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Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill APK is an engaging idle role-playing game where you can summon a diverse team of heroes, join the global war, and experience dramatic adventures with living graphics dynamic.


Name Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill
Pagekage name com.mob.crowd.arena.wars
Version 1.0.68
Size 626.6 MB
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Dinosaur-Games

Introduce to Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill APK

Epic Heroes APK is not just a regular game, but an adventure that combines combat tactics and the diverse world of superheroes.

Right from the name "Spin and Kill", the game brings something new and interesting. The AFK&IDLE system allows you to continue leveling up your heroes while you rest, receiving rewards when you return - perfect for those with busy lives but still want to take part in exciting adventures.

More Overview of Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill Mobile Game

With strategic battle, you have the power to plan your attacks and defenses as you wish. Hundreds of unique hero combinations await you. Upgrade your gear, develop your skills, and strengthen your team to face the toughest challenges.

The most interesting thing is probably the ability to build your elite team from over a hundred unique heroes. You can train them to be strong or evolve them for unending power. Your decisions will determine the team's fate!

And don't forget about server warfare, where you can challenge over 1 million players around the world. Who will be the leader of the future world, and who will fight the darkness in this war? Join now to explore!

All features in Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill Latest Version

  • AFK&IDLE System: Level up heroes when you're AFK, saving time and energy. Get attractive rewards when you return after a break.
  • Strategic Battle: Plan your attacks and defenses with hundreds of unique hero combinations. Upgrade equipment and develop your hero's skills to face difficult challenges.
  • Building an Elite Team: Choose from over a hundred unique heroes to build your elite team. Train heroes to become strong or evolve them into extremely powerful forms.
  • Server War: Play with over 1 million players worldwide. Compete to determine who will lead the future world in the fight against darkness.
  • Harvesting the Enemy: Continuously collect blades to use in harvesting enemies on the battlefield. Upgrade to increase your attack power and face increasingly greater challenges.
  • Crisp Graphics and Sound: Experience a mysterious world with sharp graphics and vivid sound. Simulate every battle and adventure in high quality.
  • Diversity in Gameplay: Combining combat tactics and idle role-playing elements. Satisfies even players who want to participate in adventures without spending too much time.

Interface, graphics on Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill iOS

Sharp Quality: The details in the game are designed very sharp, from heroic warriors to powerful monsters. Every line, every detail is meticulously crafted, increasing the realism of the game.

Unique Effects: Unique effects in Epic Heroes War APK all characters not only make battles come alive but also create a powerful feeling. Lighting, shadows, and other special effects are all subtly integrated, highlighting each attack and the hero's skills.

Diversity in Character Design: Characters in Epic Heroes save animals codes are not only diverse in skills but also in appearance design. From mighty warriors to dark wizards, each character has their own unique characteristics, creating richness and excitement.

Accompanying Sound: The sound in the game is not only a highlight but also enhances the sense of reality. From the echoes of swords to supernatural skills, sounds are cleverly integrated to create an engaging musical experience.

How to play, gameplay for Epic Heroes Dinosaur Control APK

Summon Heroes: Begin your adventure by summoning heroes from over a hundred unique characters. Each hero has unique skills and abilities, take advantage of this diversity to build a strong team.

Strategic Planning: Before each battle, plan your attack and defense strategy. Arrange your heroes so that they take advantage of their strengths and skills and deal effectively with opponents.

AFK&IDLE System: Use the AFK&IDLE system to level up your heroes while you rest. Get back-to-back rewards, helping your team grow stronger without having to always take advantage of playtime.

Training and Evolution: Train heroes to increase their strength and abilities. It is also possible to evolve the hero into a more powerful form, opening new abilities and greatly increased strength.

Server Wars: Participate in server wars with over 1 million players worldwide. Confront powerful opponents, defeat them to gain world leadership.

Harvest Enemies: On the battlefield, continuously collect blades to harvest enemies. Upgrade your equipment to increase your attack power and face increasingly advanced challenges.

Challenges and Rewards: Participate in challenges and events to test your skills and tactics. Get attractive rewards and climb the rankings.

Pros and Cons of Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill For Android


  • Diverse Team of Heroes: Over a hundred heroes with unique skills and appearances bring variety to gameplay. You have many options to build your team according to your own strategy.
  • Smart AFK&IDLE System: The ability to level up while AFK and receive rewards when returning is a very convenient feature for those with busy schedules.
  • Global War: The confrontation with more than 1 million players on global servers is a unique feature, bringing a sense of excitement and competition.


  • May Require More Time: For players who don't have a lot of time, progression may require more investment. While there is an AFK&IDLE system, some people may still find time requirements inflexible.
  • Powerful Device Required: To enjoy the best graphics and experience, a more powerful device may be required. This can be a challenge for players using devices that are not highly configured.
  • Upgradeability Requires Continuity: As you progress, constant upgrading can become a challenge, especially if you want to stay at the top.


Epic Heroes x Hero APK offers an exciting and diverse idle role-playing game experience. Vivid graphics, a diverse team of heroes, and the possibility of global war take players into a mystical world full of challenges.

These strengths and weaknesses should be considered from a personal perspective and each player's preferences. Finally, most importantly, enjoy the journey of combat and adventure in the powerful world of Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill APK! Wishing you enjoyable and exciting moments in your adventure.


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FAQs? Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill APK

How to level up heroes when I'm AFK? +

Simply leave the game running while you rest. The AFK&IDLE system will automatically level up your hero, and when you return, you will receive a worthy reward.

How to win a server war? +

Build a strong team and plan smart strategies. Participate in events, upgrade hero skills, and unite with other players to create effective war strategies.

Is there a way to upgrade heroes quickly? +

Participate in quests and events to earn additional resources. Use them to train and evolve heroes, helping them become stronger.

How to harvest enemies effectively? +

Continuously upgrade your hero's equipment and skills to increase attack power. Collect blades from the battlefield to improve your strength and face stronger enemies.

Can I play the game on any device? +

That's right! Epic Heroes: Spin and Kill APK supports cross-platform, you can play on both mobile phones and tablets.

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