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Days Gone Mobile APK is a game that combines action, racing and survival elements, players will have to fight Freakers and gangsters in an open world.

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Name Days Gone Mobile
Version 2.1
Size 112 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Eko Great Games

About of Days Gone Mobile APK

Days Gone Mobile APK is the mobile version of the famous action and survival game called Days Gone. Days Gone Mobile APK+obb download introduces players to a post-apocalyptic world after a virus of unknown origin turned the majority of the population into dangerous creatures called "Freakers". Players will take on the role of Deacon St. John, a former agent in the US army, who tries to survive in a dangerous world.

Days Gone APK obb download for android is noted for its beautiful and high-quality graphics. The game creates an open world with diverse landscapes, from deep forests, vast grasslands, to abandoned cities and snowy mountains. The graphics in Days Gone focus on detailed rendering of the game's landscapes, objects, and creatures.

Overview of Days Gone Mobile Game APK

The game combines elements of action, racing and survival. Players will have to fight Freakers and gangsters in an open world, complete quests and explore the wilderness of Oregon, USA. In addition, the game also has an element of resource management, improving and customizing your weapons, vehicles, and bases.

Days Gone APK game offers a smooth and engaging action experience on mobile devices. The game offers high quality graphics, vivid sound and detailed gameplay. Players can freely explore the open world, complete main and side quests, participate in activities such as hunting, gathering resources, and building bases.


Features of Days Gone Mobile APK For Android

Days Gone APK no verification is an action adventure and survival game in an open world. Here are some key features of the game:

  • Open World: Days Gone offers players a unique wild world, set in the wild countryside of Oregon, USA. Players can freely move through the different lands in the game and explore diverse locations, from deep forests, caves, to abandoned cities and vast grasslands.
  • Life and death: In Days Gone APK indir, players will experience a world full of life and danger. Freakers, humans who have turned into monsters due to a virus mutated, and gangsters will become challenges to face. Players must skillfully use both combat skills and intelligence to survive and complete the mission.
  • Combat and Weapons: Days Gone APK 2023 offers a variety of weapons and tools for players to deal with threats. You can use guns, shotguns, anti-zombie weapons and many other materials to destroy Freakers and gangs. The game also focuses on tactics and flexibility, players can choose to approach from the front, from behind or use the surroundings to conduct attacks.
  • Vehicle system: Players can control vehicles in the game, including motorcycles. Motorcycles are not only a means of transportation, but also an important tool in finding resources, accessing different lands and escaping from threats. You can customize your motorcycle with upgrade parts to improve performance and power.
  • Resource Management: The game requires the player to manage resources such as fuel, ammunition, and building materials. You must gather resources from the environment, abandoned bases and other drivers or traders to stay alive and upgrade your equipment.
  • Main and Side Quests: Days Gone APK pc features a main storyline that expands through multiple quests, taking players through intriguing events and uncovering the mysteries of the game's world. In addition, the game also provides side quests and exploration activities for players to enjoy the open world.

Graphics of Days Gone Mobile APK Latest version

The character models in Days Gone Mobile APK are designed with care and detail, with natural expressions and movements. Players can see details such as gestures, facial expressions, and characters' emotions clearly displayed.

Lighting and shadow effects are also focused to create a unique atmosphere in the game. During the day, sunlight shines through the trees and creates shade. At night, the flashlight and fire will create special lighting effects and create a mysterious atmosphere.

Landscape and environment are also designed synchronously and in detail. Dense forests, long sandy roads, abandoned houses and rocky areas are all meticulously detailed and realistic. The vivid and diverse environment in Days Gone creates a post-apocalyptic and wild feeling for players.

In short, télécharger Days Gone APK obb hit the mainstream with its beautiful and high-quality graphics that detailed landscapes, characters, and habitats. This contributes to an engaging experience and creates a lively world in the game.


How to play, gameplay of Days Gone Mobile APK

Survival action: Days Gone combines action and survival elements. Players must find and manage resources such as fuel, ammunition, and construction materials to survive. You need to search your surroundings, kill Freakers to gather food and resources, and use them to upgrade your weapons, vehicles, and base.

Combat and Weapons: In Days Gone APK gratis, players have a variety of combat options. You can use guns, shotguns, anti-zombie weapons and surrounding materials to kill Freakers and deal with gangsters. The gameplay focuses on flexibility, players can choose to approach from the front, from behind or use the surroundings to attack.

Vehicles: Motorcycles are the main vehicle in Days Gone Mobile APK. Players can control their motorcycle to move in the open world, search for resources and escape from danger. Motorcycles need maintenance, refueling and can be upgraded to improve performance and power.

Missions and Story: Days Gone has a dense main storyline and main quests for players to pursue. You will go through events, uncover mysteries and learn about the world in the game. In addition, the game also provides side quests and exploration activities for players to enjoy the open world and earn extra rewards.

Base Management: In Days Gone Mobile APK, players can build and upgrade their bases. The base not only provides a safe place to hide and rest, but also provides services such as shops, museums, and research stations. You need to find resources to build and upgrade your base, which will improve your survivability and exploration.

Pros and cons Days Gone Mobile APK iOS


  • Diverse Open World: Days Gone Mobile APK offers players an open and diverse world. Vibrant landscapes and environments, from jungles to grasslands and abandoned cities, create a sense of liveliness and exciting exploration.
  • Combination gameplay: The game combines elements of action, survival and adventure. Players can battle Freakers and gangs, manage resources, upgrade weapons and vehicles, explore the open world, and complete main and side quests.
  • Plot and Characters: Days Gone has an engaging story and rich characters. Players will control Deacon St. John, a character with a multidimensional personality and experiencing thrilling events in the post-apocalyptic world.


  • Repetitive Mission Structure: Some players consider Days Gone Mobile APK to have a repetitive mission structure, with side quests and activities with similar content. This can make the game monotonous and lack variety.
  • Difficulty in controlling vehicles: Motorcycles are an important vehicle in Days Gone, but some players believe that driving a vehicle can feel difficult and inflexible, especially when traveling on terrain difficult figure.


Days Gone Mobile APK is a remarkable action and survival experience in the post-apocalyptic genre. With a diverse open world, combined gameplay and compelling story, it has captured the interest of players.

Days Gone Mobile APK has advantages such as beautiful and detailed landscapes, diverse gameplay that combines action, survival and resource management. Attractive storyline and rich characters create attraction for players. Beautiful graphics and sound and light and shadow effects create a post-apocalyptic atmosphere.


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