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Dragalia Lost APK is a unique action role-playing game, featuring great graphics, flexible swipe controls, and a rich world that combines humans and dragons in adventure-filled adventures.


Name Dragalia Lost
Version 2.19.0
Size 122 MB
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Introduce to Dragalia Los APK

Welcome fellow action RPG lovers! Today, I want to introduce to you a brand new masterpiece that I recently discovered, which is Dragalia Lost APK download reddit. Don't hesitate if you haven't heard about it, because this is not only an interesting game, but also a unique experience of the union of humans and dragons.

Dragalia Lost private server not only attracts players with great graphics and over 60 unique voice characters, but also offers a novel, swipe-controlled gameplay. This game takes you into an action role-playing style world where you can conquer your enemies using powerful attacks, special skills, and even transform into a dragon to defeat your opponents.

More Overview of Dragalia Los Latest Version

Another great thing is that Dragalia Lost OST features music by DAOKO, a talented music artist from Japan. Her captivating music not only adds to the upbeat atmosphere, but also makes the gaming experience even more special.

If you are a lover of action role-playing games and want to experience something new, Dragalia Lost Dragons APK is definitely a choice worth checking out. The most important thing is that this game is free to download, and you can choose to add in-app purchases to enhance your experience. Get ready for an adventure filled with excitement and non-stop action!

All features in Dragalia Los For Android

  • Swipe control: Experience flexible and unique gameplay by controlling the character by swiping on the screen.
  • Bond between humans and dragons: Conquer enemies using special powers from the bond between the character and the dragon.
  • Character diversity: More than 60 characters are available to participate, each bringing unique characteristics and skills.
  • Dramatic adventure: Embark on a journey with powerful characters, traveling through legends and challenging quests.
  • Music enhances the experience: Use artist DAOKO's music to create a highlight and add to the optimistic atmosphere.
  • Free download: Provides the ability to experience the game without paying from the beginning.
  • In-app purchases: Optional to enhance your experience and facilitate gameplay.

Interface, graphics on Dragalia Los Mobile Game

Dragalia Lost mym takes players into a mythical world, where the graphics are cared for in every detail. From mysterious forests to epic castles, each setting is designed with dedication and creativity. In particular, the special effects when performing powerful attacks or stimulating the character's feeling of revival when turning into a dragon are all highlights that add to the appeal of the game.

Characters in Euden Dragalia Lost are also designed with unique diversity and style. They are not only strong warriors, but also characters full of their own personalities and characteristics. Their graphics are not only a combination of beautiful colors but also music effects and smooth movements, creating a great experience for players.

If you are a lover of games with high quality graphics and want to immerse yourself in a wonderful world, Dragalia Lost offline APK is definitely the right choice. I'm really impressed with how the development team has come up with such a refined and immersive visual experience.

How to play, gameplay for Dragalia Los APK

Swipe Control: One of the most unique and attractive features of Dragalia Lost is the gameplay controlled by swipe gestures. You will enjoy the flexibility to move your character, perform attacks and activate special skills with just slight movements on the screen.

Combination Between Humans and Dragons: The feature of Dragalia Lost APK is to explore the special bond between humans and dragons. You have the ability to transform into a dragon in a moment, increase your strength and possess powerful skills. Mastering the use of this skill will be an important key to overcoming difficult challenges.

Over 60 Characters with Diverse Personalities and Skills: During your journey, you will meet over 60 characters with unique personalities and skills. Each character has an important role in your team, and combining them strategically will determine the strength of your team.

Legendary Adventures and Diverse Quests: Dragalia Lost APK is not only an action game, but also an exciting legendary adventure. Diverse missions and events will help you discover new and challenging things, while connecting the gaming community.

Pros and Cons of Dragalia Los For iOS


  • Graphics and Design: One of Dragalia Lost's biggest strengths is its graphics and design. Beautiful backgrounds, meticulously designed characters and special effects make the experience vivid and captivating.
  • Flexible Controls: Swipe control system increases interactivity and flexibility. Movement, attacks and use of special skills are performed smoothly and easily.
  • Diversity of Characters and Legends: More than 60 characters with unique personalities and skills are an advantage for players. The lore-filled adventure helps create a vast and engaging world.


  • Internet Connection Required: While it has the advantage of providing a multiplayer experience, the Internet connection requirement can be a hassle for players who want to experience the game offline.
  • In-App Purchases: Although the game is free to download, the presence of in-app purchases may pressure players for a better experience.
  • Loading Times: There are times when loading times can increase, especially when participating in large events or multiplayer matches.


Dragalia Lost APK is a unique and engaging action role-playing game, giving players great experiences through great graphics, flexible controls and a creative world. If you are a lover of action, adventure and beautiful graphics, enter this world and discover the wonderful things it has to offer. Wishing you wonderful moments of entertainment in Dragalia Lost!


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Dragalia Lost APK

How to turn into a dragon in Dragalia Lost? +

To transform into a dragon, you need to accumulate Energy Gauge by attacking and taking damage. When the Energy Gauge is full, you can touch the dragon icon to transform into a dragon and use powerful skills.

How to enhance character's strength? +

You can enhance your character's strength by using Materials to upgrade and level up items, as well as level up Wyrmprints and Dragons.

Is there a way to collect Wyrmite stones quickly? +

Complete daily quests, participate in events, and do quests in Story or Events to earn Wyrmite stones. Plus, check regularly for new gifts and quests.

How to participate in co-op multiplayer? +

You can participate in co-op mode by selecting "Co-op" from the home page and then selecting "Create Room" or joining an existing room. Remember to activate Wi-Fi or 4G to ensure a good connection.

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