to Jason Voorhees, is designed extremely detailed and sharp.

Scary space: The game creates a scary space, with dark landscapes, rain, wind and thunder, creating a bizarre and creepy space. This creates the perfect environment for a horror game.

Sound effects: The graphics and sound in the game work perfectly together. The sound effects, along with the visuals, create a dramatic and tense atmosphere as you live through scary situations.

Interesting camera mechanism: A notable point in the game is the first or third-person camera mechanism, allowing you to enjoy the game from many different angles.

How to play, gameplay for Friday The 13th Game iOS

  • Survivor: The survivor's mission is to escape from Jason Voorhees and survive within the specified time period. To do this, they must perform tasks such as repairing electricity, searching for weapons, or trying to contact the police to ask for help. Be careful, because Jason is always lurking and hunting you.
  • Jason Voorhees: Players take on the role of Jason Voorhees, a bloodthirsty hunter. Their mission is to find and destroy all survivors. Jason is equipped with special powers and abilities, allowing him to effectively pursue and attack survivors.
  • Environmental interaction: The game allows interaction with the surrounding environment. Survivors can use items in the environment to protect themselves or create opportunities to escape. Jason can also use technical means in the environment to pursue and attack.
  • Equipment and items: Both groups can find and use a variety of equipment and items, such as knives, hammers, guns, and other weapons, to defend or attack.
  • Online multiplayer mode: The game supports online multiplayer mode, allowing you to join friends or other online players in the match. You can cooperate with other survivors or create strategies to work together in survival or hunting.
  • Silent mode combined with horror movies: The game presents a gameplay style associated with the "Friday the 13th" series and maintains a horror atmosphere, creating a scary revival of the movie.

Pros and Cons of Friday The 13th Game APK


  • Impressive graphics and sound: The game has sharp graphics and high-end digital sound, creating a scary and stimulating atmosphere. Sound effects and music play an important role in creating a horror atmosphere.
  • Variation in gameplay: Friday the 13th memes allows players to freely choose their approach to survival or hunting. There are many different character types, equipment, and play styles, creating variety and detail.
  • Online multiplayer mode: Online multiplayer mode creates opportunities for you and your friends to participate and create an interesting communication and competitive environment.


  • Technical Issues: Initially, the game faced many technical issues, including bugs and connection issues. Although many of these have been fixed through updates, this issue has created difficulties for players.
  • Repetition: Over a long period of time, the game can become repetitive, especially if you play many rounds in a row. Despite the variety in gameplay, fatigue can occur over time.
  • No long-term progression system: The game has no long-term progression system, meaning that after a while, you may feel a lack of motivation to keep playing.


Friday the 13th: The Game APK Update Today is a remarkable game with its own strengths and weaknesses. This game offers a unique experience in the horror genre with asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay, where the survivor and Jason Voorhees face off creating tension and drama. The variety of gameplay and the possibility of online multiplayer make the game engaging and interesting for lovers of the genre.


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FAQs? Friday The 13th Game APK

Is Friday the 13th Game APK available on mainstream app stores? +

No, Friday the 13th Game is not available on mainstream app stores like Google Play Store or App Store. You can search for this game directly on the publisher's official website or from other sources on the Internet.

Does Friday the 13th Game support multiple languages? +

Yes, the game supports many different languages to serve players around the world.

How to find a way to survive from Jason Voorhees? +

To survive, you need to do tasks such as repairing electricity, finding weapons, or contacting the police to ask for help. Try to maintain a safe distance from Jason and use your surroundings to hide and protect yourself.

Does the game have new updates? +

Updates for Friday the 13th Game are often released to improve gameplay, fix bugs, and add new features. Regularly check the official website or connect with the community to stay informed about updates.

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