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Ex Astris Mobile APK is a 3D role-playing game with action elements, where players take on the role of a space exploration investigator on the planet Allindo.


Name Ex Astris
Version 1.0.4
Size 1.1 GB
Category Role Playing
Price €9.99
Compatible with Android 7.0+

Ex Astris APK - Immerse yourself on Planet Allindo

Ex Astris is a semi-real-time 3D turn-based role-playing game that takes players on an exciting interstellar adventure on the planet Allindo. With a diverse and engaging world, players will explore strange lands, solve mysteries, and face adventurous challenges.

The game combines turn-based and action gameplay, allowing players to experience unique features such as world exploration, obscure tricks, and experience progression.

Overview of Ex Astris APK For Android

Ex Astris is a semi-real-time turn-based 3D role-playing game that immerses players in the fascinating world of Allindo - a planet in a cosmic system where the sun never sets and life exists. under unique natural conditions. You will play as an investigator, uncovering mysteries, conquering challenges and collecting memories on a non-stop RV journey.

Statistics Features in Ex Astris Game Mobile

  • Explore the World: Experience a unique adventure on a planet with diverse lands and unique cultures.
  • Obscure Tricks: Combines turn-based gameplay and fast-paced action, taking advantage of the Obscuran Maneuver system to fight enemies and execute tactical combos.
  • Experience Progress: Gather and develop a team of characters with their own stories and characteristics, using materials to improve group strength.
  • Adventure Journey: Embark on a daring adventure and discover the mysteries of Allindo.

How to Play, Gameplay Ex Astris APK iOS

Ex Astris combines the thrill of turn-based gameplay and the strategy of fast-paced action. Players will challenge themselves against challenging environments and solving complex puzzles within the stronghold.

  1. Take advantage of the Obscuran Maneuver system to effectively deal with opponent attacks.
  2. Collect ingredients and craft specialties to strengthen your team.
  3. Use smart strategy and teamwork to overcome difficult challenges along the way.

Configuration, Graphics Ex Astris Latest version

Ex Astris impresses with its amazing 3D graphics and realistic sound effects. Flexible configuration helps players enjoy a smooth experience on a variety of devices.

Advantages, Disadvantages Ex Astris APK


  • Impressive graphics and realistic sound.
  • Unique gameplay combines both turn-based gameplay and fast-paced action.
  • Diverse cultures and profound adventures.


  • Learning is required to grasp the combat system.
  • May require high device configuration for best experience.


Ex Astris APK is a unique and exciting role-playing game, giving players a colorful adventure experience on the planet Allindo. With a rich storyline, diverse gameplay and beautiful graphics, the game promises to bring unforgettable hours of entertainment to players.

Ex Astris is an exciting journey that takes players to Allindo, where mysteries are waiting to be discovered. With great graphics, unique gameplay and tactical challenges, the game promises unlimited experiences on a planet full of mysteries and oddities. Get ready to face the challenge and explore the vast universe in Ex Astris!


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FAQs? Ex Astris APK

Is it possible to play Ex Astris on mobile? +

Yes, Ex Astris supports play on mobile phones and PCs.

Will there ever be an expansion for Ex Astris? +

The development team is considering developing future expansions.

Does Ex Astris support multiple languages? +

Currently, Ex Astris supports English as the main language.

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