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Estate Agent Simulator APK is a unique journey that puts you in the shoes of a real estate broker, where you will buy, sell, rent, and build to build a real estate empire with great graphics and creative challenge.


Name Estate Agent Simulator
Version 1.3.5
Size 234 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Kiki Games

Introduce to Estate Agent Simulator APK

Estate Agent Simulator APK download pc is a unique experience that you should not miss if you love the real estate world and want to become a talented broker. This game gives you the opportunity to experience all aspects of the real estate industry, from buying and selling houses to renting and building vacant land to your liking.

With Real Estate Agent Simulator game, you will be opened to a diverse world of real estate, from vibrant urban areas to peaceful countryside. Each region offers unique challenges and opportunities, helping you expand and diversify your career.

More Overview of Estate Agent Simulator Game Mobile

In this game, creativity is in your hands. From how to decorate your home, to choosing land to build on, to building unique structures, every decision affects your development in the real estate world.

Not only an entertaining game, Estate Agent Simulator system requirements APK is also a challenging career development journey. From starting with a few small homes, you will progress through the levels and face bigger deals, taking you to the top of the real estate industry.

Estate Agent Simulator APK is not just a game, but an immersive and challenging experience where you will become yourself in the diverse and complex world of real estate.

All features in Estate Agent Simulator Latest Version

Buying, Selling and Renting Houses:

  • Choose and buy houses in the city.
  • Decorate and upgrade houses to increase their value.
  • Advertise them to attract customers to rent or buy.

Construction on Vacant Land:

  • Buy vacant land and build your dream buildings.
  • Construction workers will help you make your house building plans a reality.

Dealing with Customers:

  • Negotiate with customers to reach the best deal.
  • Manage your reputation and customer relationships intelligently.

Rent Collection:

  • On the rental date, collect rent from the tenant.
  • Feature to automatically transfer rent to your bank account.

Risk management:

  • If there is a problem with the tenant, contact an attorney or take action to collect rent.
  • Implement strategies to deal with difficult customers.

Career Development:

  • Progress in your career and achieve great success in the real estate world.
  • Improve your bargaining and strategy skills.

Expanded World:

  • Explore new areas and diverse real estate markets.
  • Face challenges from different markets.

Interface, graphics on Estate Agent Simulator Android

City Design: The city is designed in a very detailed and attractive way. From narrow streets to lush parks, you'll feel the care put into creating a full and diverse living environment.

House Details: Houses illustrated are highly diverse, from classic homes to modern structures. This not only increases practicality but also creates great opportunities for you to decorate and customize your home to your liking.

Construction Projects: Construction projects on vacant land are meticulously designed, with attention paid to every detail. Construction workers and machinery in action create a vivid picture of the construction process.

Color and Lighting: Using subtle colors and dynamically changing lighting, the game creates a realistic and vibrant atmosphere. Each area has appropriate light and dark, creating a feeling of change with time and weather conditions.

Charts and Interface: The user interface is designed to be clear and easy to use, helping players focus on asset management effectively. Charts and other elements are all presented in a friendly and informative manner.

How to play, gameplay for Estate Agent Simulator iOS

Expanded World: The game offers a high degree of freedom, allowing you to explore many different areas and real estate markets.

Management Strategy: Requires strategy in purchasing, leasing and construction to maximize profits. Manage finances intelligently to develop your career.

Construction and Decoration: Provides the ability to build from bare land and decorate your home to your liking.

Dealing and Dealing: Make smart deals and negotiate with customers to get the best deal.

Career Development: Progress through levels and discover new opportunities in the real estate industry.

Pros and Cons of Estate Agent Simulator APK


  • Diversity and Creativity: The game brings diverse experiences with great creativity in real estate management.
  • Beautifully Detailed Graphics: Vivid and highly detailed graphics, from the city to the houses and buildings.
  • Challenge and Strategy: Requires players to be strategic in financial management and risk management.


  • Learning How to Play is Complicated: Sometimes, new players may find learning how to play a bit complicated, especially for those who are new to the management simulation genre.
  • May Require Time: Requires investment of a significant amount of time to understand and develop career.


Estate Agent Simulator APK is truly an exciting journey that brings players into the vibrant world of real estate management. Created with beautiful and detailed graphics, the game offers variety and creativity in simulating a professional career.

With expanded gameplay, players will be challenged from buying and selling houses, negotiating with customers, to building buildings from vacant land. Management strategies and the ability to make smart decisions are the keys to success in this world full of pitfalls.

In short, Estate Agent Simulator APK is an interesting choice for those who want to experience real estate management in a detailed and creative way. Wishing you many hours of wonderful experience in building and managing your real estate empire!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Estate Agent Simulator APK

How to increase the value of the house? +

You can increase value by decorating your home with new furniture, improving amenities, and ensuring that it meets current market needs.

How to expand your market? +

Expand your market by exploring new areas and offering attractive advertising to attract new customers. Enhance your reputation to open the door to bigger deals.

How to manage finances effectively? +

Track expenses and income carefully. Invest wisely and keep financial reserves to face unexpected challenges.

Is there any way to reduce the risk of customers not paying rent? +

Check the customer's financial information before signing the contract. Set clear payment terms and review periodically to ensure compliance.

How to build buildings from bare land effectively? +

Choose land with development potential and research the market before starting construction. Manage projects rigorously to ensure completion on time and within budget.

How to explore new areas in the game? +

Expand the areas you can visit by completing quests and achieving high levels of success. Each new region brings new opportunities and challenges.

How to develop your career quickly? +

Carry out successful transactions and ensure effective asset management. Improve your bargaining and negotiation skills to attract new customers and partners.

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